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Who can take a sunrise…

More Father’s Day card production…too bad it’s my last day of “vacation”.  Back to work tomorrow and the mojo will probably go out the window. 

I used a High Hopes stamp (Carpenter Steve, I think) for this card and I do like the stamp but the image is not stamping properly (I think it’s the EZ Mount, not the stamp) plus I would prefer that the stamp didn’t have that happy face on the shirt.  I’m thinking about doing surgery on the stamp to remove the happy face but I’m not quite brave enough to try yet plus I don’t think I have a craft knife sharp enough.  It would have been easier to alter before I mounted the stamp.  Something to think about, for sure.

This card was inspired by the fact that I only have a relatively small piece of the measuring tape patterned paper left and I wanted to be able to make at least 4 cards like this one.   I’ve made a couple of versions of this card – just changed the PP slightly and flipped the layout around – and I think I like version 2 better even though it uses a patterned paper that I altered to make it more handyman-like.  Sadly, my alterations are not really noticable as the image covers the majority of the paper!

Version 1 using Basic Grey paper:

Version 2 using some MAMBI paper that I stamped on, inked up, and crumpled:

The ribbon/screw embellishment looks better in the first card – it’s very tricky to attach to the sentiment without moving the ribbon so whatever way the ribbon faces once the screw eyelet is attached that’s what you end up with.  No wiggle room whatsoever.

One more layout and I’m done with designing Father’s Day cards.  I probably won’t get to it until this weekend but I still have one to share tomorrow. (Golf theme)

Hugs and Fishes

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It’s Business Time er, time to make Father’s Day cards…the mojo is not exactly flowing but I did manage to make two prototypes.  Of course, once I completed them I realized that they were similar in colour so I need to come up with something different next time (hopefully tomorrow!).

My first card uses a cute WS fishing stamp.  It also uses copious amounts of retired Marigold Morning cardstock.  I have too much left over even though cardstock is the one thing I don’t hoard.  I also have a lot of Cranberry Crisp but have put a good dent in the Buckaroo Blue (have I mentioned how stupid I feel when reciting SU cardstock colours?  It’s why I’ve stopped listing the supplies used at the end of my posts).

I think I’m getting a better handle on watercolouring lately.  I still have some issues with it but considering how much I hate colouring and how I’ve never been good at it I’m usually pleased with the end results (having such adorable images to colour helps too!).  Here’s today’s card:

Note the awesome shading on the hat and the overalls.  I also made another one of those ribbellishments (hey, they need a name, okay?  I can’t just keep calling them ribbon/button thingys) and made another computer-generated sentiment – I prefer to spend my stamping money on images rather than text.

As mentioned, the cardstock is marigold morning.  The PP is K&Co.  I’ve bought a lot of their papers in the last month or so…they’ve come out with some fabulous designs this year.  It’s probably my favourite paper which is saying a lot since I am addicted to Basic Grey…I just find the K&Co more versatile.

The button is Basic Grey – probably from the Bittersweet line.  The ribbon, I think, is American Crafts – or something else that starts with “A”.  I got it in a kit at Kent about a year and a half ago – it could be AMM.

I *might* add some glitter to the fish to give the card a little bling but I’m going to sleep on it.  Less is more, right?

One More For The Road

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Sigh…I just can’t help it.  I’m having fun making these little “kits”.  My latest batch is a “Cold Kit” and it has a few handy items in it when you’re feeling germy.  I used my Anna Wight “Caught a Bug” stamp on the one featured on today’s blog post.

I had to change the dimensions of the box to accomodate the height of the Kleenex and the width of the Kleenex combined with the little bottle of hand sanitizer.  As a result, you cannot make this particular box using just one sheet of cardstock. (a shame but I wanted a little variety with these kits)

I had some TAC cardstock lying around (came in a surprise box I got about 2 years ago and I only used one sheet up to this point) and some patterned paper that needed some love.  I have a couple of different versions but only have pictures of one kit at the moment.  I’ll try to remember to share the others at a later date.

Here’s the kit:

The sentiment is computer generated and I didn’t make a bow for the top of the box but I did make one of those ribbon/button embellishments that seem to be popular on SCS right now. (ribbellishment?  I don’t think they have a name at the moment…)

I got a three pack of hand sanitizer for a reasonable price and bought the tissues and a bag of cough drops on my last trip to Wal-Mart.  I know that if I had a cold and someone dropped this off on my desk at work it would make me feel a little bit better. (though Nyquil and C-Plus Orange are my favourite cold remedies)

I’m in Father’s Day card making mode at the moment so I’ll be back tomorrow to share a card.

A Little Addiction

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I saw a cute box on Kelly Lunceford’s website that uses just one sheet of cardstock to make the base and the lid and I thought I’d give one a try. 

Well, it’s three boxes later and I’m thinking about making more!  They’re very addictive and I’ve been having fun using lots of patterned paper on my creations.  My colours were inspired by three little “desk sets” I bought a M’s about a month ago…they’re tiny sets with a stapler, staples, a staple remover and a tiny roll of tape in a plastic bag.  While they’re not the most practical office tools, they are fun and affordable and I thought they’d be great in a gift set.  They fit perfectly in these little boxes and would make a great teacher or graduation gift if you tucked a gift card inside (Tim’s for a teacher and iTunes for a teen grad). 

