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Tonight was VERY productive.  I finished off 4 sets of notepads/pens and even managed to make tags and get them all packaged up and ready for “whatever”.  I don’t know if I’ll save them for gifts or sell them.  Tough call.  On the one hand I could use the spare cash as I have to make some budget adjustments (more on that later…still finalizing a few things) and on the other I’m visiting one of our branches at work in a couple of weeks and want to make something for my peeps on the mainland – in fact, that’s what these were orginally designed for.

I made 4 different notepads using the same stamp (well, part of a stamp – I cut it in two separate pieces to get more use out of it) and assorted papers/colours.  They’re fairly easy to mass produce as long as you do one stage at a time – for example, when I did the stitching I just ran a piece of pre-cut cardstock through my sewing machine, pulled a little extra thread and did the next piece without cutting the thread – I just kept going until I had all 4 done and I snipped the threads afterwards…it does save time.

Wanna see?

Once I finished the pads and pens I made some matching tags and packaged ’em up in cello bags with a little hand-dyed wrinkle ribbon.

I actually made these over 3 days.  On day 1 I cut the pieces of cardstock and paper, scored the cardstock, sewed the CS strips and adhered it all together.  On night 2 I stamped and coloured my images, stamped the flower pot again on patterned paper, cut out the patterned paper and glued it to the image.  I still had an ounce of energy so I beaded the pens that night too.  Tonight (day 3 if you’re still counting) I die cut the images and mats, made the tags and packaged everything up. 

I need to get to the store for more notepads.  I am trying to live without the long skinny notepads I usually make (the Michelle Wooderson style ones) but I can’t decide if these are just as cute.  They use a little more patterned paper but aren’t quite as fiddly to work with.  They’re also wider so I can use a lot more stamps with these than I can with the skinny notepads…decisions, decisions.

friends forever

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Sometimes it’s hard to choose between your hobbies and all of life’s other little offerings.  Hobbies usually win but lately my husband and I have been working on a few other things and both of us are neglecting our studios (mine is a craft studio obviously – his is a music studio). 

I don’t like to share too many “personal” things on my blog firstly because this is a blog about making paper crafts and secondly as a basic security issue.  However, once the things we have been working on are finalized you can bet I will be sharing (two things – one is for both of us and one is just for me) as they are both quite exciting! (but not related to cardmaking)

The point is that most of our energies are focused elsewhere these days but things will settle down.  I’m still creating 2-3 projects a week – I just don’t get a chance to blog about them.

I am sharing a card today though:

Don’t you just love it?  Yummy Cosmo Cricket paper (DeLovely) and a Whipper Snapper stamp (I hope you don’t get sick of seeing this guy…it’s one of my favourites – so fun to colour).

I also threw in some flat backed pearls (Recollections at M’s…watch for them to go on sale and grab a couple of packs so you won’t feel a ridiculous need to hoard) and a little piece of SU ribbon.   A subtle zigzag stitch substitutes for the need to put something over the paper join. 

Of course, whenever I make a card like this I realize how little bright paper I have in my enormous stash of patterned paper.  I do have some new stuff on the way and I hope it gets here soon!

Enjoy the rest of your day…I think I’ll try to make some notepads and pens for gifts.

Can Dinosaurs Paint?

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According to a stamp set I picked up in England last year they can…wanna see?

I’ve been so busy the last few days and NEEDED to get this done for tomorrow but had an appointment last night and got my hair cut and coloured tonight.  I did manage to finish this up in time but wish I had more time to properly blog.

I’ve got a couple of cards waiting their turn to be in the spotlight and I’m hoping to get then on the site this weekend.

I also hope to get my room tidied up (it’s been worse but it’s not picture-worthy) so I can show you the guest chairs DH slapped put together for me last night between working on the fence and our appointment.  I was going to assemble them but when I opened the box and found out that it was more like a 3-D puzzle of a chair (times 2) I bailed.

