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pet ornaments banner

Whew!  I’ve spent the last 2 days barricaded in my craft room finishing my current orders for glass ornaments.

My client-base is somewhat flooded with my “people” ornaments but I added pet ornaments to the mix this year and I’m pleased that I’ve had a good response thus far.  As a result, I had a lot to do this weekend in order to get this large undertaking completed so I can work on cards again.

It was hard to get a shot of what it all really looked like when I was done but here is my work top:

pets and people ornaments

…and here is a closer look at what the pet ornaments looked like once they were packaged up:

pet ornaments

I don’t think I’ve shared a picture of the actual “people” ornaments on my blog yet so here it is (I had to change the card stock base slightly from the one in the picture as the new package of bags I bought are slightly smaller than they used to be):

2014 glass ornament packaged

…and I already shared this but here’s what’s in the glassine bags:

pet ornament

In addition to making the actual ornaments (took me 2.5 hours just to add the snow to the pet ones this morning) I also had to make all the card stock bases and cut out all the tags as well as the paw print heart embellishment on the tags.  Then everything had to be bagged and tagged…I’m ready for a break!

Santa’s Elf

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I’ve been busier than an elf at the North Pole the last few days – thus the “radio silence” on the blog.

No real time for taking pictures, editing, cropping a banner and the blah, blah, blah (but should be back in the swing of things this weekend because I just completed a large-ish order) so I’m just going to quickly show a few of the 14 cards I made the last 2 days:

RKB_0035 RKB_0039 RKB_0040

(Request was for “red” and “snowman” so here are a few surprisingly difficult cards – I couldn’t wrap my mind around using red instead of blues, browns etc…don’t really know why)

Must dash.  Work starts in 2 minutes!


No-Carb Santa

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skinny santas banner

Santa has obviously been cutting back on the carbs lately. (I cannot say the same)

I’m quite please with how the notepads I’m sharing today turned out.

When Pinterest first became popular, I noticed a cute Santa card (not even sure I pinned it but I’ve seen it a few times since then) but knew I didn’t have the patience to make all the pieces to recreate the card) that was basically Santa’s face/beard/hat using different paper punches and dies.  I’ve even seen a few simple tag versions of Santa along the same lines.

I wanted to make the notepad and beaded pen sets I make every year but do something “different” with them this time around and decided to try to make my own version of Santa.  It was a bit fiddly to do but now I have my dimensions/measurements so it will get easier to make them should I decide to do more…here are my “Skinny Santa Notepads”:

skinny santas

Pretty cute, if I do say so myself!  I did use 2 circle punches for the moustache (I’m Canadian, that’s how we spell it), nose, mouth and eyebrows…the rest of the elements were simply cut to size. (beard is a rectangle that had the bottom trimmed with a circle die)

I packaged them up for gifting too…

skinny santas packaged

Must ‘stache…lots to do!

Pet Ornaments!

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pet ornament banner

I used vinyl in my Silhouette for the first time recently…I personalized a Christmas ornament (not shown today but I’ll share later).  Once I’d worked out how to cut/weed/apply the vinyl, I decided I wanted to make “pet” ornaments with a paw print and the pet’s name.

I did an internet search and discovered this is not a particularly original idea (but what is?)…I also learned that I liked the look of red font over a black paw print so I made Amazon a little richer and myself a little poorer by ordering some red vinyl. (I now have black, white and red)

I did a trial run last night and only had to make one minor adjustment to get my ornament the way I’d pictured.  Here’s the end result (naturally, Jack was the pet name I chose first – sorry Jill!):

pet ornament

I want to add a red button to the centre of the ribbon but DH says it doesn’t need it.  I do think I’ll do the pet name a little bit smaller on the next ornament so the paw print isn’t covered up quite so much.

Not bad for a first attempt…maybe I’ll get more use out of the Silhouette than I ever did from the Cricut (which is now totally ignored).

When Doves Cry

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dove banner

Okay, my doves are not crying.  In fact, they are relatively happy doves.  I had a lot of fun making these tags using a few techniques I’d been wanting to try.

