A Card and a Tip

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I haven’t been spending any time in my craft room this past week.  Ironically, making cards is supposed to be relaxing but I was too stressed out last week to be in the mood to make card!  Nothing serious.  Just a mentally demanding week.  Luckily, it’s been a decent weekend. (it started out with a large group of people from work going to see Shutter Island – which I enjoyed.  It had a typical Martin Scorsese ending but there wasn’t such a high level of violence in this film compared to most of his work).

Yesterday, I was determined to get back in the swing of things and actually managed to make a few cards.  While making the first card I was using some In Colour cardstock that I’m running low on.  I decided to utilize one of my cardstock saving tips and thought it might be a good idea to blog about it.

First I’ll show you the card so you can visualize my later ramblings:

In addition to using some new K&Co patterned paper, I used some retired Kiwi Kiss cardstock.  I could have used Old Olive – the colours are close enough to the green on the patterned paper but the Kiwi Kiss is a little more cheerful and I thought this was a cheerful card.

I don’t normally bother with saving small amounts of cardstock/patterned paper.  Like many papercrafters, I find it tempting to hoard things that are really expensive (like metal embellishments) or patterned paper that I really like.  However, doing this leaves you with tons of product that becomes outdated.  It also saps creative energy because most of us continue to buy the newer, trendier offerings so we are surrounded by a plethora of choice which makes decision making complicated.

However, Kiwi Kiss IS a retired colour meaning I can’t replace it once it’s gone.  I’m fine with using it up but don’t want to cut into a full sheet of the few I have left until it is necessary so I’m making sure I get as much mileage out of the cut piece I have left.  Here’s what I did:

By nesting the smaller die inside the larger one I was able to “steal” the centre of my circle.  (Incidentally, I put it in the middle of the piece of cardstock purely for illustration.  When I cut it I moved the die to the upper left hand corner of my scrap.)

Back tomorrow with a masculine card.

Happy Cupcake Day

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Now there’s a weird banner picture for you!  Scroll down to see the full card!

I managed to half-finish my cupcake card last night.  I got as far as cutting out the cardstock and patterned paper and stamping the cupcake. 

Tonight I embellished the cupcake and put together the card (took over an hour as I was fiddling with different ribbon options).  It’s not exactly what I’d pictured but it’s cute, colourful and it has lots of detail.

Here’s the cupcake card:

It looks a little cuter in real life.  There is a dusting of pink glitter on the “frosting” so it’s very sparkly in person.  The flame on the candle has also been glittered and the patterned paper is a bit softer too.  It almost looks like you could eat the cupcake (wonder how many calories in liquid appliqué?) but I wouldn’t recommend it!

Quick details – BG Two Scoops paper, so saffron cardstock and ribbon, beads from my stash and lots of liquid appliqué (need more soon!).

I’m hoping to do something a little closer to my usual style tomorrow but I’m not in a mojo kind of mood.


Dinomite Day

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It’s hard to have a dinomite day on a Monday but, looking on the bright side, it’s almost over so I’m finished with Monday for the rest of the week!

I coloured this image yesterday and decided to turn it into a card tonight rather than let it sit with the other images that never made it to card-dom.

I really need to make a special birthday card this week but inspiration has not struck.  Today’s card is a birthday card but it’s not what I’m looking for in the “special” department.  This one is more suited to a child.  I think the special card is going to feature a cupcake.

Here’s what happened tonight:

I think the picture came out a little yellow but I wouldn’t expect less from a bad photographer taking a shot of a yellow and orange card.  I used some K&Co Berry Sweet PP and a cute dinosaur image I bought in the UK last year.  It’s the first time the stamp has seen ink.  It came with some very British sentiments (I could have changed dinomite to dinomate if I wanted to!  Maybe I’ll make a card for my husband using the mate sentiment someday.)

I really had trouble with placement of the sentiment.  I think my image is a little too large for the size of the card.  It didn’t leave much space for the tag I made.  As a last resort I cut off the right hand side of the sentiment rather than continuing the ribbon on both sides of the tag. (I only had one button like this or I would have done both sides the same.)

The image was coloured with reinkers and markers.  I’m very into hybrid colouring lately.  I’ll mix markers, reinkers, and colouring pencils if the mood strikes.  It makes it easier to shade the image if I can switch out mediums to get the effect I’m going for.

I’ll have to give it another go tomorrow night.  Definitely trying a cupcake.

Have Fun

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A quick post tonight – I have a few things to do before ending my weekend.

It was a bit of a slow weekend for card-making.  Lots of ideas but no focus.  I do need to make a birthday card this week so hopefully my brain will allow me a few minutes of uninterupted activity in my craft room.  I can’t seem to decide what style of card I want to make.

