Some Assembly Required

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Another quick update.

I’ve just finished making the last of my gingerbread ornaments (yes, I’m procrastinating on the glass ones!) including 6 sets that have to be shipped to another province.

As the packaging wouldn’t survive mailing, I’m sending the ornaments and the components to “gift wrap” them separately on arrival.  Instructions for assembly are written on an index card tucked in with the packaging. 

I hope my little gingers make it in good condition!

Busy Bee!

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Just a quick post as I don’t really have anything “new” to show.  Lots of the same thing over and over again as the last week and the next few weeks are all about quantity.

I’ve been doing things like taking a stack of glass ornaments that look like this:

and covering them with copious amounts of glue and glitter so they look like this:

That’s phase 1. 

After that I have to cut out acetate circles, stamp and emboss images on said acetate (tricky…it slips and if I’m not patient with the heat gun, I wil warp the circles).  Then there’s colouring, more embossing and the final assembly.  This is my LEAST favourite craft to do but I’m hoping to get all the glass ornaments finished by the end of November.

I will leave you with a picture of an actual finished project – love the little touch of pink with the more traditional colours!


Goody, Goody, Gumdrops

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The next few days could get boring as I’m making a lot of the same thing with different colour combinations/patterns.   I’m hoping to switch to cards soon but I have a lot of ornaments, notepads, tags, etc. to make and it’s hard to balance things out in my craft room these days.

Tomorrow I’ll simply be prepping glass ornaments so there’s not really much to blog about – I don’t think even I could babble about glue drying!

So, here’s a few notepads and beaded pens that I made – using some non-traditional colours:

The snowman image is from Whipper Snapper (Anna Wight) and the papers are actually Recollections (Michael’s).

I made some matching tags and packaged them all up for giving:

That’s it for today.  I’ve got another cute gingerbread notepad to show you later this week but I’ll be back to mass production for the next few days – unless I get a sudden urge to do all my neglected housework.  Wonder if I can teach the beagle to swiffer the floors?

Sealed With a Kiss

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Super short post today.

This is an ornament I made for my niece, Ashlyn.  It’s her first Christmas.  Last year I made her THIS ornament (she wasn’t born until a few days after Christmas but I wanted to send something just in case she arrived early) but now that I know her name, I made something more personalized for her very first Christmas.

I chose a seal image as my brother (and his wife) is from Newfoundland and a seal would definitely be associated with NL.   Ashlyn will be the first of our family not born in Newfoundland (I mean, since our family migrated to NL some time in the 1800’s) but I thought it would be nice to make her something that reflects her heritage.   I also figure there’s not much out there “ready made” with her name spelled the way it is.

I’m actually ordering her a bunch of books on Amazon for Christmas – some that have good ratings for first books and a couple that her dad (my younger brother) loved when he was little.  Some of the ones he liked are not necessarily mainstream children’s books but I thought it would be nice for her to have him read some of the same stories that were read to him as a child.  Unfortunately, several of the books we had growing up are out of print now.  I’d love to get a copy of “What Happened to George?” — my brother loved that book!

Pencil Pusher

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I spent a lot of time making Christmas items yesterday – didn’t get as far as I’d hoped (no surprise there) but I did manage to make all the pencil treat gifts that I’d planned as well as doing some prep for other projects.  I made a pretty big mess while crafting yesterday so I took some time to clean up in between projects in hopes that I wouldn’t cross-contaminate my projects with glitter, beads, embossing powder and all the other little hard to clean supplies I was working with yesterday.

I made a bunch of pencil holders in blue and green and red and then packaged them up for giving (they don’t NEED to be packaged up but this way they stay clean and in good condition plus you don’t have to worry about the pencils falling out of the boxes “in transit”).

Here are the blue ones (sorry – shiny picture!):

…and here are a few of the red and green ones:

…and here’s how I packaged them (I used pretzel bags and washi tape):

I’m hoping to get some die cuts done this evening – or some notebooks and pens – a bit undecided which I’m in the mood to do.   I also need to get started on some Christmas cards soon so I can do my overseas mail out.  Good thing I enjoy Christmas crafts more than any other type!

Bags of Tags 2

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I spent the morning finishing off another set of Christmas tags.  These are a little larger than the last set – I used a PTI tag die to make them so it was a little more work than cutting cardstock to size and punching the corners.  I even ran the patterned paper through using the same die.