Gotta show you the full tag before I blah, blah, blah about the techniques:

dove tag

(no jingle bell props today…craft room looks like a war zone and I was practically hovering in the air to manage to access my “light box” to take a picture – light box is a piece of foam board, btw)

I was inspired by Betsy Veldman’s post on watercolour tags to make my own background for these tags so I pulled out my watercolour paper, reinkers and a mister bottle of water.

I used teal and olive reinkers for these tags.  I waited for them to dry a bit and then spritzed on some bronze colour mist and randomly splattered more water on them (except one poor card that was blasted with water – see far right), left it for a minute and blotted the water off with a paper towel (that wasn’t in her post but I love the effect – I wasn’t sure exactly how to do it so I “winged” it. Ba dum dum.)

The second technique I wanted to try was the loops of thread behind a fussy cut image. (Lucy Abrams does this to great effect all the time)  I didn’t know how to do that either but I bravely unearthed some gold thread from when I used to cross-stitch (TRIVIA TIME – I miss cross-stitching but that’s how I started paper crafting…I have a relatively useless middle finger on my dominant hand) and I looped the thread around three of my fingers 5-6 times to make the loops.  I stuck it to some double-sided tape in the centre of the tag and hid the tape with the dove image which is popped up on dimensionals.

A scattering of metallic sequins was all I needed to finish these off.  They are quite sparkly and pretty in real life.  It was fun to play with these techniques but I have to get back to ‘straight crafting’ if I want to finish my Christmas to-do list!

Crafty Christmas Gifts

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chirstmas post its

Over the weekend I made a batch of Post-It Note holders (and I can say that because I used the good stuff – honest to goodness 3M Post Its.  No cheaping out here, folks!)

I had to fiddle with the dimensions a bit and had some trouble as the pens would no longer stay in their holder (requiring a “wedge” of cardstock to be retrofitted to the design) but my post its were too thick to fit in the original dims that pretty much any tutorial on these things uses.

I kept the rest of the project simple by using some stickers and only one paper pattern on each holder.  Here are some of the designs:

post its 1


post its 2

I packaged them simply too…a resealable bag from Dollarama (they used to be slightly larger which I liked but the smaller version works if you take your time putting the holder in the bag).  NOTE:  I am not a photographer and won’t spend 45 minutes getting a good shot of something that’s packaged in plastic:

post its package

The top of the bag has a strip of washi tape to give it a little Christmas flair.

There are loads of tutorials on these – this is not my own design except for the tweaks to get my post it notes to fit properly.  Make sure you make the first one with scrap card stock – I ruined a sheet of the good stuff making these!

Snowman Soup (2014)

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snowman soup 14 banner

Last year I made some snowman soup in simple glassine bags that were decorated with a snowman tag.  (and it was only September)  This year, I’m making snowman soup again (without the fancy poem) but I’ve stepped it up a bit by making a decorated card stock pouch for the soup (and it’s November so I actually have peppermint flavoured sticks).  I’ve made these pouches before to hold Halloween notebooks (back in 2012) which were altered from a hot cocoa packet design I found online (I believe it was an SU! demo).

This time around I got to use the original dimensions and packaged up a few “soups”…

snowman soup 2014

They’re not very hard to make but it took a little while to cut out and colour the mugs (should have paper pieced…I’ll do that next batch!) and the tiny little candy cane I’ve got sticking out of the mugs.  I used some ancient patterned papers that I never choose because the paper is so thin.  The rest of this pad is going in the donate or sell pile. (I’d so do a blog candy if postage wasn’t so expensive from NL)

The mug is from a Simon Says Stamp set (can’t remember the name…I’m going with “What’s Brewing”) and the snowman is PTI and he makes many appearances at Christmas.  This little guy plus ANY snowman created by Kim Hughes are my favourites.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I like every snowman stamp ever made!

Check back tomorrow…another Christmas craft (not tags – but I still have a few to share…probably group some in one post)

Clean Socks!

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merry stocking banner

A cleaner tag design for you today.  I rarely go with the stark white background but it certainly has its uses!  I used my PixScan mat to cut these stockings out after stamping them (there is a matching die set available but I don’t own it and I’m hoping my PixScan will save me some money and craft room real estate – though it will have to save a lot to make up for the space that my Silhouette Cameo takes up on my desk).