So if Karen G and Melanie M are reading this, you’ve got your own rolling chairs now (though they are small of scale – which wouldn’t work for me because I am large of butt) which are a step up from those student chairs you see at Staples.  We all just need to figure out when we can get together for a little crafting session.   Soon, I hope!

I will really, really try to post something again tomorrow.  For now, I’m thinking about going to bed early (ish – it’s already 10 pm) and reading for a little while.

New Address…

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No, not MY new address…

My cousin and her partner recently purchased a house and moved in last week.  I made a housewarming gift for them consisting of 4 crocheted dishcloths (well, I love them and I’m hoping that her and J will love them too) and a set of 12 new address cards – 4 for S, 4 for J, and 4 for “them”.

I blurred out the address but I’m sure you can still get the feel of the cards:

The packaging for the clothes matches the cards but I still don’t have the tag finished so there’s no picture of that today.

It took hours and hours to make these – I zigzag stitched all 12 cards and it took a while to do the 12 die-cut houses too (because I was using scraps left from making the cards so I’d make a house, unload the cricut, peel off the paper, make another house, unload the cricut…you get the idea.  Plus the roof/door piece is made separately so that’s 24 load/unloads with the cricut.  Boring!)

Here’s a close up of the die cut:

I used some of the colours from the interior of their home (though the yellow wasn’t one of the colours) – the cloths are the same colour as their kitchen if I remember the paint chips I saw correctly.  I still haven’t seen the house but at least I’ll be prepared when the invitation comes!

Do The Hokey Pokey

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I’m finally getting a chance to sit down long enough to blog a project or two…except the washer just stopped so I’ve got to run up and hang the clothes on the line but I’ll be back in about 10…

…here I am!  It’s actually been over 3 hours since I started this post…I got distracted by some housework, a visit from my brother and SIL to say goodbye (their flight left this afternoon) and the need to make DH something to eat as he’s been working hard in the garden digging more holes to complete our fence.

So, back to the card which is not remotely a Halloween card but might inspire you to start those Halloween projects due to the colour choices.  I coloured this little girl a couple of weeks ago and only got to turn her into a card this past week.

She’s so cute.  I {heart} Whipper Snapper stamps.

I used Basic Grey papers that matched the pre-coloured image and finally got to use a piece of cardstock from the package of Gable Green I bought before it retired (I thought I’d give it a try but I don’t really like it now that I see it in person…I generally avoid the “brights” family)

Here’s a close up of some of the details on the image – I used some tiny, tiny flat-backed pearls for a little added interest – check out her dress and her shoes:

Off to work on a DT project – enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Wedding Wishes

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Another quick post tonight! 

I whipped this up last night using a new Elzybells stamp I bought from their closing out clearance.   I managed to snag a few stamps but two of the cuter ones were sold out by the time my order was processed…I did manage to add two new stamps to my sad wedding image collection…

I watercoloured my image and I can’t say that I’m 100% happy with it but it’s my first crack at this stamp so I’ll just keep trying.  Colour choices were dictated by the October Afternoon paper.  Lots of distress ink and some sewing too.

Before I go, I just want to share a card that Melanie M sent me using the image from my last round of “Happy Mail”.  She did a great job colouring the image – really great shading:

Pretty cute, hey?

I’ll drop back tomorrow – I still have a couple of projects to share and I have no social obligations so far this weekend (well, except for breakfast with my bro, SIL, DH, and ‘rents but after that I’m free) so I’m hoping to get a few more cards cranked out.

It’s Been a Slice

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Just a quick post to show you a card I made as a goodbye card for our summer student at work.  Last week was the end of his work term and I had to whip up a quick card the night before so I CASEd a concept I saw on SCS…

I used some K&Co paper I got for a steal at M’s last week ($1.49?) because it had fruit slices in the background and I made the watermelon slice from nestabilities.  The seeds were Recollections half-back pearls that were also really reasonably priced at M’s last week (I think they were $1.79 – that’s the Canadian price).

