I’ve been soooo busy this week that I haven’t had any time in my craft room.  I sometimes think about shutting down my blog over the summer but I just have to learn that nothing bad is going to happen if I skip a few days or a week…well, some of you might get bored and stop visiting but this is a HOBBY so I don’t want to start stressing…

I’m STILL working my way through all the materials in the July papercard kit at PWCO – it’s the only reason I have something to share with you this weekend (however, I NEED a card for tomorrow so I should get that on the blog soon.

Today’s post has a zillion pictures so hang in there, okay?

Cute?!  I think so!   But wait, there’s a surprise…

I was especiallly pleased with my stamp holder…it came out exactly as I’d pictured in my mind.  I used two different fonts in Word to create the snail mail sentiment.   A lot of stamp companies are combining fonts for their sentiments these days (we all know which company started it but many others are following their lead).  While I do love all those sentiment stamps and I think it would sometimes be easier to use a stamp (just because it’s harder to print on smaller paper and I don’t want to run a full sheet through my printer) using the computer gives you complete versatility and is practically free…how much ink does printing a word or two use?  Here’s what the stamp holder card looks like when it’s removed from the tote:

The tote was made using basic techniques.  I just calculated the size I needed to fit my envelopes (they’re a bit bigger than the cards so you should use your envie dimensions to work out the size of box you’ll need or you won’t have enough space.)  I believe the cardstock size I used was 10 1/4″ X 7 3/8″.  I used a 1″ strip of patterned paper to decorate the rim of the tote and adhered ribbon (from the papercard kit) to the inside of the box to make handles.  You’ll want two separate handles for a card holder as a central handle would make it difficult to remove the cards from the tote.

I made 4 cards and 4 lined envelopes to tuck inside the tote.  Because I knew ahead of time that I was making 4 cards with the same layout I assembled all my elements first and then put the cards together. 

…and here’s what I did with all this:

A quick shot to show what the liners look like:

and there you have it!

I used my Cricut to create the little guys on the cards.  I’m going to try to use it a little bit more though I’d rather be working on my colouring skills…

Enjoy your weekend and peek back tomorrow to see if I managed to blog my other card.