Use It or Lose It

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merry tree banner

…and Happy New Year’s Eve to you!

I’m still recovering from my cold but actually went out for an hour or so today to browse around a few stores.  I stopped in at Michael’s to pick up some of their lightweight cardstock since it’s on sale for $2 per pack – I use it for the verses inside my cards – and I also dropped in to Target to see if I could find anything interesting. (not really, but I did get a new cork/dry erase board for my craft room)

Many paper crafters – myself included – usually reorganize/purge their creative spaces this time of year and I have given myself a little personal challenge the last couple of years to either make something with the leftover Christmas papers and embellishments on my craft table or to bag them up and give them away.

I had a lot of supplies left from tag making this year and was going to whip up a few tags but decided to just bag it all up and get it out of the house and spend more of my after Christmas down-time cleaning and weeding out outdated supplies that I’ll never use.

I did, however, put together a quick Christmas card from some leftovers that I like so much that I’m swapping it out for a card I was going to give my cousin’s family tomorrow:

merry trees

The slope with the sentiment was already stamped and cut and the trees were done a while ago as well.  The snowman was one I’d glittered up for an assembly line of similar cards – I knew the glitter and glue would need to dry so I made them the night before and did a couple of extras just in case I messed one up.

Incidentally, this is the first official picture I’ve taken with my new light box.  It’s a very small light box (12X12) and I might have to get one a little larger but I’m surprised at how bright it is (looks kind of dark when I’m taking the picture but this turned out really nice!)

Must get back to the tidying…this is a multiple-day task!


Winter Card (Mojo Monday Challenge)

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winter owl banner

Happy Holidays!  I hope Santa was good to you and there were lots of crafty treasures under your tree.

I’m just recovering from an extra gift that Santa brought me…a cold.  I woke up on Boxing Day feeling very sinus-y and tired and it was a full blown (pun intended) cold by bedtime.  I spent the last 2 days in bed trying to recover so I can enjoy some of the holiday.  Thankfully, I’m off work this week as I woke up feeling pretty rough today and I’m just trying to reserve enough energy so I can share my germs attend a little holiday gathering tonight.

My LSS posts a challenge most Mondays called the Mojo Monday Challenge (I’ve mentioned it before) and I’m going to try to do the challenge every Monday between now and Memorial Day – which is around the time I wind my blog down to enjoy the short Newfoundland summer season.

This week’s challenge is to use your Christmas stash to make a non-Christmas card.  I’ve already started gathering up my Christmas supplies to tuck them away until I start working on Christmas stuff next year but I have to do a little tidy up/purge in my closet before I put the boxes away so they are still accessible.

I was initially just going to use a non-traditional Christmas patterned paper plus a regular ‘birthday’ stamp but that didn’t really seem true to the challenge so I made a “Winter” card.  I finally got to use a sentiment I never thought would see ink:

winter owl

I also decided to make this into a shaker card so I could incorporate some of the sequins on my inspiration station (a two-tiered tray that holds seasonal embellishments so I can “shop” my stash).

The sentiment banner uses the other side of the patterned paper (which is the side I was originally going to use for a birthday card) and I also paper-pieced the scarf from the same paper.

The sky background is distress ink that was blended with a mini-blending tool (the little round Tim Holtz ones…if you don’t have one, I highly recommend it) and then I stamped some snowflakes in a darker distress ink and stamped them off once before applying them to the background in a random pattern.

I have no idea what I’m going to do with this card but I did have fun and got to use some of my Christmas stuff one last time before it goes into hibernation.

Oh, and before I sign off, I’m quickly revisiting one of the boxes I made the other day to show how it looked once I added the tag and string:

santa box

I got a light box and some lights for Christmas so once I set them up and figure out how to use them, the quality of my pictures *should* be better (I’m still currently just taking pictures in a dingy corner of my room while all the Christmas stuff has taken over the work top)

An Ornament, a Mess, and a Visitor

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piper 2014 banner

Whew!  Still trying to clue up a few Christmas projects so I can start putting away my Christmas-themed craft supplies and get my craft room organized again.  It’s been absolutely chaos!

