Celebrate (new stamp!)

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My latest batch of Whipper Snapper stamps arrived last week but I didn’t have time to mount them until this past weekend.  The first stamp I used from the order was this cute turtle image.   I also got a chance to use my newest paper from K&Co (Carolyn Gavin – she’s da bomb!).  Carolyn is very eco-friendly and, while the pack doesn’t clearly indicate it’s recycled, the papers have an earthy, kraft-like feel to them with lots of speckles and boho-style colours.

The panel of green dotted paper is the backside of the floral pattern.  There are just a few black dots scattered across the sheet so when I cut this piece there was only one dot left on the paper.  I used a marker to randomly colour in more dots as the single dot was very distracting.  I paired this card with a kraft envelope from SU! as it was a perfect match.  I think my next use of this paper will involve a base of kraft cardstock.

Must dash…work starts in 7 minutes!

Busy, Busy…but prolific!

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It’s so busy around here now that summer has arrived in St. John’s.   Not only is it our busiest season at work but we have some gardening projects planned at home that are really sucking up our time. (We don’t garden so it is probably more time consuming than strictly necessary!)

The good news is that all the hustle and bustle of every day life is giving me a burst of creativity.  How ironic that I am more creative when I have less time to create!

Today’s project is a baby shower card and I tweaked a layout I saw on Stamping Bella’s blog.  I don’t have any cute Bella images (I like the bugs rather than the Bella people images but they have some wonderful things for sale) but I adored the layout I saw using a baby bella and I just simplified the layers and moved things around a smidge to make it my own.

I used some Making Memories paper that I’ve had for a little while – I have used it before but it got buried under my collection of Basic Grey 6X6 pads and I found it while looking for something cheerful enough to use on this card.

I think this is the perfect blend of tailored, yet cute!  I used a Whipper Snapper stamp (actually called “Bella” – a coincidence believe it or not!) and some of the Prima flowers I got in a Dave’s Deals order from eP.  The colours are a little muted as I tend to go for more subtle colours (I’m not a fan of brights but am learning that they have their uses).  I think it turned out well and I’m looking forward to the recipient’s reaction.

I have a few more projects to share from the weekend, including a cute summer-themed card and a card I’m absolutely thrilled with using one of my latest Whipper Snapper stamps and some amazing patterned paper by the talented Carolyn Gavin (who makes those funky ecojot notepads I’ve seen at Chapters – would love to own one but they are trés expensive!).


Blog Candy (not mine!)

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You could win THIS!!!

The Last Teacher Gift…

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…but not the last box…I do think I will try some mini pizza boxes for a change of pace the next time I want to make a little box but the ones I’ve been making are the perfect size for a little gift.

This was the final gift on my list.  The colours are a little more sedate because I just bought a package of K&Co paper that was on clearance at Michael’s (Urban, I think – Wild Saffron) and wanted to use it right away.  It was about $8.00 CAD marked down from about $20.00 which is a pretty good deal.  They had a lot of stuff on clearance but my husband was with me and I didn’t want to completely bore him to death so I didn’t pick through the section as much as I normally would have.  There were a couple of other paper pads that I was interested in – as you know I just don’t have enough patterned paper!  Ha!

I used a really different (for me) colour combination on this set – sage, really rust, and so saffron.  I think it works.  Here’s the end result:

Different, hey?  Sorry the box is on a weird angle, I just laid it on top of the box I keep my Spellbinder dies in to take the picture.  I couldn’t be bothered dragging out my homemade light box (not that it makes my pics that much better, anyway but my yellow walls are not very helpful either)

I’m hoping to see a movie with hubby tonight so I probably won’t have anything for show-and-tell tomorrow.

Slumber Party Invites

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OMG!  We’re sooooooo tired right now.

It was a long weekend in St. John’s (Discovery Day – it’s our city’s, um, 512th anniversary, I think!) and the weather was supposed to be good all three days so Rich and I decided this would be the weekend we tackled some of the outdoor projects.

We made a list of four projects and all the materials etc. that we needed to carry them out.  On Friday night we bought the materials (most of them, anyway) and got cracking early on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the smallest project turned out to be the most time consuming and took almost the entire day.  There is so much rock in our soil that a small plant bed turned into a major project.  We did complete the bed but were disappointed that we didn’t make a huge dent in our list.

On day two we got the other front yard project finished but ran out of crushed brick.  We went on a supply run but there were only three bags left in the store and we needed six.  A trip to a second store was not successful so we decided to leave the rest and call it a day.

