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Warning – long post!

We signed the final adoption papers for our new beagle today (and went to Pet Smart for some new toys and treats to celebrate) so Jill is here to stay.

DH and I found Jill through an organization called Beagle Paws – it’s also where we found Jack over 3 years ago when we were finally ready to adopt a dog.  I’d done some volunteer work for them a few times so I knew that’s where we’d be looking when the time came.

The first time we adopted a dog, we were willing to take an older dog – practically sight unseen – as long as he was house trained as we both work during the day and didn’t have a lot of time to stay home with the dog when we first got him.  Our game plan was to adopt on a long weekend to give us all three days to get to know each other.

That worked out really well but because this time around we already had a dog in the family, we needed a new dog that would fit our fairly specific needs (Jack is a timid little guy and he’s getting older and a bit grumpier so there were a few concerns).  Thankfully, Beagle Paws (and their foster families) were very patient and arranged 3 separate “meet and greet” sessions with some pretty little girl beagles but I didn’t get that feeling that the fit was right.  It was quite disheartening but I didn’t want to put ourselves, Jack, and the potential adoptee through the process if we were not going to keep the dog.  After those 3 visits, I was worried that I’d never get the feeling I was waiting for (DH loved them all and would have adopted any one of them) but we met number 4 a couple of weeks ago and I loved her within 2 minutes of meeting her.  She totally won me over and it was all I could do to leave her with her foster mom long enough to arrange the trial adoption.

I made her foster mom a little thank you gift last night which I’ll show you in a moment but first, here’s a candid of our two little beagle babies:

jack and jill

Jack can still be a little grumpy around Jill but she adores him and most of the time Jack “allows” her to be in his presence (and mostly use his butt as a pillow as you can see in the above picture – Jill is on the left).  Presumably they’ll get a little chummier as time goes by.

Enough (for now) about our four-legged friends…

I made Jill’s foster mom a set of 4 dog-themed cards and packaged them up in a glassine bag.  Because this is the longest post ever, I’ll just share the pics (and mention that the “S’up” card was copied from one I saw on Pinterest):

beagle 1

beagle 2

beagle 3

beagle 4

beagle bundle

…and a close up of the tag:

beagle tag