Edward – Oh YEAH!

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UPDATE:  Yesterday’s winner is comment number 1 – Melly Mac.  I’ll send you an email tonight for your snail mail.

Okay, I’ve read the Twilight books and I’ve seen the first two movies but I’m not quite as obsessed with Edward as some of my co-workers. (well, I’m not obsessed at all, really)

I wouldn’t actually say “Oh Yeah” when thinking about Edward but a few people I know (who shall remain nameless for blogging purposes – one in particular has a name that starts with “C”) would definitely say it and I could actually picture “C” saying it (with feeling!) when I chose that sentiment for the card. (fave personal card making tip of all time – if you’re making a card for fun or just trying to get the mojo going, pretend you’re making it for a particular person and it will help all the elements fall into place)

So, heeeeere’s Edward…

Joy Ride paper by Cosmo Cricket (I’m starting to like the paper a little more but I still think card makers need more options for “man” paper), The Greeting Farm stamp (Edward, of course!), a few adhesive gems from Michael’s (any tips on how to see less glue on the teeny tiny ones?) some sewing ’cause my purple sewing machine is my new crafting crack, copic coloured skin, watercoloured everything else.  Vest was begging to be paper pieced but I didn’t do it in case you start thinking I’m a one-trick pony.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten the blog candy…all week long, baby…can I get an “Oh Yeah”!?

(I’ll update this post in the am with Tuesday’s winner…I usually write my posts the night before as I work all day)

Here’s today’s give away:

lots and lots of die cut thingamabobs from K&Co (different than the last batch – lots of titles and stuff in here – this batch is great for scrapbooking but you could probably use a lot of it for cards too)

Again, just leave me some love.  Don’t care what the topic is…just let me know you’re out there…don’t be shy…ANYONE can enter…I will ship internationally.  Plus, you know only 2 or 3 people leave a comment on a good day so your odds of winning are really great.

Keep checking back because there are more giveaways…if I post a card, I’ll offer a prize but it’s this week only so get in while you can!

Sk8er Dude

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Yesterday’s winner is comment number 3 by Teresa!  Congrats, Teresa…I’ll send you an email tonight (I’m at work) so I can get your snail mail address.

Another The Greeting Farm stamp tonight (I only have one left to show off and haven’t made anything with it yet) and another crack at some blog candy.  I have a very busy week so I won’t get time to do much with cards this week but I’d like to get my stuff out to some new homes…you want to keep checking back because I’m saving the best blog candy for last (probably Friday as it’s a holiday and I’ll actually have time to make something)…

Before I continue, I accidentally deleted commenter number 2 on yesterday’s post (MellyMel or MelyMel…please drop me a comment) and I’m extra bummed because it turns out she is local and my local circle of stamping friends totals 2! 

Anywho, on to the card.

Isn’t this fun!?  I think I’m getting a handle on the “man” cards…I was rather pleased with this very tiny twist in my layout (cut the PP panel a little smaller and extended the borders on each end…it’s subtle but nice to do something a little different.)

I let the papers and the image do all the work on this card so I didn’t feel the need for an embellishment. (I did feel the need to use my colour spritzer though…)

Ian is coloured with Copics (skin) and SU reinkers.  I also paper pieced his hat.  The background paper is MAMBI and Basic Grey.  The CS is Real Red.

On to the blog candy.  Dozens upon dozens of K&Co die cuts.  They came in a lovely tin but that would be too expensive to mail so you’ll just get an envelope filled with these:

There’s way more than it looks like in the picture.  These would mostly be suited to scrapbooking but I’m sure someone can make use of them. 

All you need to do is leave me a comment (which I won’t accidentally delete this time…)  Let me know you’re out there.  If you have a blog you can leave me the URL and I’ll drop by and say hello (though you don’t need to leave a link…any comment will qualify)

Enjoy the rest of your evening!

Mission: Organization – and a giveaway!

