Sky’s The Limit Notepad

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Still on a bit of a notepad kick.  This one is a little more 3-D? 2-D? than I would usually make a notepad simply because if you’re going to carry the notepad in your handbag etc. you don’t want a bunch of things popped up on it than can catch in the other junk you’re lugging around with you.

However, I intended this as a notepad for a co-worker that would – theoretically – sit on her desk (of course, she can do whatever she wants with it) so I decided to design it any way I wanted without letting practicality get in the way.

I CASEd this – but I can’t find the inspiration card to give credit.  The inspiration card had more than one balloon, I think the “grass” was cut from dies so it was spikey – it was a cool card. 

Anyway, point is that I thought more of card design than notepad design – which was a little more interesting than my standard notepad layouts…

I have to switch back to cards at some point…the card stash is running low!

Alligator or Crocodile?

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I picked up a set of stamps at M’s a little while ago – using up the last of a gift card I had – and the stamps are animals – a zebra, a monkey, a um, gecko or chameleon type creature, some leaves and this thing – I was initially thinking lizard due to the way the body is positioned but hubby said it was a crocodile (it could be an alligator – I know there’s a difference and I could google it if I cared)…

After he said that I could see (without him pointing it out, thank you very much) the alligator/crocodile eyes and snout which are quite different than a lizard but I’d already coloured it kind of lizard-esque.

Not that it matters –  I found some tropical-hued paper in my stash and made a card and a matching notepad (the notepad is what’s pictured – they look the same but the notepad is not quite as wide as the card).  I used a sentiment from Paper Smooches (I need to place an order – Kim’s handwriting font is soooo adorable and it looks great on my card and notepad so I’ll have to invest another $40-50 building up my stash of PS stamps.

If the last sentence or two enabled you, you can find a link to Paper Smooches on my sidebar and shipping to Canada is fast and cheap!

Bless This Messy Desk

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It’s been a pretty laid back Sunday morning (though it just hit noon hour here on the Rock – that’s Newfoundland, not Alcatraz).  I felt quite inspired while surfing the ‘net briefly on my ipod while sipping my second coffee so I quickly tidied up the kitchen (breakfast dishes and weekly flyer reading) and headed down to my craft room to see if I could whip up a card loosely based on a layout I saw on Alice Wertz’s blog this morning.

I had coloured a few houses yesterday using a set of doodlebug stamps I got on clearance at Michael’s ($6 CAD) and decided I’d use one of them as my card image.   Initially, I’d chosen some patterned paper from Jillybean soup with houses on it when picking the colours to make the houses but while flipping through my patterned paper stash I found a really, really cute sheet of paper in the Echo Park – So Happy Together paper pad (you need this paper!).  I decided I was more inspired today by the colours on this paper so I re-coloured one of my houses (just coloured over the existing blue to make it more green-blue).  The door was a dark colour so I re-stamped the house on some cardstock and cut out a door to glue over the original colour.

I don’t know if Alice used Washi tape on her card but I made some faux washi for an accent on my card…well, it’s not faux – it’s just a couple of strips of cardstock.

Considering I already had the houses stamped and coloured, I made quite a mess with my simple little  card today:

(I confess some of the markers were left out from colouring the houses yesterday – it was pretty late last night)

…and here’s where I stamped the sentiment and cut the paper and cardstock for today’s card:

Guess it’s time to tidy up!

From All of Us

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A quick post tonight – it’s a bit rainy and there is occasional thunder so it feels like a perfect night to spend some time in my craft room listening to music and messing around with too many stamps, too much patterned paper and more twine, buttons and markers than I could ever need!

DH needed a good bye card for a co-worker who has finished their term with his department and I made a card a few days ago but had a Mr. Huey mist mishap (say that 10 times fast) which caused a little TOO much black to be sprayed over my card.  I did manage to salvage the bird image from the card – I’m just pretending he has a spotted head:

The blue panel is popped up on the yellow cardstock and I had a devil of a time deciding what patterned paper to use and where to place it so my little Paper Smooches characters don’t get lost so I decided to punch some circles out of scraps left from another project (which I’ll share at some point in the near future!) and randomly glue them to the background. 

The sentiment is computer generated and I quickly ran the cardstock through my sewing machine.  I finished off with some buttons in the same shades as the patterned paper.  I think they play up the circles nicely and help balance the bottom of the card…sort of!

Time to clean up my mess – it’s amazing how much of a mess you can make creating a single card!

