A Bee-Day Card

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After tidying my room yesterday (and boring you with my blog post) it was time to get to work on a few birthday cards.  These cards need to be mailed to the UK so I had to keep it simple with my design. (i.e. no buttons, no ribbon, no bulky embellishments of any description)

Today’s card is for my MIL.  I used my cute new Whipper Snapper set – Bee-Lieve in a Cure.  I actually used the same image that was on my baby card from a couple of days ago but the end result is a totally different look because of the strong colours I used on the card:

When I think of my MIL, I think earthy, natural tones.  She loves gardens and colours like cream and brown.  My card doesn’t have those colours really but I think the strong tones in the card give it an earthy but funky feel.  The flower on the stamped image matches the plum cardstock in real life.   I don’t know why cameras do that sometimes but I’ve seen it on blogs with better photographers than me so I don’t feel too bad.

No sewing on this card but I did wrap some twine around the bottom strip of cardstock to give it a little something-something.  It’s going in the mail tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, check back for another simple card that’s going to the UK…my FIL has a birthday the same month as my MIL.

A Card, A Craft, and a Tour!

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warning – long post…

Sadly, it’s time to move on to Christmas season. (I did make my co-worker Halloween treats but they weren’t blogworthy so I’m not sharing this time around)  I’m not really ready to stop playing with my Halloween stuff but there’s no reason to keep creating ghost and goblin themed paper crafts at the moment and Christmas will be here before you know it.

Combine that with the awesome tour Anna Wight gave of her craft room yesterday and you get enough inspiration to put away the Halloween goodies, tidy up the craft room and put out the Christmas Inspiration Station.

Before I did all that though, I did make a card (using Mercy’s Tuesday Sketch) and an ornament (using SCS Try a New Technique Challenge)  Here’s the result:

I think the ornament turned out quite well and that this layout will be another of my go-to Christmas card layouts this year.  The ornaments are a bit on the small side if you’re thinking Christmas tree but I’m sure you could up-size then no problem if you can find long enough pins.  My pins were 2 inches long but I think I’d like to find 3 inch pins so I can add more beads to the bottom of the ornament.

The stamp is RAM Magical Christmas from PaperWorks Co and the paper is MME Colorful Christmas – which you’ve seen a few times lately.  I love it.   (it’s “retired” I believe but you might score some on the Net…PWCO is sold out)

Let’s move on to that tour.  A few disclaimers first:

1.  I took these pictures quickly.  They are NOT awesome but will show you the layout of my room.

2.  The room does NOT always look like this.  The surfaces (except the floor – that’s the only thing that’s changed since I moved to a bigger room) are usually covered in paper, cardstock and other crafty items.  However, it only takes about 15 minutes to tidy up if I want to as everything has a place. (today took longer because I was swapping out Halloween for Christmas).  I like my house to be tidy but I am a messy worker both at my place of employment and in my craft room.  I think it’s because of my short attention span.

3.  Nothing is staged.  Except for the fact that the stuff in my room is not covered in patterned paper and cardstock, this is where everything lives all the time – including the broom you might see in the background.  I spill zillions of tiny things on the floor every day (glitter, paper scraps, abandoned bits of tape) and there’s no point in putting the broom in the closet so out it stays.

Picture 1:

The green is off in this picture – it is not so yellow in real life (Asparagus by Behr).  You can see that there is a strip of wood that needs painting under the counter – this counter was put in at the beginning of the Summer and I’ll paint the wood the next time I have to paint something else white (which will be soon because Jack ate our french door the first week he arrived).  Pretend it’s white.  My room is in the basement so there’s not much natural light.  The chairs at the counter are for guest crafters…if Karen or Melanie Mac are reading…you know you’re invited.

Picture 2:

This is taken from the other side as I couldn’t get the whole room in one shot.  Here you can see my computer area to the far right (I’m there right now) and my sewing machine on the little shelving unit to the side of the big counter.  I actually crouch over the machine and sew.  I used to move the machine in front of my computer monitor which is a little more comfy but I don’t like moving it back and forth.

