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I have a day off work today and should be more productive (non-craft wise) but it’s rainy and dark and miserable outside and my LSS has a challenge every Monday which I try to play along with if I have time.

Today’s challenge is “Frame It”.   Use a purchased or handmade frame on a card or a layout.  Of course, I don’t scrapbook so a card it is:

from our house

I’m trying to use lots and lots of patterned paper as my collection is getting out of hand.   I also used “snow” on the die cuts but I wish I’d used flower soft or even puff paint.  The fun flock is too sparse…I might try to add a second layer to see if that gives more of a snow effect. (I used white glue so it looked nicer before the glue dried clear)

Enjoy your day.  I’m going to try to be more productive this afternoon!

Postal Snowman

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I whipped up a card yesterday using some products I purchased at my LSS.

I bought a Simple Stories 6″x6″ paper pack, a wink of stella glitter pen (having trouble getting over the weirdness of the name!), some versamark refill ink (thank God as I was having trouble sourcing some and I use Versafine ink for all my sentiments), and a few odds and ends that I had to put away for Christmas (sad face).

I’m really pleased to see a fair number of new product lines being carried in my LSS.  They’re a little bit more expensive than buying online but I do like to support local businesses (I work for one!) and most of my spending money does go on paper crafting – it’s nice to see the products “in person” before purchasing.

Anyway, back to the card:

postal snowman

I used a Paper Smooches stamp that I bought last year (just got the matching dies last week) and the sentiment layout was inspired by one of the patterned papers in the Simple Stories pack.

After I coloured and die cut the snowman, I glittered him up with WOS (Wink of Stella – I’m not going to type that out every time I use it) which isn’t showing up well in the picture but is fairly noticeable in real life.

Initially, I’d chosen a different background paper so one of my flags is a bit too “blended” into the background but my snowman was not visible enough with the other paper so I switched it out.

I did a little stitching around the edges of the blue paper but (here I go again…) would have used my tracing wheel if it was still functioning.  I have just ordered a new one and I hope it gets here soon as I’m lost without it!

Christmas “Baking”

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ginger banner

I whipped up a batch of gingerbread ornaments in the last couple of days and thought I’d share them here.

I’ve made these before but this particular batch is personalized – personalized ornaments are always well received!

Here’s what my workspace looked like (well, the finished batch – I would almost die if you saw the state of my craft room while I’m in mass production mode!) once I got them done:

batch of gingers

…and then I made the tags so I could package them up:

batch of tags

Here’s a close up of an ornament (for a one-year old – most of the ornaments are more “traditional” colours):

baby girl ginger

…and here’s the packaging (cropping error but no time to re-edit!):

baby girl ginger packaged

These really sparkle on a Christmas tree when it’s lit up.

I actually ran out of glassine bags for packaging – and eyes, and “buttons” for the tags.  I did get some glassine bags on Tuesday that I ordered on Etsy and I couldn’t source more eyes locally so I’ve ordered some flat backed pearls but they’re coming from Hong Kong so I don’t know how long it will take to get them.  (I ordered a 2-year supply so I’m all set for next year for sure!)

Moving on…

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I clued up the last of my Halloween projects yesterday and just have to put away a few things I missed when tidying up yesterday.  Now that the decks are cleared from Halloween craft supplies, I can get my Christmas supplies better organized (I’ve been putting everything in dishpans that I picked up at Dollarama so I could switch out between Halloween and Christmas as the mood strikes – they’re only $1.50 and I find them very handy if I want to clear a spot in a hurry.)

I also made a quick Christmas card yesterday in between working on an assignment for a class I’m taking.  My laptop died in the middle of typing up my report and I had to do something fun while waiting for it to change up.

PS Treet

I think it turned out really cute except I would have loved to use my tracing wheel around the edges – too bad it broke.  I am not sure what type to get to replace it.  I think it has to be a blunt wheel as I’d rather have short dashes than pokey holes on my patterned paper.  Gotta order something soon because I’m missing my wheel!

The stamp I used was a free one I received in a recent Paper Smooches order.  I only received them on Friday and it was a busy weekend so I didn’t really get a chance to play with them yet.  I’ll be doing that very soon.

Must dash.  DH and I are going to watch a movie and if we don’t start soon we’ll be very tired in the morning!


Halloween Treat Bags

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halloween treat banner

I finished off the goodies for the neighbourhood “monsters” that will be ringing the bell on Halloween. (These are just for the children that I know on the street – I don’t give these out to everyone)

I made the notebooks yesterday and decided I’d go ahead and make the other items I planned on giving out.

First up were bottles of bubbles that I got on sale at the end of the summer (especially for this purpose – I only bought 5 even though they were a great price).  I simply added some patterned paper around the middle and punched a circle from the same paper to adhere to the lid:

halloween bubbles

I labelled (or labeled, if you prefer) them just to be safe – don’t want someone to think they can drink this stuff!