I have 4 tags in each bag for this particular set…in no particular order:

Penguin (the stamped image is a little “meh” but I used glittered paper, glittered ribbon, and a coloured jingle bell):

Mittens (I think I like this  – or the snowman further down in this post – the most) – the mittens were paper pieced an I added some felt and a tiny rhinestone embellishment:

Gingerbread man (getting a lot of use out of this stamp since PTI came out with a die for it):

…and my “other” favourite – a Paper Smooches snowman that I fussy cut:

I didn’t take a picture of them packaged up but I used the same glassine sacks and some red candy-cane striped washi tape.  Here’s a shot of all of them (I made 4 of each):

That’s it!  I still have this afternoon for crafting time and I’m hoping to make some pencil treat boxes and some notepads and pens.  I think I’ll start with the pencils – not as messy as beading pens.  Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!



Christmas Ornament Gifts

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ETA: Sheena asked a great question – I probably should have mentioned what I used to make the ornaments!  I cut 2 gingerbread men from chipboard (I use the cardboard on the back of notepads but any cardboard about that thickness would work fine with this die) and I cut one gingerbread man from patterned paper (Simple Stories).  To give the ornament a nice finish, I did a 4th diecut with “Naturals Ivory” Stampin’ Up cardstock which was used as the back layer.   The heart embellishment was made using 3 heart shapes (I used my Cricut) glued together.  All layers were glued using Tombow Mono Multi glue.

I made some gingerbread ornaments for my aunt last year (and she was the only recipient – it was an exclusive gift for 2011!) and decided to make more this year in a simplified package (last year’s had a matching gingerbread house).

So far I’ve made 4 “boy” figures and 4 “girl” figures (girls have hearts, boys have bows)  I packaged one of each in a clear bag and made a little cardstock holder at the bottom so the ornaments are kept separated in the bag.  I also made coordinating tags and tied them to the top of each package. 

Here’s what the ornaments look like:


 …and here’s the packaging (I left the tag off the one in the front so you can see it a little better.  I packaged them so two of the bags have a “girl” in the front and 2 have a “boy” in the front):

 I now have to clean up some of the glitter that is covering my craft room before I move on to my next project.

I’m hoping to spend pretty much ALL of tomorrow in my craft room to make up for last weekend (incidentally, the trip to Ottawa was good – it was nice to see my brother and my sister-in-law.  I did get some sinus thing that I’m not quite over – presumably a gift from Porter Airlines!) so I should have a few projects to share with you in the days to come.

Perfect Planners – Snowglobe

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Last set of notepads (planners) for the week.

This time around I’ve got a non-traditional colour combination going on – aqua thrown in with traditional red and green.

I had a couple of snowglobe cutouts left over from my tag project last weekend so I popped them up on these notepads – again, a bit on the plain side but glitter and extra embellishments are not the best idea for something you’re going to carry around in your purse!

I’m off to Ottawa (sans husband) for a few days to visit one of my brothers and attend a meeting so I’ll be saying goodbye to my craft room at least until next Tuesday.

Enjoy your weekend!


Perfect Planners – Santa

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Back with design number 2 of 3 today.

I used some glittered paper on these notepads and they’re quite cheerful in real life.

I don’t have any cute Santa stamps (need to remedy that) in a larger size other than my “button bit” Santa so I went with a tiny treats image in a scalloped circle.

These were pretty quick to make except colouring the teeny, tiny Santa can be a little hard on these old eyes!

Back soon with the last design.

Perfect Planners – Gingerbread

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This week’s blog posts will be a little bit of “same old, same old” as I’m in mass production mode.  I’ve got a busy week with not a lot of down time plus a business trip putting a little crimp in my weekend plans so output will be sparse.

I’ve been making planners and tags to sell at work and I need more notepads with beaded pens plus some individual notepads to sell.  The pen/notepads will have to wait as I don’t have the time to spare for making folders and beading pens but I did have time to crank out 3 different designs of notepad last night.  I’ll share them over the next few days.

For today, here’s the first design:

I know they are a little on the plain side but too many embellishments makes them awkward to tote around in your purse.

I like this particular design the most of the three types I made and I’ll probably be making some of these with beaded pens next week when I have a little more time.

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