Day three started out as a foggy, cold morning.  We were secretly thrilled that the weather would prevent continuing our work and decided to go to another store in search of the brick we needed to finish the front of the house.  We did find some but it’s a different colour than the rest so we had to mix it in with the existing brick.  There are still two beds to complete in the backyard as well as a few other projects but they’ll have to wait until next weekend.

Needless to say, there hasn’t been much stamping going on.  In fact, my latest WS stamps have arrived and I have not been able to look at them much less mount them so I can play.   I hope to do that tomorrow so there’ll be a couple of new projects to see soon.

I did get my required papercraft projects completed though – 12 sleepover invitations and another teacher gift set with a matching card.  I’ll save the teacher gift for now as they are not a novelty anymore but here is the sleepover invitation (it’s supposed to be a pyjama top):

Here’s what it looks like with the invitation details (personal info has been blurred for privacy):

Once I’d worked out the template for the collar, this wasn’t too labour-intensive.  I had to use 12X12″ cardstock so the pj top would be wide enough with it’s folded front and I used my embossing folders to add pattern to the collar and trim on the pocket.  The buttons were stitched with crochet thread and adhered with glue dots. 

It did take me a few days to make these (a few evenings, not actual DAYS) but I broke the job down into sections so it was quick to assemble the invitations once all the components were cut etc.

Hopefully back tomorrow if it’s raining. (if not, I’ll be working in the garden.)

Celebrate Summer

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I know, I know…another one of those boxes and yet again with that stamp…

Everything I am making lately is mass-produced so there isn’t much to share.  I know some papercrafters who work full time as I do manage to make lots of new and exciting projects each and every evening but my only productive time is on the weekend.  Add in housework, laundry, grocery-shopping and some laziness and there’s not a lot of time left for productive projects to share.

This is another teacher gift with a matching card – I’ve also taken the items out of the pouch so you can see the cute miniature stapler and tape dispenser.  Sweet!

I used some older Basic Grey Romani paper for this set as well as a sentiment set I picked up at M’s a few weeks ago (I’ve already used it twice so I know I’ll get my money’s worth).  The words are all individual in the set and I thought pairing “celebrate” with “summer” was a good choice for an end of year teacher gift.

The tag the sentiment is on is totally and shamelessly copied from the fabulous Anna Wight.  (I’m not a stalker…just a HUGE fan of her work!  Note to Anna: Rest assured that the geographical distance alone would keep you safe if I was the stalking type.)

Instead of using a button (as AW would) I used a 7gypsies buckle from my stash.  I bought these buckles years ago online and when I received them they were a lot bigger than I would have liked so they don’t get used very often (I tend to work with narrow ribbon)  I was happy to dust them off and use one on a card.  I don’t believe in hoarding craft supplies (but I used to when I first starting doing this!) as they get outdated very quickly.  I just don’t always know what to do with some of the things I have. 

The flower on the card uses yet another dew drop with a punched out paper circle behind it for colour.  Both the shirt and skirt on the little girl’s outfit are paper pieced using the same paper on the box and the card.  A great way to keep things coordinated!  The image was stamped on watercolour paper and coloured with SU markers and an aquapainter.

I think it turned out cute and cheerful and I hope the recipient enjoys her gift.

Make the most of the rest of your weekend.  I’m off to play a game…

Shopping Review – 7kids and eP

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Still working on mass-production items so I don’t have much new to share (unless you want to see a zillion little boxes that are all the same design but just have different patterned paper on them)…so I thought I’d write a review of my two favourite US online stores (that ship to Canada – I do sometimes order from Canada but get newer products and better prices from the US).

1.  http://www.7kidscollegefund.com/ – I order from here as often as I can get away with (4-5 times per year)  The owner has a 10% discount on the MSRP so it’s like getting a sale every time I shop there.  PLUS they do sometimes have specials on a particular line of products which saves me even more.  Shipping is reasonable but not cheap or flat rate.  When you are finished adding items to you cart you will see the actual shipping you are being charged.  

Another great thing about this site is that you can contact the owner and ask her to carry a certain line.  If she does already carry a particular line (such as Hero Arts) you can ask if she will stock a particular set and let you know when it’s in.  I do prefer to buy my Hero Arts sets from this site and have had several sets special ordered for me.  Great customer service.   Ship times are not incredibly fast but reasonable (it usually takes about 3-4 weeks to get my stuff.  Note that I live in Newfoundland so mainland Canada might experience better ship times)

2. http://www.eclecticpaperie.com/index.html – While I order more frequently from 7kids (4-5 times a year), eP is my favourite US retailer.  When I first started ordering from eP you could not us the online checkout from Canada and communication/shipping time was poor.  However, their great selection of items and “Dave’s Deals” kept me coming back despite the early “growing pains”.   I am happy to say that you can now use their checkout from Canada and communication and shipping times have improved dramatically. 