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Before I babble about my card today I’d like to chat about an ongoing project – a painfully drawn out and unpleasant project… (and there’s blog candy if you can make it to the end of this post)

There is a great thread on SCS at the moment about purging your stash of paper crafting supplies.  I was hoping to purge a lot of stuff before moving to my new craft room so I wouldn’t be bringing the clutter with me but the room was done in stages (we’re in the final stage now…) and my supplies were brought down in bits and pieces.  As a result, it was more important to tuck things out of the way than it was to have a proper place for everything.

The result is that I’ve hardly purged any of the outdated/unused/unloved items in my stash and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of going through EVERYTHING so my room can be fully functional.

However, today I spent HOURS moving the contents of my old craft room closet to my new closet.  It took lots of trips and some quailty time sitting on the floor going through bags, boxes, bins, etc. (my back will be killing me in the morning!)  I wish I’d tossed more than I did but I’ve made a good first attempt at sorting my craft supplies. (note: I don’t just papercraft – the majority of stuff in my closet is for other crafts)

Here’s a picture:

The top two shelves are for my cross stitching and general crafting, then there are two shelves for paper crafting stuff (kept in photo boxes – two are empty) and another shelf of containers for altering/gift giving.  My chipboard and paper are on the bottom shelf and my coil binding machine and boxes of coils are on the floor of the closet (the purple sewing box to the left is actually the majority of my cross stitching supplies)

I’ve been crafting for about 20 years so I have quite a collection of “stuff”.  I did put a dozen unopened tubes of tulip fabric paint, older stamps, punches, ribbon, etc. in a “Give” pile and will take that to work tomorrow and give it to the children of my most creative co-worker.  There are also stickers, paper, glitter, sequins, my card boss (an expensive toy I HAD to have when I first started making cards) and a lot of odds and ends throw in.  It’s only one bulging shopping bag worth of things though so there is room for improvement.

I’ll quickly share today’s card and then tell you about my blog candy…

I mentioned last week that I got my first Greeting Farm stamps.  One of them is “Ebony” (but we all know it’s Alice from Twilight) and I managed to squeeze in some time colouring her in and creating a card in between the horrible closet project.  This is what I came up with:

I used some paper I bought at M’s last summer (it’s good paper for teen cards but is a bit thinner than I like to work with – I think it’s MAMBI.  I thought the skulls would tie in nicely with Alice’s shirt and I used the pink colour in the paper as the springboard for my colour choices.

Alice’s face is done with Copics.  The hairband and skirt are paper pieced and I glittered the icon on her shirt.  I used my newest Nestie shape to die cut the image and I thought it would be fun to stitch around the edges of the paper.  I think it turned out quite cute!

On to my blog candy…while I am giving away the majority of my purged items to a friend, I did keep a few things to give away on my blog (I’ll be having a giveaway every day that I post this week).  I stuck with things that weren’t too heavy to mail to the winner.  Today’s goodies are a selection of Making Memories ribbon.  I did use a little bit of the purple ribbon but I think everything else is the full length indicated on the packages.

All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment.  It can be about anything (but keep it clean, please!).  Oh, and check back tomorrow because I’ll have another prize.

A Notebook Fit for a Princess

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I dusted off my Rubicoil (coil binding machine) today.  It’s been a while since I made a notebook and I had a request from one of my co-workers who will be taking his young daughter on a road trip over Easter break.  She loves to draw/doodle and he wanted a special notebook made just for her (I made him one last year – guess it was a hit!).  He also specified that it should be purple and pink with flowers.  I have just the patterned paper for the job!

The “client” is pre-school age and the book will probably be full by the time they arrive at their destination so it also needs to be sturdy.  Adding delicate embellishments wouldn’t make sense for this project.  I did, however, take a few extra minutes to add a pencil holder to the front of the notebook and thought I’d share the process with you.