On the plus side, when I was playing with ideas earlier today I was inspired to make a card that meets two of my personal challenges – I used basic grey paper AND it’s a masculine card. (so I couldn’t meet my latest challenge of using my Prima flowers.  Well, I could but I don’t usually put flowers on my ‘dude’ cards!)

I got this stamp in my last WS order (it was before Christmas) and it’s the first time it’s seen ink.  I knew the Granola line of BG paper would be perfect with this image.  Here it is:

It turned out exactly as I’d pictured (except for the embellishment – it’s a bit lost on the card). 

Back to work tomorrow.  🙁

I Didn’t Forget

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The title of this post is purely about what’s on the card.  I’m not bragging about my memory.  Anyone who works with me can tell you that I will lose a train of thought or a paper from a file faster than you can possibly imagine.  I like to think it’s because I have so much going on in my brain but I’m pretty sure it’s an attention span issue.  Oh well!

My card today was inspired by a little crochet project I did this week.  I’m not actually very good at crochet – I’m self-taught (went to the Y many years ago with a friend but we were both lefties and the instructor was right-handed and it didn’t go very well) and just make things up as I go.  I can’t make anything complex, don’t really know how to properly weave ends and attach things, but I get the job done in my own unique way.

Amigurumi seems to be very popular lately and I have to admit I’ve seen some really cute patterns.  I wanted a break from card-making after doing some valentine’s projects and thought I’d give making one of these animals a try.  Since my favourite animal is the elephant it made sense (at the time!) to start with one of those – plus I had some grey yarn in my stash.

Here’s my interpretation of an elephant (it doesn’t look much like the original):

I didn’t like the trunk on the one I followed the pattern for but I did make it “as written”.  Once it was done I took the stitches out of the trunk and re-engineered it (yes, my elephant has had a nose job!).  I also can’t find safety eyes anywhere in town but haven’t tried the local fabric store (I don’t sew and have no idea what is available at Fabricville…).  Luckily, I had some black beads that were about the right size.

Let’s get back to the card, shall we?

So, I made an elephant-themed card in honour of my nameless crocheted elephant.  It’s not grey simply because I wanted to use some BG Lemonade paper to make the card.  I also used a layout similar to a card I found on Amy Rohl’s website. (hers is much more detailed and it’s oriented differently, etc.)

Cute?!  I distressed the papers and did a lot of DTP with some Ranger ink.  I just realized that I hardly ever distress my cards anymore – which is odd because it’s my favourite technique.

I triple punched a flower shape out of paper and crumpled the shapes before threading them on a brad.  It’s also odd that I did that because I have a kazillion prima flowers in my craft room.  I should make using them up my next challenge (’cause I’m rocking the “use basic grey paper” challenge).

Must go grab a shower…DH is willing to browse Chapters tonight!

A Plethora of Pencils

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Hmmm, the banner is going to look cuter than the full picture of this project!

I made my traditional co-worker valentine’s treats – well, you can’t eat ’em but it’s still a gift and who doesn’t like to get a little surprise on their desk to start the day?!

I bought a couple of packages of glittered pencils in the Valentine section at Wal-Mart and decided to dress them up a little.  I was hoping to find some pixie stix and make little pouches for the stix and the pencils but couldnt’ find anything that was the right size to tuck in with the pencils.  Then I thought I’d make bookmarks and pencils but couldn’t come up with a design that was simple enough to crank out 2 dozen of in 2 nights. (well, if I wanted to be annoyed and tired I probably could have but that would kind of take away from the gift-giving…)

I compromised by making a little holder for the pencils that looks a bit like a bookmark.  Here’s a shot (group photo – they’re just piled up):

You get the idea.

I used a cute Hero Arts cupcake stamp which is paper pieced and lightly dusted with glitter. (you can’t see it in the photo but the glitter is dotted all over the frosting on the cupcakes.)  I matted some valentine’s patterned paper with cardstock and cut a strip of cardstock to hold the pencil in place.  The cupcakes were punched out with a circle punch and matted with another circle of patterned paper which was then glued to a scalloped circle. 

These were fairly easy to mass produce.  I deliberately sized the holders so they wouldn’t create a lot of scraps of cardstock or patterned paper.  There was very little waste with this project – it’s always a good idea to do a little extra planning when mass producing.  Changing a dimension by as much as 1/8″ can be enough to save cutting into an extra sheet of paper or cardstock.  While most of us have spare cardstock, we often only have one or two of the same sheet of patterned paper so it’s important to get the most out of what you have.

Happy (Almost) Valentine’s Day!

A Helping Hand (or eight!)

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A quick post tonight!

I needed to make a couple of thank you cards in a hurry.  I used a 4X4″ card size to speed up the design process.