Here are the three I made…the most time consuming part was colouring the stamped images (especially the school boy – I spent ages colouring that one!)  The fourth picture is one of the boxes opened up:

You can’t really make out the details of the desk set but trust me, it’s very cute!  My favourite box is the one with the little girl and I really liked how the school boy turned out.  I’m not over the moon on the grad box but that’s the only graduation stamp I have and I had a red desk set left so that dictated the colours.

Kelly didn’t give details on her blog but she mentioned that she did the bow so you wouldn’t have to untie it to open the box so I only attached my bows to the box top and only attached the stamped images to the box botton so you could easily lift the lid off.

My boy and girl boxes use American Crafts paper (totally enabled on that one and I want more but they don’t have the ones I want at my local M’s) and the grad box uses some K&Co paper.  I used a dew drop in the centre of the flower on the girl box and punched a circle out of the orange paper to customize it.  I’ve deliberately left the dew drops on top of my acrylic stamp handles so I would remember to use them more often.  It’s working so far!

What a Day!

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There are two meanings to today’s post title:

1.  It was a beautiful day here in St. John’s – Spring comes a little later to Newfoundland so it’s only the last couple of weeks that grass has been turning green and the leaves are just starting to bud on the trees.  Today started out a bit cold and foggy but the wind blew the fog away and it was a great day.  I’m sure it’s a bonus for all the May 2-4 campers.  This is also the weekend all the provincial parks open so it’s the first camping weekend of the season.  Traditionally, this is not a weekend known for good weather!  Tomorrow is supposed to be another nice one.

2.  We have been BUSY today.  Housecleaning, prepping the bedroom for that paint job I discussed a couple of days ago, laundry, made some birthday invitations for a young lady’s sleepover party, ran some errands – including buying paint at Home Depot – it wasn’t as crazy there as we thought it would be today.  A hundred dollars later and we had all the supplies we needed to get cracking on the next project.  We managed to get the first coat of paint on the ceiling and the walls are all primed.  Second ceiling coat in the morning followed by coat number one on the walls and I’m hoping there is enough strength in my back to get the second coat done later in the day so all the furniture in my hallway can be moved back in ASAP.  It’s a mess!!!  Once that’s finished, I can do the fun stuff – buying new lamps and curtains plus a few new accessories for the room!  Much more fun than painting.

I do have a card to share today – it’s another baby boy card.  This one is my standard A2 size and it’s a fairly simple layout:

I couldn’t quite get the look I was going for with the mini paper clip and ribbon but I’m thrilled with the faux stitching.  I had been using a cutter bee scoring tool but the results were not quite as crisp as I’d like.  I picked up a new tracing wheel (can’t find my old wood-handled one) at Walmart last week and it works like a charm!  I used a small but sweet image from Whipper Snapper – it was fun to colour and easy to incorporate the card colours into the stamped image.  The layout was cased but I don’t know where from (bad habit…I tend to sketch the layouts rather than bookmark them).

It’s getting late and I need another shower before bedtime (painting is hard and messy work!).  Have a great long weekend, Canada!

Bundle of Boy

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Another commission – it’s nice to have some orders after the Mother’s Day blitz – normally things come to a grinding halt until Father’s Day and then it’s pretty much dead until Christmas…I don’t actually make money on my cards (in that I spend way more on card making supplies than I’ll ever get back selling cards) but the orders give me a focus when I’m in my craft room.

This is a card for a baby boy named Tucker.  I used my newest paper (American Crafts – totally enabled by Lauren Meader – she used it on a project about a week ago and I had to have the paper!)  The colours in the paper are a little different for a baby card which is nice.  There is blue and pink in the paper but the predominant colour in most of the sheets is brown.  I went with a nice dotted paper and felt it was too bright so I sponged just about everything – including the ribbon – with some mustard ink.  Going for a bit of a vintage feel rather than a cutsey look.

The end result: (note this is a larger 6.5X5″ card)

 I was going to put his name on the front but I ended up using a cute little metal “t” and a really nice pacifier charm I had in my stash.  I took a “close up” picture – you can see the “t” on a bit of an angle to the right of the pacifier.

I always find larger cards challenging but now that I have a few bigger stamps from places like High Hopes (where this guy comes from) and Whipper Snapper it does make things a little easier.

Have a great day…I hope to once my Dayquil kicks in!

Just For You

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So behind on my blogging!  It’s been a busy week.  We started painting our bedroom over the weekend (it’s long overdue) and realized we hadn’t planned ahead enough so all we got done was the closet.  I am a bit disappointed that we didn’t meet our goal but we cleared lots of junk out of the closet and now everything is tidy, easy to find and there is a fresh coat of paint on the walls.  We’ll have to get back at the bedroom this coming weekend (a long weekend in Canada) and I hope it only takes a couple of days (ceilings and trims need painting too – yuck!)