I did some heavy DTP on the edges of the paper and I love the way it turned out (I was in a rush so there was no “overthinking the ink”)

The cardstock is garden green and groovy guava (I think – it’s an old in colour sheet…I really am trying to use these up but there’s just so much!)

Gotta jet…but I’ll be back tomorrow with a wedding card.

Piles of Fun

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ETA: I don’t sell at craft fairs…yet.  I sold these at work.  All 8 are gone.   Also, the BBQ went really well yesterday.  It was soooo much work but the house and garden (yard) looked great IMO and everyone had a good time.  It was so nice to see my brother and SIL – that’s twice in one year.  I usually only see them about every 2 years.  Now that the BBQ is over I’m hoping to get a little crafting time in.

Apologies in advance for the bad pictures today…no time…

I made 8 sets of beaded pens and notepads in hopes of selling them.  I’ll let you know how I do.

Here’s a quick shot of the lot before they got packaged up for sale:

And here’s what a typical package looks like (ribbons are changed out depending on the paper on the notepads):

On a sad note, Staples has ridiculously upped the cost of having something cut in the store.  It’s 500% more than it used to be for me to get a package of notepads cut.  Utterly insane!  I used to pay a dollar and now it’s a $2 admin fee plus $3 per cut.  That increases the cost of a package of notepads by 50%.  I need to find a cheaper way to do this to keep my notepads at a reasonable price point.  I wonder if there’s anywhere else in my little city that I can get this done?  Ruined my whole evening!

Gearing Up

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Well, thank goodness for my DT projects because that was the only reason I was “allowed” to do any crafting this week.  Just a few more days until the party and I can go back to my usual routine.  On the plus side, our yard (to call it a garden would imply that flowers are present) is looking quite decent and I know it’s going to be a fun day.  The weather is supposed to be nice on Sunday too so that’s a plus!

Today I’ve got a card plus a little gift ensemble suitable for a young man (okay, a boy) to share with you.  First the card:

Some quick details – I used MME L’il Robots paper and Alfy from the Tinheart Family line of stamps at PWCO.  A little stitching, a mat, and a ribbon/button embellishment and I’m good to go.

I forgot to mention on the PWCO blog a little tip that I’ll share with you today.  I wanted red accents on my robot due to my limited copic collection (just ordered 3 yellow and 1 green) so I coloured the orange dots on the PP with a red copic to tone down the colour I didn’t want and accent the one I did want. (you’ll be able to see the orange dots in a minute…)  It’s a quick way to customize your paper to the colours you want to use.  I’m always amazed that I have a zillion sheets of paper but never seem to have the right shade of green or yellow, etc. that I am looking for.

Let’s move on to the gift ensemble:

A quick 2-4-6-8 box, an altered puzzle, a handmade notebook and a gel pen – a perfect gift that costs well under $5 to make.   Here’s a slightly closer shot of the contents of the gift box:

I hope you like it.  I’ve got something else cooked up to show you but probably won’t get the pictures edited and the post written until the weekend.  Oh, I almost forgot – I took a picture of the inside (I don’t normally bother as I finish all my cards the same way):

See ya later!

Quick Update

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ETA:  How cool!  I was “soup-spotted” on the Jillybean Soup blog today!

Hi guys…I’ve been so busy I haven’t had any time to update my blog (blog post coming tomorrow though!) DH and I are still working on all the things we need to finish before we host a big family do this weekend.  That means my evenings (and last weekend) are spent assisting with building a fence, doing some landscaping and repairing our patio.   I haven’t even begun cleaning the house or shopping for the food for Sunday.  Eeekkk!!

The Happy Mail only went out today (but it did go out – sorry for the delay).  As I’d already pre-packaged the papers/stamped image I couldn’t handwrite the addresses on the envelopes so I took a few minutes last night to print out labels so I can get your goodies out to you.  I only had 7 replies on the happy mail post so I sent the 8th envelope to someone who has commented on my blog from time to time.  Hope she enjoys it after she finishes scratching her head on why she got the stuff in the mail!

I should be back on schedule after Sunday.

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