My card doesn’t have a lot happening on the front but it’s all in the details.  I used a cute stamp from Just Swimmin’ By (Whipper Snapper – Anna Wight) and blinged up a Prima flower (I made two of these cards and wanted to be able to duplicate it quickly) with some glitter, a button and an adhesive rhinestone.  I used a purple, orange and green combo simply because I wanted to colour my octopus (well, octopi because there were two!) purple. 

Here it is:

The octopus happens to be wearing a hat so I stamped it twice and adhered it with dimensionals for an added feature.  There is a tiny bit of glitter on the flower sticking out of his hat but it’s not very noticable.

The inside just has a handwritten note (Thanks for lending me a hand!)…I also used my enveloper (a Christmas gift from my MIL) to make some purple envelopes for the cards to go in.

A simple and quick card but I thought it turned out rather cute!  Hope the two ladies who came to my rescue a couple of days ago (well, more than two did but these two deserve a special thank you) like the cards!

A Special Card

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I’m still here…just didn’t get many cards made over the weekend.

Today’s card is larger than my standard cards – it’s 5X6.5″ which is about the size of a store-bought card.  I can’t tell you the reason for the card (it’s personal!) but I spent a LOT of time on it even though you might not be able to tell.

I used a cute stamp I bought while I was in the UK back in October (the sentiment was in the same set – I cut it apart so I could stack the words on top of each other) and some Daisy D’s paper that I’ve had for a long time.  I don’t make many cards with this particular theme but I do have paper on hand for the few times I need it.

The background paper already had a distressed, crackled paint thing happening so I went with it and distressed everything on the card – even the ribbon!  I double matted my image and sentiment (which I never do – I love my cuttlebug but I don’t enjoy running multiple dies through it for one card – I don’t know if I’m impatient or lazy, probably both!)

The background paper is an old-fashioned nursery rhyme print.  It reminds me of old blankets/books that my oldest brother had when he was little.  It’s probably a bit “British” in style. (which would make sense for Newfoundland in the 60’s)

I’ll share the card then blather on about a few more details:

The image was coloured with reinkers – I did the head twice and pop dotted it – I don’t think you can tell in the picture.  I sponged some distress ink on just about everything and had a little trouble getting some of the polka dots on the ribbon with the sponge so I used an SU marker (creamy caramel) to get the dots I missed.  Before distressing the ribbon had very bright, white dots.

My picture is not doing this card justice but I’m really happy with the way it turned out and hope the recipient enjoys it.

I should be back tomorrow but there are several closet doors that need painting and I’m anxious to get it finished by the end of the week.

Just One Cup…

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Whew!  All these personal challenges to use things I’ve bought and haven’t touched are killing me!  So many of my cards lately are not my norm – makes me wonder why I bought all this stuff in the first place.

I can’t believe what a difference having a little more space to work in can make to the creative process.  I used to have to clear everything off my worktop so I could use the cuttlebug or the paper cutter, etc.  Not having to drag them out and put them away every time I make a card is great (and will be even better if I can get Mr. Bee to install another worktop…)

I’m hoping this weekend will see the installation of some closet doors and maybe some shelving in the closet that is slated for my craft supplies (I will be sharing the room with some overflow items from our t.v. room so it’s not 100% a craft room but it’s close enough!).  Then I can move the last few things out of my old room and get that room repurposed.

Anyway, on to the card…

This was an easy one!  I paper pieced the cup (watercoloured the “tea” inside) and cut it out with my nesties.  The card only took about 15 minutes to make (really fast for me) and I got to use this great MME paper that I bought a few months ago.  The ribbon is ancient stuff that I bought at Costco – it seemed like a good deal at the time but hardly any of the colours go with my papers and cardstock.  Live and learn.

I used some retired In Colour cardstock for the base (Marigold Morning).  I decided to group my In Colour CS by the year it came out instead of by individual colour in the future.  It will help me use it up and will also eliminate the need for so many hanging file folders in my CS cabinet.

Not sure if I have anything blog-worthy tomorrow…my latest card is a bit humble…

Wish Big

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I actually am not that happy with today’s card.  I was specifically trying to use a strip of patterned paper (inspired by a card on the cover of a magazine) as the starting point for the card and wasted a lot of energy trying to coordinate patterns and colours.

I *think* the card would have been okay if the placement of the image etc. wasn’t a bit too high on the base.

On the plus side, I did use a stamp that needed to be inked and I made a cute embellishment by running some felt through my cuttlebug and adding some glittery fun foam and a button.  I also think I was moderately successful mixing patterned paper from two different collections.

Here’s the card:

The cute, girly cards are not really my style but I am trying to use what I have and branch out with my layouts, choice of colours. (I tend to stick to the same things)

I’ll be back tomorrow with another attempt at a “non-Kelly” style card.

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