House Part 2 (Inside)

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As mentioned, here is Part 2 of We Know What We Did This Summer – oh, and excuse the splotches on the pictures.  There was some schmutz on my camera lens and I didn’t notice it until I was preparing to post…

Our tv room is in the basement of our house (bungalow).  It’s our favourite room because we designed it ourselves and its bright (especially considering it’s mostly underground), quiet, comfortable and filled with games, books and lots of sturdy, oversized furniture. 

Most of our indoor projects this summer focused on improving this room.  The main projects included…

Refinishing the coffee table to go with the other furniture in our t.v. room – I designed this coffee table myself when I bought my first house and it’s on the 3rd reincarnation (started out as pine, then it was an ugly brown, then it was cherry and now it’s mahogany – personally, I hope this is the last revamp!):

Sanding and painting an old Ikea table I bought at a yard sale about 13 years ago – this table sits behind the sofa in our t.v. room and we drag it out when we need extra seating for larger family get togethers.  We also keep the spare chairs from our dining table here (the table is slightly small in scale and the chairs are huge…):


The best project – we finally, finally, finally installed a wet bar in the t.v. room.  We’d planned for this during the initial renos 3 years ago but all we had in this area was the plumbing sticking out of the wall waiting to be hooked up.  We don’t really drink alcohol but there’s lots of fizzy drinks and flavoured waters in the fridge – plus we keep our Tassimo down here (the Keurig is in the kitchen – we like our coffee!):

So you can get a little perspective on where these items are in the room, here are a couple of other shots:

Excuse the towels on the sofa – I was washing the (more attractive) blanket we keep on the sofa for Jack at the time.  If you look in the background y0u can see the entrance to my craft room (the green room) and on the far right you can just make out the corner of the bar area.

The above picture subtly shows another little project that DH did – he finished the trim on the basement door (you can see the exterior door if you look through the french door – previously you could see studs and insulation around the doorway so it’s nice to have some clean, white trim in there!).

It was a fair bit of work but the time we spent doing these projects was well worth it.

What I was up to in June (Part 1 – Outdoors)

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You may have noticed my blog activity took a nose dive in the month of June…and July…and most of August – and the summer ain’t over yet!

At the end of June, my husband’s parents flew over from England to visit for a few weeks.  It’s been some time since they made the journey (it’s expensive and they are pensioners) and we (I) wanted the house to be perfect before their arrival.

There were LOTS and LOTS of projects to do before they got here.  Most were inside jobs so to speak (coming in Part 2) but some were outdoor projects – that we did when the weather cooperated – which wasn’t often during the first half of June.

Projects included staining the front steps and painting the front door:

Stripping and repainting the stained glass light on the front step (not fun – lots of little panes of glass):


Planting flowers (I do NOT have a green thumb) – I think I spent almost $200 on annuals this year – including soil and pots – most were for our back garden and I didn’t think to take pictures while they were in full bloom:

…and re-seeding part of the front lawn as we had the driveway re-paved in the Fall and the asphalt was higher than the lawn when it was finished.  Here’s a shot of the front after all our little DIY projects:

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Indoors!

Another Grad Card

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Back for a second day with a second grad card – also from June.

This one uses Oxford (Basic Grey) paper for sure as well as a cute little stamp set I ordered from PaperTrey Ink some time ago.  Nice to snag an easy to use masculine set and the price was quite reasonable as well (I got the matching die to cut out the skateboard images in case you’re wondering – I  use it for sentiments sometime too…handy little thing!)

The layout was liberally CASEd by doing a google search for this particular stamp set.  I had ZERO imagination when making this card.

I was insanely pleased to use up 3 brads from my stash and I was not so pleased to learn that my brain wants to say kick flip instead of flip kick.  No idea why but I thought I’d share anyway.

The skateboards are popped up on dimensionals and I really liked the way the card turned out despite admitted overcrowding to try to fit the boards and the sentiment on the white panel.  If I do this again I’ll flip the layout and make a landscape card to give me more room for the sentiment.

Graduation Celebration

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Just a quick post of a graduation card I made back in June…before all the summer “we’re having house guests and the house needs to be in perfect shape” projects (which I’ll save for another post!)

I love this image but don’t get to use it all that much.  This is probably the 3rd time I’ve coloured it and I feel like I’m getting a little better at colouring it every time (I love Penny Black stamps but find them challenging to colour):

The paper and the buttons are Basic Grey from an assortment of lines (well, I think the paper is Oxford but the buttons are ancient so who knows which lines they’re from).

Note the difference in thickness of the twine.  The really thick yellow stuff (on the red button) is miss caroline by My Mind’s Eye.  I actually wish it was a little thinner as it’s hard to thread through a button.  The red is Martha Stewart and the blue was purchased from Paper Smooches – not sure what line they carry but I like it the most of the three types of baker’s twine.  Just sayin’.

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