Picture 3:

The colours in this picture are a little more accurate.   Here you can see that the “working” side of the counter has JetMax cubes filled with crafty stuff.   There’s a closer look coming up next.

Picture 4:

Here’s a better idea of what’s contained under the counter.  You can also see the neglected elliptical and the wall of closets in the background.  I do all my cutting and scoring at this counter and this is where the majority of the paper and cardstock piles up when I’m working.  The shelves directly under the Cuttlebug hold my plates and all my Nesties (nesties are in one brown box and my other dies (except alphabets) are in the other).  The magazine holder to the left of the nesties etc. holds all my clear stamp sets.  I used to keep them in a drawer but it’s easier to flip through them when they’re upright.  Most of my single stamps are still kept in a drawer.  To the left of the clear stamps is all my 12X12 cardstock plus rarely used paper like vellum, photo paper, watercolour paper etc.  I also keep anything that is packaged “in a cool tin” in this area.

Picture 5:

This is the other side of the counter.  In addition to my Tonic trimmer (a birthday gift from my parents last year) I have my inspiration station.  This is where I keep seasonal papers and embellishments.  I also have seasonal ribbon which is stored in a photobox and kept on the floor just to the right of the radiator you can see in the picture.  Seasonal stamps are kept in a wooden tray on the top right-hand shelf right under the inspiration station.  I just pull the tray out when I want to select a stamp and then put the rest of the stamps back on the shelf (in theory) so they are out of the way while I’m creating.  Larger Christmas stamps and sets are kept in a second photo box on the floor nex to the ribbon.  Christmas is the only occasion that I need to keep the boxes on the floor for.  Valentine’s and Halloween easily fit in my seasonal storage area.  Other items kept in the cubes on this side of the counter are patterned paper pads, white cardstock, glitter and fun flock (also on wooden trays that can easily be removed and returned to the shelf), alphabet dies (rarely used), and the drawers hold all my Basic Grey 6X6 paper, notepads, pens, coasters, and any other items that can be altered to make a gift for someone.  There’s a LOT of stuff in those drawers!

Picture 6:

Now we’re moving on to the other side of the craft area.  The black filing cabinet holds all my 8.5X11 cardstock and scrap cardstock.  I mostly use SU cardstock and will continue to do so for now.   I keep my colouring pencils in the wooden crate (I have 6 glass candleholders in the crate and my pencils are sort of grouped by colour)  The three-tier tray holds cut cardstock and paper that needs to be put away (I only do this every week or so depending on how full the tray is…it’s due to be emptied), white cardstock scraps that can be used for stamped images, and I usually keep my UFOs here too (unfinished objects).  They are in another wooden tray but are currently resting on top of the shelf above this cabinet.  You can’t see it in the picture because it’s decorated with green paper and is blending into the wall.

The shelf unit holds my SU inks (I have the cubes – they’re in the white 5-drawer container), Cricut mats and instructions that I use frequently (sewing machine, cropadile, etc), and my non-Basic Grey 6X6 pads and mat packs.  The drawers hold stuff that have no home…they’re kind of like junk drawers and some day will be put to better use.

Picture 7:

This is what’s hiding under my desk – lots and lots of patterned paper.  I keep my loose paper here by brand.  MME in one drawer, Echo Park in another, etc.  There are also some K&Co pads on top of these drawers and I keep my SU markers and stamp scrubber here too.  The white basket holds scrap paper for stamping off or testing colours.  The drawers on the left hold acrylic blocks, brads and bling in the top drawer, then all my reinkers and misc ink pads in the next, the third drawer holds my heat gun, circle scissor, eyelet setter and other tools, and the bottom three drawers hold my punches.

The drawers on the right hold adhesive, two drawers of ribbon, a drawer with clear stamps (singles) and acrylic paint, my cuttlebug embossing folders and spare plates are in the fifth drawer and the bottom drawer holds packaging  and finished cards that are awaiting packaging.