Then I stacked Reece’s Pieces in skinny sealable bags and made a topper for each one (the parents will know this candy is from me so it should be fine that it’s not pre-packaged – I got it at Bulk Barn but if I’d realized they were going to come out with the Halloween Smarties again this year (not the same as Smarties in the US – those are Rockets) I’d have bought those instead.  (and they were only 59 cents each at Piper’s yesterday):

halloween candy

I finished the treat bags off with some lollipops and pencils:

halloween pencils

…and I didn’t have any nice Halloween treat bags (I almost bought some at Great Canadian Dollar store yesterday – they had some cute ones) so I made my own gift bags from patterned paper and rope (sorry, the picture is a bit dark – I’m not set up to take a picture of something this large):

halloween bags

So, there you have it.  All set for the “special monsters”…I can’t buy the general treats to hand out until closer to Halloween or I’ll probably eat them!

Dollar Store Friday, er, Saturday

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gcds banner

Traditionally, my work “coffee buddy” and I go shopping on our lunch break every Friday.  It has to be somewhere close to work so we can get there, shop, and get back to the office in time.

Our options have been limited since our office relocated about 4 years ago (we used to be downtown so there was a LOT of choice for browsing) but the area is gradually building up and there are a half-dozen good choices for a lunch-time shopping spree.

Yesterday, we went to the Great Canadian Dollar Store (and Piper’s Department Store which is next door – just “Piper’s” or the “boutique” to locals) and spent just under $10 tax-in on some craft items.

In addition to some small doilies, index cards (for studying), and some small self-closing clear bags, I found these:

gcds finds

Sorry for the glare!  On the left, we have a 5-pack of lined notebooks (all 5 are the same pattern) for $1.50 CAD and on the right, some cute foil stickers (I bought a Christmas version of these last year) for $1.25.

It only took me about 15 minutes this morning to cut up some patterned paper, score it and cover the notebooks. (would have been faster if I didn’t have to work out the score marks first!) and another 5 minutes to punch out some cardstock and make the embellishments.  Here’s the end result:

gcds notebooks

These are to go in the special Halloween treat bags I do up for the smaller children on the street.  I debated a washi tape spine but all my washi tape is a bit too narrow for the proper effect. (note to self – buy some wide washi!)

I still have a few items to alter/create for the treat bags and I probably should get started so I can pack away all my Halloween supplies…(yes, I’ve said that before!)

Enjoy your Saturday – I still have some “craft time” left for myself today and I’m anxious to clue up some UFOs (unfinished objects)!


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one banner

Very quick post to share a birthday card for a one year old.

I had a little trouble getting the true colours of the patterned paper but rushing to edit is not really helping!

I used a Whimsy stamp that I purchased last month and some cute Echo Park paper – ’cause it’s awesome and perfect for cards for little girls.


That’s two cute cards in a row.

On a sad note, I broke my tracing wheel last week.  Only one place in the city sells them (Walmart USED to have them and even though they were cheap they were exactly the ones I like) and DH was kind enough to drive all the way over there yesterday and pick one up for me (it was the only one they carry) but it’s too sharp and I don’t like the lines it creates.  Boo Hiss.

Must keep searching!

You’re Amazing

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amazing banner

By request I made a thank you card for a co-worker to give to her trainers.  I’m not a gym type person but have to wonder how incredibly awesome the program she’s doing is if she’s thanking the people that are dragging her butt out of bed at 5 a.m. to work out?

I had lots of fun colouring this little cutie from Whipper Snapper – it really is time to place another order.


I used some super-lively patterned paper from DoodleBug – I couldn’t help but related the rulers to a measuring tape.   I’m hoping the numbers are also appropriate – surely they count reps????

The leotard matches the cardstock much better in real life.  If this woman’s hair was shorter (and black with turquoise foils) it would look a lot like me!

I was brave (for me) and used some white embossing powder on the sentiment.  I’m not good with embossing but I love the look of white on darker cardstock.

My scalloped trim (if you can see it bridging the two patterned papers) is actually a heart border die from PTI…couldn’t help but notice that the top of the row of hearts could double as a scallop if I only let a tiny portion of the die peek out from behind the papers!  I love it when I find a duplicate use for dies/punches. (FYI, the no-longer trendy photo corner punch from SU! is great for notching tails on banners)

I’ve been really busy making Halloween treats and Christmas ornaments lately – most of the Halloween stuff is a variation on things you’ve already seen so I won’t bore you with that but I will show you some gingerbread ornaments as soon as I have time to take pictures etc.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – I have to go make muffins for our lunches and wash the hallway floor – lots of evidence of beagle-ownership on the laminate!

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