I’ll show you a picture of the finished book first so you can see what I mean when I say I’ve added a pencil holder.  It also means you can stop reading after that point if you are not interested in my mini-tutorial:

As you can see, the pencil holder is a simple ribbon loop.  It’s not difficult to do but it’s important to keep a few things in mind if you want the pencil to stay in place and if you want the user to be able to put the pencil back in the loop when they want to.

Step 1:

Place some Scor-tape (or fairly strong two-sided tape) on the back of a piece of ribbon…I deliberately placed my tape so the blue flowers would be hidden as they didn’t match my notebook pattern very well:

Step 2:

Remove the backing and wrap the ribbon around the pen or pencil you want to use.  Be sure to wrap it relatively tight but leave a little wiggle room so the pencil can slide in and out. (the blue flower in the picture will be hidden eventually):

Step 3:

Using more strong two-sided tape, adhere the ribbon to the edge of the mat you are using for your stamped image.  I placed my ribbon a little higher than the middle of the mat to make sure my pencil wasn’t going to hang over the edge of my notepad when I was finished.  Adhere a second piece of two-sided tape on top of the ribbon to make sure there is a strong bond to the stamped image when you attach it.

Step 4:

Attach the stamped image to the mat.  As you can see in the picture below, the “offensive” blue flower has been covered up and I’m left with a small ribbon loop to hold my glittery pencil.  You can also see that I went “outside the lines” with my watercolouring on Anya’s hair but my little client won’t mind. (I do sometimes go outside the lines when I colour…I don’t worry too much about it as it’s part of the beauty of a handmade item.)

I’m repeating a picture of the finished product just so you don’t have to scroll back to the top…I’ll also share a few project details at the end:

I used K&Co Kazoo patterned paper.  This was a really fun pack that they put out just before Valentine’s Day.  There are lots of great double-sided, kid-friendly patterns in this pack.

The pencil was from Wal-Mart – a left-over from my Valentine Treats.

I used Doodlebug glitter on the crown and wand and the colouring is hybrid – copic markers for the skin tones and SU reinkers for the dress/hair.  I currently use watercolour paper for my images but will have to switch to something more suited to copic markers when I have enough for everyday colouring.

I hope my co-worker’s little princess enjoys her book!

Hoppy Easter!

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Bet I used that blog post title last Easter too…oh well!

Today is more of a house day than a crafting day – so far…

3 of the 6 shelves have been installed in my closet (thanks, R) and the others will be done once we take a break for a late lunch (it’s after 3 pm and we haven’t had lunch yet).  After they’re installed, I will begin the boring and somewhat labour-intensive job of moving all my stuff from my old craft room (upstairs!) down to my new craft room (basement – and opposite corners of the house) and will have to sort through it all before it goes on the shelves (I don’t want to clutter up the shelves with all of my old junk).

I have craft supplies from more than just paper crafts but my paper crafting does take up the bulk of my interest these days so I have to make some decisions on what I can say goodbye to.  It won’t be easy and I’m sure I won’t purge half of what need to go.  Anyway, that should take up the bulk of my evening.

Having said that, I do have a few cards/projects that need to be finished and did get one done so far today (I’m aiming for 2)…It’s just a bit of a revamp of an Easter card I made a couple of weeks ago but I don’t have a lot of Easter stamps (nor do I need a lot) so a repeat is in order:

I love this cute little bunny!  (Whipper Snapper)  I used more K&Co paper and added an oversized embellishment by way of adhering the sentiment to the centre of a large prima flower.  A little sewing was in order (I’m enjoying the sewing but I’m keeping it simple) and I managed to use more retired SU cardstock as the base.  I honestly don’t know the name of the colour – that’s one thing I don’t like about buying the “combo pack” of SU In Colour cardstock – they don’t list the colours.  I’d say it’s from 2 catalogues ago and is probably from the same year as Groovy Guava.

Final touches included glittering the flower and ladybug on the stamped image and covering the “o” in “Hoppy” with a rhinestone.

