Turtle Love

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I think I’ve snorted a gram of glamour dust in the process of making this card.  It’s a lot lighter than regular glitter and I’ve managed to get it everywhere!

Every time I use glitter I remember seeing a sig line one someone’s SCS profile stating that glitter is the STD of crafting.  They certainly got that right!

I only have a couple of days left before I jet off on vacation with my husband.  We’re meeting up with my brothers and their wives to go on vacation so there won’t be much happening on the old bloggaroo for a little while.

I had hoped to get a few projects done and autopost them like I did when I went on holidays last year but I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t wanted to spend a lot of time on cards lately.  I hope you won’t forget about me while I’m gone!

In the meantime, I do still have a project or two to share…here is today’s card:

Some quick details:

I used some K&Co Carolyn Gavin paper – it was from last year but her stuff is the bomb and I never get tired of looking at it.  The heart panel is the other side of the floral paper.  Double sided paper is awesome for matching patterns.

The image is the first digi stamp I’ve ever used.  I just searched for freebies on the internet and found this.  I want to say it’s whimsie doodles but I could be wrong.  I wanted to see if the ink in my printer was compatible with copic markers – it is.  I only have about a dozen markers at the moment so I chose an image that would work with the few colours I have.  Colouring with copics is very new to me and right now I’m not very good.  My understanding is that there is a learning curve so I haven’t given up hope yet and I really like the vibrant colours.

I quickly stitched around the heart panel, glittered up the turtle, rose and around the sentiment and triple-stacked some prima flowers for an embellishment.  I added a little glitter to the top flower (as is my habit of late) and also glittered the centre of the brad (the glue is not quite dry in the picture).  I stuck a Maya road heart pin through the back of the brad and glued an earring back to the bottom of the pin. (I have yet to find an affordable source for clutches so I’m using earring backs – not quite as pretty but it’s just a card, people!)

I saw a cute trick either on SCS or someone’s blog (sorry, bad memory!) about flipping over the top prima flower to get a little extra dimension.  It really works great!  You’ll see this from my quite a bit in the future.

That’s about it for details.  Enjoy your day!

On The Hedge

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Whew, I do feel on the edge today!  It’s so busy at work and I have a zillion things to do before I go – including 2 more cards that need to be made.  I might not make it but I do have a small stash of cards to dip into if I must. (I prefer to make them for the individual but sometimes that’s not practical)

I didn’t choose paper before colouring this little guy (and I’m not that pleased with the colouring but I was in a bit of a rush) so I was limited on “matching” choices when it was time to turn the image into a card.  The blue I used as the “sky” became the inspiration to whip out some Basic Grey Marrakesh (is that spelled correctly?) paper that I’ve only used once or twice. (bad Kelly)

My picture isn’t that great either – gotta work on fitting the new lamp into my picture taking process – but there’s not time to make this the perfect Kodak moment.

My image was coloured with pencils and OMS again – they’re sitting on my worktop so I’m using them.  This is a good thing.  I’m trying to pare down some of my supplies so if I don’t use it I should let it go – no way am I getting rid of the pencils I HAD to have a couple of years ago.  Just like my SU markers and reinkers – these puppies are staying with me forever – or until I run out of ink.

I added a little glitter to the centre prima flower just for a little bling and I inked the edges of my paper and my flowers to add a little distressing to the card.

Gotta go come up with another idea for the next card…oh, and all blog candy has officially been mailed so keep an eye out if you won something last week.

No Card Tonight

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I’m preparing to go on a little holiday so I’ve been a busy bee – just not in the card-making department.  With luck, I’ll get a little time to make a card tomorrow – I need a birthday card and an anniversary card before the end of the week.

I also had a couple of questions about my last card…

I was asked what colouring medium I used on my last card – I used Prismacolour pencils and Odourless Mineral Spirits (OMS).  I use the Mona Lisa brand that can be purchased at Michael’s.  It doesn’t say odourless mineral spirits on the bottle.  It’s called Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner but if you look at the ingredients it does state mineral spirits.  It’s an 8 oz bottle and I’ve had it for over 3 years.  I use a double-walled plastic container (also purchased from M’s) with some of those round cosmetic pads in the bottom of the jar.  I just pour enough OMS on the pads to soak them (but not have extra liquid in the container) and dip my blending stump in the pads.  The container is air tight so the OMS does not evaporate.  I just add a little more OMS every 6 months or so as needed.

I used to use this technique all the time but got into the watercolouring in a big way and the pencils were neglected.  I imagine if I ever get more Copics I’ll ignore all the dye inks I got for Christmas!

I was also asked if I use a tripod – I don’t.  I use a homemade “lightbox” made from a piece of white foamboard (found the idea on SCS).  My previous camera just wasn’t intended for taking pictures of cards – it was a tiny little sony cybershot DSC-U30 – and now I have a Lumix (Panasonic) – it’s just a point and shoot camera but it does a better job than my old cybershot.  I blame the previous bad pictures on my old camera but the current ones I blame on me…I’m sure I will be able to rock this camera some day!

