The Excitement Continues…

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Just for the sake of blogging…

I made another batch of cards tonight – now I’m finished! (whew…thought I’d be doing this over the weekend but I’m glad I have it finished for tomorrow)

…and the close up…

Thanks to those of you who left comments about Sherry.  I didn’t mention that she was only 41 years old…so very, very sad. 

That’s it for the cups.  I’ll be back tomorrow to share my PaperWorks project and it’s going to be a warm weekend so some time in my nice cool basement craft room sounds good…

Many, many thanks

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Hey everyone.  I’m around – I just haven’t been particularly crafty this week.  An old friend of mine died yesterday (she had a stroke on June 3oth and we’ve known since then that she might pass away – it’s been a sad time) and she’s been the focus of my thoughts since she had the stroke.  Rest in Peace, Sherry.  You were a beautiful soul on earth.

(wipes tear…)

Whew, now that I’ve shared that, I do have a project that I started working on today.  It’s work-related and I volunteered to do it and it’s also a great way to reduce the scraps in my stash.  I’m making a fairly large batch of 3X3″ thank you cards and got 16 of them done today…here’s a peek:

There were too many to take a picture from my usual vantage point…I don’t know if I’ll be taking a picture of all of them when they are done as I need the space to work so I probably can’t be bothered to set this batch out again…

Here’s a little close up as the picture above probably doesn’t give much detail:

I needed to be able to crank them out quickly so I stuck with coffee cup and tea cup images that fit on a 2X2″ square…they’re really fun to make and I’m happy to reduce my scrap pile!

Take it easy!

Baby Roo

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What a busy weekend!  We never stopped.  Today was my first time even turning on the computer in my craft room.  On the bright side, the front steps/landing hav a fresh application of stain on them and the front of the house no longer looks like a war zone.  Now I just need to pick up some annuals to put in the planters (the weather in NL has been GROSS!  This weekend was the first real taste of summer so far.)

Of course, you’re here to check out a card or paper craft of some sort so lets move on to that (and I’m seriously thinking about a nap after that).

I made a baby card today – not for any particular reason…it’s just been a while and I had an image I haven’t shared yet so here you go:

Not a very “me” card (with the purple and pink) but it’s definitely baby shower worthy…

I didn’t use a sentiment of any sort on the front…I thought it would clutter up the card too much.  I also didn’t put my image on dimensionals (I almost always do) because the bow and button are a bit bulky and I wanted them to be able to fit inside an envelope.  I just need to print out a verse for the inside and this one’s done!

Enjoy the rest of your day.


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Before I start yammering on about my card, please note that I do explain how to make the wrinkle ribbon I featured yesterday at the end of this post.

The hardest part about being on a design team (so far) is having to wait to put your projects on your own personal blog.

This month I’m using the PaperCard Kit for July to make all the creations I’m sharing on the blog.  You never know what colours/paper line you’ll be working with but I was lucky to get Cosmo Cricket Garden Variety this month (I love CC papers and the colours in this kit are the kind I like to work with) so I don’t think I’ll have too much trouble.

I made this little number for my post on PaperWorks Co blog today:

I knew I wanted to use Zoe The Swimmer as my stamp and there are several patterns in the kit that are not specific to garden stuff (well, they might have flowers but they’re not obviously referencing gardening) so I just picked the cute yellow paper (it’s called Sunshine) as I wanted to colour Zoe’s fins (or flippers if you prefer) yellow.

I also made the huge embellishment behind Zoe – It was quick and easy – I just cut two circles out of my nestabilities dies (I placed the smaller die in the middle on each cut so I wouldn’t have to run the circle through the machine an extra time), snipped some red sections from one and glued them to the white circle and then set some eyelets and threadede them with crochet thread.  It only took a couple of minutes to make.

I started working on the actual layout at that point and realized I didn’t want to cover any more of my awesome (thank you…) life saver with a sentiment so I just stamped it all around the edges of another layer of cardstock.  I think it turned out quite cute!

Wrinkle Ribbon:

I had a request to share how I made my wrinkle ribbon featured on yesterday’s post. (thanks for asking!)

I certainly didn’t come up with the idea of making wrinkle ribbon and I made mine based on three different tutorials I saw and simply adapted them as inexpensively as I could.

What I did:

I ordered some Hug Snug from New York  and was really impressed with the service.  I ordered it on the 14th of June and received it  on the 22nd.  It shipped the same day I ordered it – things just take extra time to get to me due to living on the island of Newfoundland. (it’s a fair trade though!  I love living here)  Including shipping I paid about $14 CAD for 100 yards of seam binding.

I cut a 3-yard section of seam binding and sprayed it with water to moisten it and wrinkle it up a bit (I just put the binding in a plastic container to keep the dye from messing up my room.)  To make each colour, I used three different dye concoctions.  I half-filled 3 mini misters with water and put 4 drops of SU ink in each one (for the yellow I used barely banana, so saffron and more mustard)  I sprayed barely banana pretty much over all of one piece of binding and then I randomly sprayed so saffron here and there on the same piece.  I finished up by randomly spraying more mustard on the ribbon.  I then balled up the ribbon and gave it a quick squeeze with a paper towel and dried it using my heat gun (be careful – it didn’t happen to me but rayon does melt)  I was sure to keep scrunching the binding while I dried it and I stopped before it was completely dry.  I then balled it up and set it aside for an hour or so to make sure some crinkle remained.

 For the green I used green galore, certainly celery and garden green.

For the red I used rose red, ruby red and riding hood red.

If you don’t feel like checking out yesterday’s post, here’s a picture of my ribbon:

I think if I used Ranger distress inks the variations of colour would be more noticable.  The SU inks probably run into each other too much to keep individual shades.  I didn’t care – SU ink is what I’ve got on hand.  I didn’t run out and buy special ink.

You could add some perfect pearls to the mix if you wanted to make the ribbon shimmery…I’m happy with what I’ve got.

I WILL be making something tomorrow…just don’t know what yet!

Wrinkles! The Good Kind!

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While I’m sure some people did something meaningful and celebratory for Canada Day, DH and I had a quiet day at home.  The most productive thing I did was laundry (oh, and I made a batch of blueberry scones for breakfast)

I did spend some time in my craft room today – not as much as I thought but I did work on three different projects (one can’t be shared at the moment, unfortunately – the hardest part of being on a design team).

The first project is the subject of todays blog post title.  I made three batches of wrinkle ribbon.  One soft yellow, one soft green and one rose-red.  I have red fingertips which I hope will be faded by the time I go to work tomorrow.  It was hard to get a picture showing the true colour but this is relatively close:

I then worked on the un-shareable project for a little while, had some lunch, read for a few hours, did laundry, read for another little while, had supper, spent an hour with DH, read some more (almost done) and then decided I didn’t want to let the day end without making a card so I whipped up this little number which was inspired by the ribbon I made:

All in all, a very decent day off!  I’m going to grab a shower and read for a little while before bed – I hope everyone had as enjoyable a Canada Day as I did.

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