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sss best fishes banner

I’m dropping in very quickly to share a card I made tonight.

I haven’t had much “me” time lately as the dogs get pretty anxious when Rich and I go to our separate creative spaces in the evenings.  We’ve worked out a solution that might give us a little more freedom (Jill the Beagle has separation anxiety…) so I’m hoping to keep the blog updated more regularly over the next few months.

Here’s my card (anniversary card):

sss best fishes

The picture is a little wonky as I took the picture so quickly!

Back this weekend with a few Christmas cards to share (how can it be that time of year already?)

Back In The Saddle

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halloween banner 2014

Well, I’m trying to get back into my craft room again as I seriously need to get cracking if I’m going to be making any Christmas crafts this year.  I haven’t even started planning any ideas!!!

To get my mojo flowing, I decided to make a few Halloween items this week (I’ll be – hopefully – selling them off at work since I don’t need any of this stuff).

I didn’t do too much – a few treat bags with notebooks, push top pencils, and some candy, as well as some individual items.

I also picked up a couple of containers at Dollarama yesterday to display the “loose” crafts but they were kind of ugly in a weird sort of way…the boxes were a nice shape and they had a “cute” vampire and Frankenstein on them but the print around the sides of the boxes didn’t really go with the characters…so strange!  Luckily, I had a sheet or two (or 100) of patterned paper I could use to redecorate the boxes.

Here are the pencils (I’m selling them as “wooden stakes”):

wooden stakes

…and here are some of the note “BOOks”:

notebooks halloween 2014

They’re displayed in one of the redecorated boxes (excuse my shiny vampire):

note books halloween 2014

I also made some lollipop covers (Frankie could also use some dusting powder to reduce shine!):


If these don’t go at work, I’ll have lots of treats to give out at the door on Halloween night!

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