Gotta dash – hope to be back tomorrow!

Another Card for Moms

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Please let this week be better than last (actually, I know it will be…)

I’m hoping the picture in this post is a bit better quality than usual.  The new camera I got for Christmas makes a difference but there is still an issue of light. (I make cards in the evening as I work all day so there’s no natural light, my studio is in the basement and even if I was making cards upstairs and during the day I don’t live in a place known for an abundance of sun)  I was at Costco on Thursday during my lunch break and scored a new Ott Lite (that’s how it’s spelled – I’m not spelling it “American”…). 

I’ve already got one Ott light – I got it at Sears about two years ago – but you really need two to chase the shadows away when taking a picture of a card.  The one I got at Costco is perfect and I bet a lot of Canadian card makers will be snapping them up.  It’s white, it’s got a 360 degree rotation, it has a telescopic head and it was under $20 Canadian – sweet deal!

Anyway, you be the judge if the second light helps with my card pics:

I used some SU DP from last year (I dont’ buy their DP – it’s too expensive.  The green stuff was a gift and the yellow stuff was free during SAB last year) and paired it with a Penny Black stamp from a set I have.

I used my Prismacolour pencils and OMS to colour the image and added a touch of Doodlebug glitter to the rose.  I didn’t want to obliterate my shading so I just added some glitter here and there.

I machine stitched around the border of the PP and covered the join in the paper with some SU ribbon that was also free during SAB.

I was hoping to score a particular Stampavie image for my Mother’s Day cards this year but it was sold out at 7Kids.  I don’t really do floral so my Mother’s Day choices are as lame as my wedding image choices (though I did buy a new wedding image late last year to prepare for this year’s wedding season – haven’t needed it yet but the time will come)

If you happen to be looking for the Ott Lite – it looks like this:

It’s a steal at less than $20.  (I see that it comes in other colours on the website but the ones at Costco are white – which is fine by me).  The Ottlite website states its ON SALE for $45.99 and I got it for less than half that!  I almost bought 2 but it was a want not a need so I showed some restraint.

Back to the grind tomorrow! (for a few days – but that’s a post for another day!)

Giveaway update

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Soooooo sorry – this has been the week from hell at work and I didn’t even darken the doorway of my craft room.  I also didn’t get to mail out the prizes but I’ll be doing that tomorrow. (again, apologies…it’s been a rough, rough week)

UPDATE – Some confusion regarding my last blog candy (the cuttlebug dies)  I haven’t heard back from Christiana about the dies – I will give her until Sunday night to respond.   I’m having a rough week and actually forgot that I drew for the dies already – I was scrolling through my email to get all the addresses for mail out and saw there wasn’t one for the dies.  Sweet Melanie pointed out that I already did the draw…so, Christiana is the correct winner but I’ll be sending something out to Melanie as well and if I don’t hear back from Christiana by tomorrow night Melanie gets the dies as well…

The winner of the cuttlebug dies is Melanie Mallek !!!  I’m extra pleased that Melanie won a draw as she has left lots of nice comments!

Melanie…I’ve sent you an email asking for your snail mail address.

I’m hoping to spend some time creating tomorrow so the blog will be updated soon!


Hedgehog Mom Style

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Scroll down for the card babbling and stuff…

I haven’t finished painting for the weekend – one coat to go – but wanted to quickly post that comment number 4 (Christiana) is the winner of the Cuttlebug Dies.  Christiana – I’ll be sending you a message requesting your snail mail so I can get those dies in the mail ASAP.

I hope to be back with a card later.  I coloured some images yesterday afternoon but haven’t turned them into a card yet…

Yay!  Back with a card.  Sadly, I still have to get that coat of paint done and I’m losing daylight but I was totally zonked and needed a break.  I’m a bit tired to feel inspired today but I’ve got my first Mother’s Day design in place and managed to crank out a couple of cards (same design so I’m just sharing one!)

I’ve been trying to take my pictures on a bit of an angle so you can see the details a little better.  I’m not sure if that’s really working out…

This card is probably a bit of an odd colour combo for Mother’s Day.  I must try to make a more pastel option next time I work on Mom’s Day.

I used some Cosmo Cricket paper and a Penny Black stamp.  The stamp is fairly tiny so I felt the need to double mat the image.  I zig zag stitched around the edges of the PP (I’ll be doing straight stitching in the future – at least until my skill level develops) and distressed the layers of the stamped image.

My colouring method this time around was OMS and prisma colouring pencils.  Haven’t done that in a little while so I thought I’d give my pencils some love.

You can’t see it in the picture but there is some Sakura Stardust glitter on the flowers.

