New Bed…

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…but no time to sleep!

I do have things to share but no time to take pictures and blog about them at the moment.  I’m just dropping in to state that I’m still alive and to exclaim quite cheerfully that our new boxspring and mattress were delivered tonight. (plus some over-priced pillows that we got free at Sears when we bought the bed)

The spots in the picture are because I used my flash – I hope!

New bedroom furniture is next on the wishlist…well that plus a bathroom reno, new kitchen, my own car, etc.  Perhaps I’ll settle for a new duvet cover and window curtains. (the headboard and bedding in the pic is the same old, same old, it’s just the mattress and foundation – and pillows! – that are new.)

I’m dying to go to bed early to see if the mattress is worth the $$$.  However, Christmas cards and customer orders await so time to break out the cuttlebug and ATG gun.

All Packaged Up

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Whew!  I’ve been a busy, busy girl.  Funny that I never spent any time in my craft room when I got back and now that I’m back in the saddle I’m here all night (try the veal…)

I made 20 more notepads over the weekend…my friends loved them.  I’m a bit tired of making them but it was nice that they got such positive feedback.

Initially, I gave the tall notebooks a try because I thought they’d make a nice change for my yearly teacher gift.  I always do a beaded pen and a notebook and I started doing glass ornaments a couple of years ago (they were a big hit so I keep doing them).  I was really struggling to come up with something new this year but I’m going to stick with the winner and just change it up by the packaging and the shape/layout of the notebook.

I put together four gift sets tonight – as mentioned, a beaded pen, a notebook and a glass ornament.  I made a simple base to pop everything into and packaged it with some Christmas bags I picked up last year.  The ornament and the bags are quite shiny so it was very difficult to get a decent picture.

Here’s the set prior to packaging…

…and here they are in their Christmas wrapping…

They’re actually quite cute in real life.  These and Christmas cards are pretty much all I’ll be doing between now and Christmas.  I don’t know how some papercrafters get to spend so much time cranking out stuff…it’s all I can do to keep up between work, life, Christmas shopping, etc.

Incidentally, the patterned paper is American Crafts.  The adorable My Mind’s Eye paper that I used for the other notepads is too thick to easily make beaded pens so I picked up some thinner paper. (it’s still fairly thick but the MME stuff is REALLY thick and glittery.)


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It has been a little while since I blogged.  Between the ‘flu (don’t know if it was THAT ‘flu), our trip to England, my husband having the ‘flu, and everyday life I just haven’t been spending any time in my little craft room. 

I’m just starting to feel like myself again and did take a few hours to create over the last few days.  I’ve been making notepads a la Michelle Wooderson.

I’ve actually admired her notepads for a while but haven’t been able to source nice notepads to CASE her style.  I know that PTI has started selling them but shipping to Canada is insane.  Happily, I found a convenient Canadian source that is half the price of PTI. (Technically, please read on)…

You can buy a 12 pack of Hilroy lined notepads that measure 5X8″ at Staples.  The copy centre at Staples can cut them lengthwise making 24 2.5X8″ notepads which is exactly the size sold by PTI.  The ones at PTI are 10/$6.00 USD – which is 60 cents each plus shipping/taxes and only have 25 pages per pad.  The Staples notepads have 50 sheets per pad and work out to 55 to 59 cents CAD each (depending on if the nice Staples employee will do it in one cut or two) and that includes tax.

Wanna see what I’ve done with my notepads? (warning, making these is addictive…I’ve already made 16!):

Here’s a close up of the stocking notepad using a sweet little stamp from Anna Wight’s Her Favorite Things:

The paper is glittery MME from Michael’s (last year’s patterns revamped) and the labels on the pads were computer generated.  The snowman and tree stamps are both from Imaginisce (I find that hard to spell).

I have an ornament making session planned for Sunday so I know I’ll have something else to blog about soon!

Happy Friday!


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Just letting you know I’m still alive…


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