Back to the task at hand – enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

Another Day, Another Mouse

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Cowabunga, Dude! (I reserve the right to use surfer-dude speak throughout this post)

I needed another “man card” and it had to be a larger 6.5X5″ card so my stamp options became trés limited. (my cards are very plain – it’s all about the stamped image)  I knew the stamp had to be BIG to cover all that scary white space!

Sooooo, the obvious choice was to pick a Whipper Snapper stamp.  Most of them – aside from Anna’s cling mount sets – are quite big.  I am waiting for a sale to buy a new crop of WS stamps and I’ve picked out 3 or 4 great images for man cards but that is the future and we all have to live in the now.

You didn’t come here for a philosophy lesson so, long story short, I am using the surfing mouse image that I used just a short while ago (sue me!  I gotta get me some MILEAGE out of my stamps!)

I have some neglected “The Boyfriend” paper taking up precious stamp room real estate (it’s 12X12″…why do I buy that stuff?) so I ripped a couple of sheets out of the pad and came up with this combination:

I used the same sentiment as last time too ’cause it just plain old works with this stamp.  (or I’m lazy…or both)

Dude is coloured with reinkers and markers (I found the stripes on the surfboard a little tricky last time so I just coloured it with an SU marker – keeping it real, peeps!)  That worked out fine so I coloured his swim trunks with markers too.

I needed a man-bellishment so I trolled through my sad button collection (yo, Papertrey – us sad little Canadians need cheaper shipping so we can spend our money on your awesome buttons) and stacked an olive button and a red button – I’ve done that before  – on top of each other.  I thought it looked good at first but now I’m worried it looks like an olive stuffed with pimento.

The card needed to be kicked up the tiniest notch so I simply punched out 4 circles of ruby red cardstock (with my hole punch!) and glued a circle to each corner.  It’s simple, it’s free (used the scraps from the mat) and it works.  That didn’t quite do it for me so I used my colour spritzer and threw a few splotches of ruby red ink all over the card. (actually, I think I just wanted to play with the spritzer – it’s fun!)

So, there you have it – another man card!  Later, peeps!

Queen For A Day

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Woohoo!  I’ve been waiting for AGES to get my hands on some Greeting Farm stamps and yesterday was finally the day.

My favourite online retailer is now carrying these stamps so I couldn’t resist adding a couple to my last order (okay, I got 4!).  I couldn’t decide which one to ink up first but I did manage to get them all trimmed last night and stamped out images from two of them.

Coincidentally, one of the images is Princess Anya and JUST TODAY I was asked to make a card with a “Queen theme”…how could I not use Anya?

Here’s the end result (note: this is a larger 6.5X5” card – these Greeting Farm stamps are huge!):

My colouring is hybrid – Copic markers on the skin and watercolouring for the hair.  I don’t have many copics and have resisited them for some time but I do struggle with skin tones so decided to get a few for that purpose.  If I get any better at colouring I’ll pick up a few more.

The dress is paper-pieced from the same SU DP I used for the background.  I was supposed to make a pink and purple card but I worked on another project last night that used pink and purple so I wasn’t in the mood to use the same colours again today…I did incorporate pink and purple but there is a nice splash of yellow in there too.

I stitched around the yellow panel on the background (just ’cause I could!) and glitterified (it’s a word!) the crown and sceptre (or scepter for my US readers)  I also coloured some of the purple accents on the dress with a regal rose marker to add more pink to the patterned paper (I did the same thing with the yellow background panel too…it’s a cheap, fast, easy way to customize patterned paper)

I layered two Prima flowers and added a little more glitter to the brad that fastens them to the card.  The sentiment on the front is computer-generated as my “client” wanted a specific sentiment.

I think this one turned out quite cute and I am in LOVE with these GF stamps.  I should hide my wallet ’cause I’m going to need more.

