Pillow Talk

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I’m getting closer to knocking all the items off my pre-Christmas to-do list.  With the help of DH, quite a few jobs were completed this week (but there’s more to do!)

The living room is finally decorated, the tree is up.  Almost all the gifts are wrapped (I have a few more to wrap for the aforementioned DH), Jack’s stocking is stuffed, the turkey was purchased this morning along with all the Christmas groceries and I did my first round of holiday baking.

I still have to work tomorrow and Christmas Eve but I’m hoping to get some more baking done tomorrow night along with cleaning the floors…wonder if DH wants to do the floors while I’m at work?

Anyway, there are only 2 cards left to make and I got my traditional co-worker treats made this morning.  They’re all packaged up and ready to sneak onto their desks when I get to work in the a.m.   Here’s what the packaging looks like:

pillow talk

I used an MFT die I purchased in my last SSS order and specifically bought it with co-worker treats in mind.  Unfortunately, the die is a little smaller than anticipated (but very nice) so I couldn’t fit all my treats inside.  They just have a baby candy cane and a foil-wrapped chocolate Santa in them.  I was going to put in a peppermint patty that’s all dressed up for the holidays and a little ornament but there was no space.

I did manage to incorporate the ornament by wrapping some wire garland around each pillow box and attaching the ornament instead of the original tag I was planning to use.  I was also pleased to use up 16 strips of patterned paper that were in my little scrap tray – leftovers from all the cards and paper crafting projects I made for Christmas.

In the picture above, you can see one of the pillow boxes looks like it’s going to burst open…that was the first one I assembled and I worked out a few techniques to improve the results as I went. (I also learned that the die is a little sharp and I have about 15 little cuts on my two index fingers!)

Must dash…we’re going to a movie this afternoon…we were supposed to go for my birthday last weekend but couldn’t squeeze it into our schedule.

Enjoy the rest of you Sunday!

Sweet Wishes

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sending border

Quickly popping in with a birthday card I made for my niece who turns 2 just after Christmas.   I used a cute image I bought a couple of months ago but haven’t had a chance to ink up.

sending sweet wishes

The colours aren’t quite true in the picture but I’ve already sent the card so I can’t have a do over.

The layout was heavily inspired by a card I saw on Alice Wertz’ blog a few days ago.  Oh, and I would have used a 2 in the lower right hand corner if I’d had one but I didn’t so I used my niece’s initial instead.

Back in a day or two…still cluing up a few cards (and still don’t have the tree up – eek!)

Colourful Trees

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red tree banner

I made some cute tree ornaments a few months ago based on some that Anna Wight made maybe 2 years ago – they were very vintage and sparkly but I had a request for a more colourful version (and I’ll share the other version here if I can find the picture…my archiving technique is not the best – I just drag everything into one folder after I post it so it’s hard to find pictures after the fact)…

I did have a devil of a time deciding what paper to use – I didn’t want to go too cute as the die is more elegant than whimsical…I finally found the perfect patterned paper and here’s what I made:

red trees

(there are actually two more that say “love” and “joy” but you get the idea)

…and here are the “originals”:

tree ornaments 2013

Must dash – still have some cards to make and don’t have our tree up yet!  That will be tomorrow or Thursday – I’m so behind this year!

Dashing, Dashing, Dashing

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dashing banner

Wow, December 14th and I still don’t have ANY Christmas decorating or baking done for the season.  I’ve been so busy with a couple of college courses but my last exam was on the 12th so now I’ve got to move my butt to get my cards finished and mailed out as well as getting some decorations up so we don’t look like a couple of Scrooges!

I made a couple of cards last night but they were too labour intensive for mass production so tonight I knocked out a couple of cards so I can get at least a handful in the mail tomorrow.  I hope they arrive in time – one’s going to BC so it’s a bit of a gamble!


I’ve only made 2 so far but they didn’t take too long – probably should have resisted the bling as they’ll probably get beat up in the mail but the cards looked too naked without the rhinestones and pearls.

The silhouette is popped up on the card but the rest of the card is fairly flat.  I crumpled up the patterned paper on one and left it perfectly flat on the other.  I prefer the crumpled but the flat one is a nice, crisp card.  Keeping the colours simple helped with the look I was going for.

Must see what else I can whip up tonight – maybe 2 more simple cards (but not the exact same layout…I want my friends and family to get different cards – if I was going to make them all the same I could just buy a box!


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