Anyhoo…on to the card.  I made a card and a matching bookmark for a client who wanted something with cats on it.  I used one of my favourite Whipper Snapper stamps (it’s hard to pick a fave) and here’s what I came up with:

The colours aren’t quite as lively in real life but it was a very cheerful card for sure!  The flowers are dusted in doodlebug glitter and I used a fat, velvet bow as an embellishment.  The layout is cased.  Don’t forget to take a peek at the bookmark:

The tassel is hanging behind the bookmark so you can’t see it but I used a cute little Jesse James cat button to secure the knot.  Fun!

In other news, I have a cold – again!  That’s the second one this year plus I had bronchitis in December so I think I’ve had my fair share for a while.  Hopefully, I’ll be back tomorrow with another post as I still have a few projects to blog.

Insert Clever Title Here

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Fresh out of grey matter today so I can’t come up with a good title for this post.

I was making a birthday card for a customer and had this image already stamped and coloured just sitting in a basket on my desk so I decided to use it for the card.  The PP is Basic Grey Two Scoops – and I think this is the first time I’ve used it.  The colours in the paper were nice and soft and went well with my image (you should really choose the paper first and then pick the colours for your image if you want a nicely coordinated card but I don’t do that evey 50% of the time.  I tend to pick the paper AFTER I colour the image.  Some day I’ll learn!)

The layout is cased with just a few slight changes.  I think it’s really cute and I even got to use some heart-shaped brads from my stash.  I used my slot punch again for the bow on the side of the image.  The hole is a little large for 1/4 inch ribbon but I don’t have much larger ribbon and find it a bit bulky on a card when tying a bow.  Maybe next time.

Et voilà:

Good old Whipper Snapper!  Coloured on watercolour paper using SU markers and an aquapainter.  Stickles on the hairbow to give it a little bling factor.  Sponged around the image and the PP.  Still stalking Anna Wight’s blog for a sponging tutorial!  Speaking of Anna, she kindly advised the type of patterned paper she has been using on her cards so I will be searching the ‘net for that.  (there’s no way they sell it here)  She uses a lot of soft coloured polka-dotted paper and the scale of the polka dots is the right size for card making.  Must find some soon! (’cause I don’t already have enough paper!)

Have to start my workday!  See ya later.

New Home…

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…oh, not for me…though that would be nice!  This is a card I made for a co-worker of my husband.  She just moved into an apartment and Rich really, really wanted a card to give her.  Truth be told he wanted it by last Friday but I just couldn’t do it as I was so busy with Mother’s Day cards.

I used the clear dew drops again (they’re actually the ones from Michael’s that you could buy in the floral section once upon a time – I don’t think they still sell them) and punched out small pieces of the patterned paper to make ‘custom’ brads.  It’s a great way to make an embellishment that matches a card perfectly!

Here’s the end result:

You can see some of the dew drops sprinkled around the base of the card.  I used some Basic Grey PP (I think it’s from the Mellow collection – this is one of my favourite prints – you think I’d be able to remember which pack it came from!) and I had a hard time deciding which PP to use on the card.  I also sponged pretty much everything on this card – including the ribbon – to give it a more distressed look.  I am in need of a serious sponging tutorial – I’ve hinted to my card-making idol that I’m looking for hints but no joy so far.

The image is a Whipper Snapper stamp.  It’s fairly big (I think it’s my biggest rubber stamp not counting background stamps)  It was coloured on watercolour paper (140# cold pressed) with my SU dye inks and an aquapainter.  I originally did the curtains and the heart in a red colour but changed it to orange with a marker when I changed the PP I was going to use.  You can’t see it on the card but there is glitter on the heart.

I hope Jen likes it!

A Week Late…

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I was supposed to post this last week but spent ZERO time at the computer.  This is a birthday card using one of my newer Whipper Snapper stamps – I think it’s called Eli and Frogger.

I used Buckaroo Blue – again – on this card.  I tend to reach for it every time I make a “masculine” card.  The colour retired some time ago so I will run out one day and then maybe I’ll pick a new go-to colour. (any suggestions?)

I used some cute K&Co paper on this card too…it’s the reverse side of a sheet that might have had submarines or some sort of ocean design on it…I don’t have it in front of me and don’t recall what the pattern was but both sides of the paper have some really cute images/colours and makes a multi-pack of paper way more versatile than having 8 of the same pattern.  It’s a little more expensive than some of the paper you can buy but it’s great quality and I find myself reaching for it again and again.

Here’s the finished card:

Cute, huh?  I really felt the need to add some bling so there’s a snippet of ribbon attached with a staple (the staple has been coloured with a green Bic Mark It) and a couple of ‘custom’ brads using a mustard-brown Sharpie on the back of the dew drop.  I used to use these little clear dew drops a lot but fell out of the habit.  Now that they’re dusted off I should keep them out and use ’em up!

I also used my colour spritzer tool to add some splashes of green all over the card.  I used to use my little background stamp all the time but this is more fun and there’s nothing to clean when I’m finished.

I still have quite a few cards that I just haven’t had time to blog about – hopefully I’ll get to do that this week as I’m almost finished my Mother’s Day orders.

Have a fun week!

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