Garden Butterfly

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Sometimes a card does not turn out the way you envisioned.  Today’s card is one of those.  It’s not the worst card I’ve made but I felt like I was on a bit of a roll with my cards lately and this one has broken the streak of awesomeness…(I don’t always feel like I’m doing well with the card designs before you start thinking I’m a card making snob but I have been pleased with my productivity of late)

I think I’m trying too hard to use up retired SU cardstock.  Today I thought I’d use a neutral (River Rock) with some colourful Garden Variety Cosmo Cricket paper and I didn’t quite manage to pull it off:

My camera didn’t even like this card!  If I had my time back I would have chosen yellow or green cardstock and not had the double layer on the image (I added the green layer because the River Rock looked a bit lost on the patterned paper…)  I had to do some emergency glittering to distract from the colour combo fiasco…poor old disco-fied butterfly…

Lesson learned…I’m only going to use retired cardstock when it fits into the plan rather than planning an entire card around it.  I’ve also noticed that very few of my Prima flowers go with anything…I reach for them often but they never seem to fit into the card design…I don’t know how other card makers manage to use a Prima every time!

Off to mail some cards…

Material Girl

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I couldn’t resist today’s post title…not only is that the name of the line of Cosmo Cricket paper I used on this card but with her gihugic bow, this little Whipper Snapper girlie is channeling Madonna for sure!

I don’t believe (and I definitely hope right now!) that my SIL visits my blog so I feel somewhat safe in posting her birthday card before the big day (Monday).  I decided to continue the Whipper Snapper streak to end out my crafting week.  Perhaps some Stamping Bella or Hero Arts are in order for tomorrow.

As mentioned, I used some of the newest Cosmo Cricket paper – it’s lovely but I don’t know if I’d stock up on it.  It’s a little too “themed” so there are lots of veggies in the Garden Variety pack, sewing pattern/scissor type prints in Material Girl, and traffic/vehicle icons in the Joy Ride pack.  I’m still waiting for the day they bring out a great masculine themed paper pack.  I have a couple of the latest ones (The Boyfriend and the aforementioned Joy Ride) but the colours are a bit dull and uninteresting in my opinion.  I love it when they make 6X6 or 8X8 packs of patterned paper.  It’s affordable and there is so much less left over before you move on to the next new thing.  In fact, if it wasn’t for my addiction to K&Co, I don’t know if I’d every buy 1X12 paper packs anymore.

So, enough about the paper, let’s take a peek at V’s card:

I couldn’t use Material Girl paper and not run it through the sewing machine!  I didn’t have a yellow flower that matched the muted colours in the paper so I sucked it up and used what I have.   I also used some old In Colour cardstock…I forget the colour…it’s a salmon-pink colour…what is the name of it?  I think it came out the year that Purely Pomegranate and Wild Wasabi were out…I also keep thinking something about the name reminds me of a Crystal Light flavour but it escapes me at the moment…oh well, it’s retired so I want to use it up. (it was never a colour I liked but it goes great with the CC papers…)

ETA: Groovy Guava????

Off to read a book.  I’m out of inspiration at the moment.  Enjoy your weekend!

Hats Off!

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March seems to be the month for “boy cards” and this week appears to be Whipper Snapper week…

I have to confess this one didn’t turn out quite as I’d pictured in my mind but it will make a good birthday card for my brother…his birthday is this weekend so I’d better hurry up and get this in the mail.  Actually, his wife’s birthday is the very next day so you’ll see that card in the next day or so.

Here’s today’s card:

I used some K&Co paper from a mat stack.  At first blush it might appear that the paper in the stack is not very masculine but the colours are more muted and there are plenty of dots, stripes and “almost solids” to find a combination or two for a “boy card”.

This is really just a revamp of my last card layout – it’s been a tiring week and my imagination is not overflowing with creativity right now.  I do have a couple of cards that have to be made this weekend so I’m hoping the fact that they HAVE to be done will get some ideas pumping out.

I’d like to give a quick shout out to a few new blog readers that have been visiting lately – I really appreciate you taking the time to drop by and leave a comment.  It’s nice to know someone is checking out my stuff.  If you do leave a comment and would like to leave the URL to your own blog (if you have one) I’ll be sure to take a few minutes to check out your creations too!

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