I am a sucker for Dave’s Deals and order just about every time he cleans out the shop.  Customer service is good but a little slower response time than 7kids (give ’em a couple of days to respond – both of the shops I’m reviewing are home-based so you need to make allowances). 

Examples of great customer service – On one of my orders I was sent the wrong stamp but they did not have the correct one in stock to do a switch.  Not only did they refund the money, they let me keep the other stamp AND offered me a 10% apology discount on my next order. (which was just a few weeks later because there was a new Dave’s Deal!)  My last order even had a small pack of primas (my fave!) included as a thank you for my order…love free stuff!!!. 

As with 7kids, shipping time is about 3-4 weeks to Newfoundland (these guys are based in California so we are as far away as we can get and still be in North America). 

If you do decide to check these online stores out, it’s worth signing up for their newsletters as that’s how you’ll learn about new products and specials from both retailers. 

I must go play with my latest eP order…I hope Dave isn’t doing any more cleaning in the near future…I can’t store another Prima in my craft room!


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I’m just finishing up some Father’s Day orders and realized I never posted the “golf-themed” card.  It’s so funny that I have trouble making masculine cards (almost everyone I know that makes cards feel the same way) because my cards are actually fairly plain.  I think it’s the lack of good “manly” embellishments that make it such a chore.

I had some teeny, tiny paper clips (seriously, these puppies are petite!) in my stash from about 3 eP orders ago (translation: around Christmas time) and tied a small piece of ribbon to them – in a manly knot instead of a frilly bow) as the embellishment.  I’m not 100% thrilled with the concept but it’s almost what I was going for!  I also added a couple of dew drops with a circle of white cardstock behind them.  I tried to texturize them so they’d look like golf balls but it didn’t quite work out for me.  Some retro K&Co patterned paper and lots of sponging and splattering and voilà – a masculine card!

The green in the picture is a little off (the bottom is certainly celery but looks more like a lime shade of green in the pic) but you can get the idea.

My golfing Changito stamp was quick to colour and the sentiment was computer-generated.  An easily mass-produced card. (thought I’ve only made two so far!)

I’m hoping to get to some birthday cards this week – the weather forecast is not that great for the next few days so I might be spending a little more time in the house in the evenings.   I have stamps that have never seen ink and I’m hoping to use them ASAP!

Army of Cuteness…

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…still have a few more teacher gifts rolling off the assembly line.  I made a batch of 6 last weekend and took a quick group shot of them (some are hiding in the background)…I have a short attention span so it actually took the whole weekend to do 6 boxes (I need a lot of breaks).  This weekend is mass-production of Father’s Day cards – I’ve made 5 and have 3 more to do for tomorrow but needed a quick break so I thought I’d post last weekends output:

I used an assortment of cute papers in my stash (I have hundreds of sheets so there’s plenty of choice – however, I always notice a lack of masculine patterns…need to work on that!)  The SU! papers were probably the cutest as they coordinate so beautifully but my favourite is the slightly funky purple one (to the left in the foreground)  It just seems to have a little more personality than the others.  Millions of thanks to Kelly Lunceford – as mentioned previously, I got the box pattern from her blog and I’m having a lot of fun with it.  I actually linked her blog so if you have a moment you should pop over there and check out the talent. (but please come back even though my work pales in comparison)

I’m planning on getting together with Karen next weekend to make more of these boxes.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with them all!

Lots of Colouring…

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…but not much talent.

A wedding card I made earlier this week for a wedding I attended today (I’m actually due to leave for the reception in about 15 minutes…)

I was fairly pleased with the colouring, placement of glitter etc. on the image but fell flat on the actual layout of the card.  This is for the wedding that I made favours for earlier this year and I had a large enough scrap of the paper we used on the favour bags leftover to use on this card.

I spent too much time colouring the image to start over.  Luckily, the important part is the gift inside the card so I’m not going to lose sleep!  I’m fairly sure it’s the only wedding card they’ll receive with dragons on it too.  This card measures 6.5X5 inches so there was plenty of room to stamp both my High Hopes dragons to make a “couple”.

Must jet…I have to change back into my wedding clothes!

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