I do most of my colouring and assembling on this counter.  I keep most of my tools in the spinner on the desk and I would not be able to colour if I didn’t have that lamp nearby.  Because my ceiling light is in the middle of the room I usually am casting a shadow over my work when I’m using this space.

Picture 8:

My shelf!  I love this shelf.  Rich made it for me a couple of years ago for my old craft room (which was tiny) and I never cease to be amazed at how much this thing holds.  Obviously, all my Prima flowers are on the top two shelves followed by my unmounted stamps (there are a LOT of stamps here…if you are a stamper you know how much is crammed into these cd cases).  The bottom shelf has all my buttons in little glass jars to the left and my “liquid” craft supplies to the right.  I love having everything within reach.  Out of sight, out of mind truly applies in my case.

If you go back to the first couple of pictures, you’ll see that my “photography studio” is between my colouring area and my computer area.  It’s just a piece of foam board (got the idea on SCS and gave proper credit at the time but it was a couple of years ago so I can’t repeat the credit) and two daylight lamps.  They’re kind of in a weird spot – I’d like to have my Cricut set up here – but it’s the best place for them because I refuse to take the “studio” down and put it back up every time I want to take a picture.

So, that’s the tour…I know it was really long but I wanted to get the details blogged.   Now I have to go make some birthday cards before I switch over to Christmas mode.

Enjoy your day!

Baby Bee

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Could this be the end of Halloween postings until next year?  Nope!  I still haven’t created my co-worker treat for this year – I hope to do that tomorrow but I have a few other irons in the fire this week.

Today’s card features one of the new Whipper Snapper Clings sets – Bee-Lieve In a Cure.  This set is very important to me for a couple of reasons.  The first – but less important – reason is that it features bees.  I love bees.  For me, they represent my husband (which is where I got the “Bee” in Kelly Bee) and I love being Kelly Bee to his Richie Bee.  I even have two bee tattoos!  The second reason is (and this is something I don’t talk about on my blog and may never mention on here again) 2 years ago I was diagnosed with cancer but everything is fine now – I was very lucky.

Anyway, let’s move on to more cheerful topics…how about taking a peek at my card?

I love that this set can be used for so many different occasions.   I will definitely be making a cancer-themed card ASAP but as soon as I saw the bee on the flower it reminded me of a baby card – kind of like the bee is lying in a bed…hard to explain but it works for me!  If you did click on the link to see the stamp set, you might have noticed that there is no sentiment in the set that says “Happy New Bay-Bee”.  I made that using the other sentiments in the set.  Happy and Bee are quite obvious.  “New” was created using the NE in “Bee Mine” and the W was the M in Mine turned upside down.  You get the point…

The image is coloured with copics and I glued some glamour dust on the wings for a bit of sparkle.  The paper is some fairly old TPC patterned paper I bought at Michael’s a couple of years ago and I paired it with So Saffron cardstock.  There’s a little bit of distress ink sponged around the edges and I thought about adding something to the top of the card but decided that less is more in this case.

Thanks for stopping by!

Boo To You!

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Could I be having any more fun in my craft room right now?   The answer is “No” and I’ll tell you why.  I’ve still got new Whipper Snapper stamps that haven’t been inked up (ohhh, but they will!) and I’ve got lots of Halloween patterned paper that has yet to be cut into.  New papers, new Whipper Snapper stamps…nirvana, I tell ya!