I also made a ribbellishment from some Old Olive grosgrain ribbon and a button.  I felt the card needed a little something else so I made some custom dew drops (they’re still wet in the picture but when they dry they’ll match the CS exactly (I use a hole punch to make the circles and glue a dew drop on top of that.  No need to own a kazillion packages of dew drops.)

I have to go…gotta gear up for the last coat of paint.  Urk!

Just Because (and a giveaway!)

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Before I get started, yesterday’s winner was comment number 3 – Teresa  sorry, Terri!  Terri, I’ll be sending you an email a bit later (getting a late start in the craft room today).

I want to quickly chat about my Pixie sewing machine for a moment…

I had stated previously on this blog (and a couple of times on SCS) that the zigzag stitch on the Pixie is the wrong scale for cards but I tried it out again today and I don’t think it’s really that off for cardmaking.  I think the problem was that I was just shooting paper through the machine for testing purposes and maybe I fed the paper a little too quickly and that caused the zigzags to be stretched out a bit.

Anyway, I made a card with the zigzag stitch today and I think it looks okay (the stitching, I mean).  Have a look:

This is another one of those cards that I’m not 100% sure I like.  I managed to mix paper from 3 different lines on this card (though two are Cosmo Cricket and the colours are not that far off so I don’t know if that counts!).  I was trying to use up some of the paper scraps on my desk (the ones that are two big to throw away – I don’t keep every little scrap) and this is the layout I came up with.  I’ve seen a few CAS (clean and simple) cards on SCS that use a few narrow strips of paper (but no background paper) and thought it was a great way to use up some bits and pieces that are too pretty for the trash.  I tried to make the card with no background paper but I just couldn’t do it. (besides, if I stop using PP on my cards what will I do with the bajillions of sheets of paper in my stash?  it’s got to be used!)

I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow.  Because today is a holiday and Sunday is a holiday I have to get all my errands done tomorrow and I know it’s going to be crazy in the stores.  I also have a date with a paintbrush so there won’t be much craft time tomorrow!

Before I go, here’s the last blog candy of the week (I totally stole this image from a retail website):

Just like the picture, the one up for grabs is brand new in package, never used…I’ve used these dies in my cuttlebug to cut felt and they do work.  I put a sheet of printer paper between the felt and the plate – it completes the cut and prevents fuzziness on the edges of the shape you are cutting.  Of course, you can use the dies with paper and cardstock too!

To have a chance at winning these dies all you have to do is leave a comment.  Any comment at all.  I’ll draw a name the next time I blog (probably Sunday).

Good luck!

Quick Easter Treats (and another giveaway!)

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UPDATE: Melly Mac won yesterday’s blog candy…I’ll put it in with the other items you won. (everything will be mailed on Saturday)

No banner today (but I’ll be back to post the winner of yesterdays’ blog candy) because I’m in a bit of a rush but I do have something really quick to share…

I whipped up 22 of these in about an hour last night. (so excuse the colouring…it wasn’t a precision job):

I have so many co-workers that my little seasonal treats have to be budget friendly.  I just bought some foil-wrapped bunnies and kicked the packaging up a notch really…it would have been sad to just place a little bunny on someone’s desk “as is”.  Plus, if you saw the paperwork a typical desk in my department holds you’d know that the bunny would not be found for some time!

When making these mass-produced co-worker treats I often use a cheaper cardstock than I would for my cards so colour coordination is out the window.  The cardstock I used today (last night) is from a package I bought at Costco about 3 years ago and I think it worked out to 6 or 7 cents per sheet.  I also use this paper when I’m doing an dry run on a template if I’ve never used it before.  I find that the first time I try a template or a tutorial I usually misunderstand a step so ruining a sheet or two of this paper doesn’t bother me at all.

Another bonus to using my cheap cardstock is that it doesn’t bother me at all when my co-workers throw the packaging in the garbage after they’ve harvested whatever treat comes with it (though some of the people I work with still have things on their desks that I gave them YEARS ago – which is quite sweet)

Total cost for today’s project – $6.00 (and there is some chocolate left over which I will distribute to some people in other departments that I enjoy chatting with when time allows).

On to today’s giveaway:

Some vellum quotes and some fasteners…great for scrapbooking (which begs the question “Why did I buy this?” – I’ve never scrapbooked!)

Again, just leave a comment.  That’s all I ask.  You don’t need to tell me your favourite colour or technique or how much Easter Candy you’re going to buy…just leave a comment and into the draw you go.  I think each day averaged 3 comments so you might have a 33.3% chance of winning – or greater!  You CAN win twice, you can live in Norway or down the street or at the North Pole…if it’s possible to mail it to you, you’re eligible for the prize.

My final blog candy will be something that cardmakers and scrapbookers will enjoy so make sure you check back…

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