WARNING – lots of pictures in this post…I haven’t had time to blog lately but I’ve taken a few pictures and I’m just going to share it all in one long post.

Here’s what my work top looked like when I clued up a couple of projects earlier this week:

bless this mess

I’ll be honest…I walked away from this and cleaned it up the next evening.  I just couldn’t spend another moment in there at the time.

The box on the corner of the desk was there from December 13th to the 20th…it was actually overhanging the work top and I’m surprised it didn’t go crashing to the floor.  There are Silhouette supplies inside (vinyl, etc.) that don’t really have a home yet.   After Christmas I’ll do a little craft room restructuring to accommodate my die cutter supplies.

On Sunday, I managed to finish making cards for my “local” family and friends (and again with the honesty – a couple of people who live out of province who will NOT receive their cards by Christmas) as well as a few small gifts.

One of the gifts I made was for my cousin’s stepdaughter. (we’re a small family – I think of her more as my niece)  She is a dancer and is actually going to Russia next summer to take part in a program.  It’s pretty exciting for her and I’m really happy that she’ll get to have such an amazing experience.

I thought she’d like a personalized ornament that depicts her love of dance:

piper ornament 2014

I hope she likes it!

I also made a little box to package it up because I wanted to play with the punch board I got for my birthday a little while ago.  While I was at it, I made another box in a different size to package something else…they’re not completed (still have to add some twine and a tag) but here’s what they look like so far:

piper packaging

Before I go, here’s a little visitor who dropped by to see what I was up to – it was hard to get a good shot because she was wagging her tail like crazy – this is Jill – isn’t she gorgeous?

christmas visitor

Just a Quickie!

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sweet snow banner


I’m still here, still crafting/baking/making cards for Christmas.

I’m like the shoemaker (the shoemaker’s children have no shoes) and have only JUST finished making my Christmas cards for local recipients (well, I actually have one more to do but I don’t have to mail it).

Some of my friends are probably going to receive their cards a little late this year – just can’t bring myself to use a store bought card for a friend.

Here’s a couple of the cards I made yesterday:

sweet snow

jolly hello

I mostly used left over images that were already cut out but not coloured as well as pieces of patterned paper that I’d pulled from paper pads – these were papers I was going to use previously and I changed my mind.  Now that they’re cut into, I don’t have to worry about loose sheets being stored away that will probably get dog-earred or otherwise damaged.

Just a few more days of work and then I’m off for Christmas so maybe I can catch up on a few blog posts then.

Have To BEE Brief

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I’m hoping to do a few blog posts over the weekend but just wanted to share the birthday surprise that was waiting on my desk when I arrived at work this morning:

2014-12-12 09.26.34

Isn’t that amazing?  My co-worker (Jane) made this balloon bee and had it all installed at my desk before I got in to work this morning.

(Ignore my desk…it wasn’t photo-ready so you’re seeing a bit of everything on my junk shelf)

It was a pretty good surprise and a great way to start the last day of the work week.  Thanks Jane!

Short and Sweet

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2014 christmas batch banner

It’s been too long since I updated my blog.  To be honest, even if I had time, all I’ve been making lately is glass ornaments so there hasn’t been much new to share with you.  I did make a teacher Christmas card, some bus driver cards and a CASEd baby shower card but the ornament materials are taking up so much space in my craft room that I had to move my little picture-taking area out of the way and the lamps are not even plugged in anymore.

I did get to make some cards this morning (2 each of 4 different designs) but still don’t have an area set up for my camera so I took a quick snap in front of my Silhouette Cameo (and now I have to move the cards because I have to get back to ornament making!) just to show you that I’m still here and still doing the card thing:

2014 christmas batch


You can only see 3 of the 4 designs in the picture.  Two of them are CASEd because I have Christmas Card mojo block.

I will be back to share my annual co-worker gifts (once I figure out what I’m doing!) but other than that, I’m not really planning on making much more Christmas-themed stuff.

Must go clear a path to start more ornaments!

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