Anyhoo…this past weekend was all about the Halloween goodies.  I’ve only got a week left to play before I archive my stash of pumpkins, ghosts and witches for another year – gotta make room for the Christmas stuff.  I had the idea for a “chocolate box” running in my head for a couple of weeks and got to make that a reality yesterday…of course, I made a card too:

This is made with the same stamp set I used for my Starry Night card from yesterday’s post.   I didn’t want to cover my stitching (which I think I’m getting the hang of) with the ribbon so  I ran the ribbon in a different direction than I (Or most card makers) normallly would.  I like it!  I used K&Co papers and some great wired ribbon I bought at M’s about a month ago – wired ribbon is the bomb if you want to make a nice bow.  I make terrible bows (I blame this on being left-handed) but you can play with wired ribbon so much to get the bow to sit just the way you want it.   I stamped the pumpkin image from “The Witch Is In” twice and coloured the images with copics before cutting them out.  I ran some doodlebug glitter down each side of the pumpkins and then made a letter B with my Cricut and coated that in black doodlebug glitter.  I found a ghost shaped button in my stash and used that in the centre of the bow:

Are you wondering what’s in the box?  I’ll show ya:

These are chocolate pumpkin caramels from Bulk Barn.  I wanted to use peanut butter but Rich prefers caramel and I’d rather he did most of the chocolate eating to save me some unnecessary calories.  I’m not a big candy fan (I prefer chips or bread) so when I buy stuff to make these little projects I try to stick with things Rich would eat. (all bets are off on peanut butter and chocolate combos, though)

I made an insert for the box so the pumpkins would sit in place – they fit perfectly inside a 1″ circle punch out.  I won’t bother sharing dimensions today but if you’re interested in the assembly of the box, let me know and I can re-visit.

I still have to design my co-worker treats and I need them by Friday so I should go and give that some thought.

Starry, Starry Night

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Yay for weekends!  I love having time to play in my craft room and the weekends are the best because I can usually work when the mojo hits instead of trying to force it between work, making supper, doing laundry, etc.

I got to play with my Halloween stash this weekend and the very first thing I created was this cute card using Anna Wight’s The Witch is In” set.

As soon as I saw this set I knew I wanted to stamp the witch image as if she was flying in front of the moon (which – or witch! – might not sound that imaginative but that’s what I was inspired to do so that’s what I did):

I used Cosmo Cricket “Matilda” patterned paper choosing the star pattern to represent the sky and I couldn’t resist using the witch legs pattern for the lower portion of the card.  It was just too perfect to pass up.  I matted the paper with a pale pink (pink pirouette) cardstock to play up the pink stars in the paper – after all, there aren’t that many pink Halloween cards out there and it’s nice to change things up a little.

I’m not sure you can tell in the picture above but my image is a bit different than usual – instead of popping the image up on the card I popped the patterned paper panel up and put the image BEHIND the paper.  I realy like the effect and I am going to try to remember to do this more often.  The only disadvantage is that I have to use more dimensionals than normal but I’m using the “leftover” frame parts of my dimensionals if that makes sense. 

The ribbon is Offray that I usually buy at Wal-Mart.  I did a ruffled effect and tied a separate bow that I attached with a glue dot.  I’m not very good with ribbon so ruffling has become my “go to” method of choice.

The sentiment is from the same stamp set – I only inked a portion of the stamp – the full sentiment is “Happy Halloween, My Creepy Little Friend” – which is very cute and I will use the full sentiment at some point but it was too big for the tag this time around.

Love me some new stamps and paper!

Flaky Friends

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Hello, Hello!  Happy Saturday!  I’m so glad I survived the work week and made it to the weekend.

I had so much fun making vintage Christmas cards for the RAM release last week that I decided to whip up another one to send with a Christmas parcel that’s going to the UK this weekend. 

I used the Flaky Friends image for the first time and decided to colour it with pencils as I wanted a softer wash of colour than I’m able to get with my Copics.  I used Mercy Kerin’s Tuesday Sketch for my layout.  Nice to get a jumpstart by having the sketch all sorted out for you:

The paper is Jovial by Basic Grey – you’ll be seeing more of this in the next little while.  I used Sage Shadow cardstock (a colour I seem to like now that it has retired…so typical) and made a little Anna Wight style snowflake embellishment by punching out two snowflakes in the sage shadow, distressing them with a little vintage photo ink (as I did with everything else on the card) and coating it with some Martha Stewart Glitter snow.  Yum!