I used a Paper Smooches stamp, some Lawn Fawn paper and some Spellbinders dies for the circles. (tag die is PTI).  I know I don’t always list the products I use but I’m not here to sell you anything.

The papers are from my monthly SSS card kit.  I’m actually using the current kit (and just started using a stamp from the previous kit – I’ll share that next post (and it’s not a tag!).  Here’s the full tag:

merry stockings

Again, these will become part of an assorted set of tags (one each of 4 designs in a set).  I’ve got this set completed but have to design two more tags to finish the next set…then I’m done with tags for a while. (this is good and bad…good because I have other projects that need doing, bad because I love making tags!)

Check back tomorrow…snowman soup!

A Forest of Tags!

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tree tag banner

Getting a bit behind in my blogging.  How do all those prolific “full time job, makes a fabulous card every day, posts it on their blog, tells us all about the gourmet supper and 9 loads of laundry they are in the midst of ironing” bloggers do it?  I can either make something or blog about it…I never have enough time to do both.

I do try to write a few posts at a time when I sit down at my computer and then just edit the publishing date on the extra posts but there are still big gaps between what I’m doing and what I’ve blogged.  Having said that, the purpose of my blog is to push me to make things – not to share them with the world. (I like sharing but I have no desire to be a paper crafting rock star…well, if it didn’t take a lot of work, I’d consider it!)

So,  today is really Sunday, the 11th of November.  This is not a pre-written post (but the next couple will be!)  I’m on my second load of laundry, there is no supper (or lunch for that fact!), the house is clean only because we did it a couple of days ago so I just had to do a tidy up this morning), I don’t iron, it’s 10:48 am (though WordPress thinks it’s 11:48 because I have to manually adjust for the time change) and I’m on my second cup of coffee and getting ready to make a few tags before working on other Christmas projects. (really behind on the cards!)

I made this tag last week and I really like it because I got to play with my embossing paste and it’s a “scrappy” card.  The papers were left from previous projects.

tree tags

I actually made 4 of these but three look better in the picture than 4!  These will be part of a set of tags with a similar theme.

The tree is Paper Smooches.  The “North Pole” postmark is from an old Stampin’ Up! set.  The white stripes are embossing paste using a SimonSaysStamp stencil that I got last year.  These were actually pretty fast to make once the embossing was done.

Back “tomorrow” with another tag using Paper Smooches stamps.

Warm Woolen Mittens

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mitten tag banner

I still have a few tags to share (and some Christmas cards – the paper crafting marathon season has begun) from the weekend.

Today’s tag is my least favourite of the ones I’ve made thus far…it simply didn’t turn out the way I’d envisioned.  Still, everyone’s taste is different so somebody will like them!

Oh, and before I go much further, Melanie had left a comment on a previous post asking if I use these on gifts or sell them.  The answer is “Both!”.  I package up a variety (usually in a theme) and sell them to co-workers but I also use some tags on my own gifts.  I also sometimes make a batch of tags for my aunt as a birthday gift in September so she can use them on her Christmas gifts (didn’t do that this year).  Any handmade gifts that I give will also have a tag that I designed/made especially for that gift.  LOVE making tags – there’s so little real estate that I find it easy to come up with lots of ideas…usually!

Back to today’s tag:

mitten tags

These were fairly simple (though it took a little while to colour 4 sets of mittens) and I left off any sort of sentiment (but I’m rethinking that now…doh!).  I was more going for a non-trad colour scheme – which I achieved – but lost something in the design maybe.

There was lots of die cutting for these – the tags were die cut, then the patterned paper was cut using the same die, then I die cut the mittens (on my Silhouette – the tags were done in the Cuttlebug with a PTI tag sale die), then I die cut the circle and scalloped circle using my Cuttlebug…I was  tired of die cutting at the end.

The mittens were embellished with a tiny rhinestone on each cuff and I used some pink baker’s twine to  “join” them together.

Must end off…I’m working on some “snowman soup” and I only have an hour to play tonight!

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