I need to crank out some Halloween stuff this weekend so Christmas is on hold probably until November 1st.

Have a fun weekend!

Trim The Tree

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Just wanted to show you one more card using the new RAM stamps at PaperWorks Co.  Well, one more THIS week anyway.  I’m sure I’ll be making a few cards with these gorgeous images for this year’s Christmas card list.

This time around I used “Oh Christmas Tree” as my image…I did try a version using liquid appliqué for the snow but I am not too good with the application and I didn’t like the end result so I started over and made this cutie…

This is NOT for mailing but it was a fun card to make.  I created an Anna Wight inspired snowflake (hi Anna!) and went a little crazy (for me) with the ribbon!  Like I said, it was fun!

The paper is new Crate Paper – Snow Day…very cute colours in this paper pad.  I can’t wait to play with it a little more…maybe this weekend if all goes well.

Autumn Mood

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I’m loving this new Imaginisce “Apple Cider” paper.  I got to cut into it for the first time tonight and the patterns are all very sweet yet a lot of them could be used for masculine cards too!

I also used a coordinating stamp that I got in my last mail order along with a few other lines of paper that I just haven’t had a chance to play with…yet!

This was fairly quick to put together.  I was originally going to do this in portrait orientation but when I started to place the image on the card I decided I liked it landscape a little better.

I have to keep things short again tonight.  I’m a bit late getting into my craft room tonight and I have things to do before bedtime.

See you soon!

NoteBOOks and SPOOKmarks

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I’m so happy to get this little project completed and blogged!  I’m loving the new Whipper Snapper cling sets.  I can’t decide which images I like the most!   I just wish there was more time between now and Halloween so I could make everything that pops into my head.

I made a little set consisting of a notepad with a pencil holder, a card and a corner bookmark.  I’ve been wanting to make corner bookmarks for ages but this is the first time I gave them a try. (you can find the tutorial HERE – note: my bookmarks are a little smaller than the one in the tutorial)

Aren’t they fun?!  I love Halloween papers – the colours are awesome!  I used K&Co paper for this project – there’s a great variety of patterns in the pad (Spooktacular line) – I think K&Co is getting much better at their whimsical designs.  Love their stuff!

I know you want to see larger pictures of the card and notebook so here you go – first the card:

The sentiment is a little dark in the picture – here’s a close up (ignore the fuzziness of the orange embellies…there was an industrial ribbon fiber incident in my craft room):

and here’s the noteBOOk….

Know what’s even more fun than a notebook and bookmark set????  A whole BUNCH of them:

I made some cute little tags (they don’t really match – I made them before I made these sets) and I’ll be packaging these up in sets later tonight…I have some grown up stuff to do first…unless somebody else wants to make supper and hem two pairs of pants for me…no?  Oh well!

Magical Christmas

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I think this card is my favourite so far of the ones I’ve made with the new PWCO stamps.  Yesterday’s image was my favourite but I love the soft colours of the paper and ribbon on this card.  I used LOTS of linen distress ink to soften the look of the card…This might be my go-to layout for my family’s 2010 Christmas cards:

Isn’t it cute?  My favourite cards are vintage – I don’t know why I don’t make more of them.  I guess I’m more inspired by whimsical stamps – I hardly have any flowers or “generic” stamps in my stash.  Whenever I buy them I don’t know what to do with them so I’ve given up.

I’m going to keep this short today – busy, busy, you know.  I want to get some card making time in but yesterday was a rainy, dreary day in St. John’s and that puts me in a baking mood (thus the 2 loaves of pumpkin bread, dozens of cream cheese sugar cookies and 2 dutch apple pies that are hanging out in my kitchen – well, the pies aren’t quite hanging out but they will be soon!)

Keep dropping back…I have one more RAM card to show you this week plus I’ll be showing off some Halloween themed projects later this week.  My halloween notepads turned out to be so cute!!!

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