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So, a few months ago I sold my Cricut and purchased a Silhouette Cameo.  While I don’t use it a lot, I use it much more than the Cricut and am glad I made the swap.

Because my craft supply shopping is done online (mostly due to geographical deficiencies) I didn’t know what matte or glossy vinyl even looked like “in person” (but I do know the difference between matte and glossy finishes) and I thought that the finish was the only difference between the two vinyls.

After Christmas, there was a sale on vinyl and I bought 8 rolls to add to the 3 roll collection I already owned.  I chose matte indoor/outdoor vinyl because I prefer the finish over gloss in general.

I wish I’d known at the time (and the information IS out there – I just didn’t think to do any research) that glossy vinyl is “permanent” and matte is “removable”.  (glossy is not necessarily “forever”…it’s got stronger adhesive so it’s better used on items that would be handled a lot such as glassware or items that will be exposed to the elements such as signs).

As a result, I have “lots” of matte vinyl but I can’t use it for the purpose for which it was purchased – personalized coffee mugs, etc.  I did test the matte vinyl on a mug but it didn’t really hold up that well…you’d have to delicately wash it by hand and make sure you don’t snag any of the letters or they’ll nick or peel off.

Here’s the test mug that I made:

first custom mug

Once I’d tested the mug and determined that the matte vinyl simply won’t do the trick, I ordered just a few rolls of the vinyl to try it out.  It was easy to reclaim the test mug – probably took less than a minute to remove all the letters just with a fingernail.

My test subject is a co-worker who was thinking about ordering a mug on etsy after a friend told her that she has RBF (a term I was new to about 3 weeks ago but I’ve since added it to my vocabulary.  If you’re not familiar, it stands for “resting bitch face”.)

Here is the (same!) mug I made for Jess (no point in hiding the name as I personalized the mug!)


…and here is the other side with the personalization:

b#tch back

Hopefully, when she uses it she can report on the durability of the vinyl so I can decide whether to order more colours.

Giraffe Redux

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I’m part-time back in the saddle of the old craft room (complete with new “saddle” in the way of a new office chair as my old chair was not helping my bad back).

I do have to be careful of how long I spend seated and bending over to colour etc. but it’s good to get a few minutes here and there to play with my supplies.

I made this card a couple of weeks ago – it was actually on the first day of my latest bad back spell…I could barely sit up to make the card but it was time-sensitive (baby showers don’t get rescheduled for a card!) so I soldiered through and managed to make this.  Special thanks to DH who dropped it off at my office for the deadline.

giraffe redux

This card was made for the same shower the last giraffe card was for but I didn’t have much in the way of suitable secondary giraffes so I got this colouring page off the ‘net and printed it out to colour.  I was a bit overzealous with my embellishments -and have some of the asterisk-shaped wooden shapes somewhere that would have been perfect on this card but my back didn’t allow me to go searching for them…maybe next time if I have enough of this patterned paper left for another card.

I am really behind on cards that I need – two birthdays and a sympathy card are required post haste and I’m really hoping to get them done in the next day or so.  I also had another non-card project this weekend and I’ll be back to share that tomorrow for the sake of getting a few posts on the blog.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday…I’m going to do a little tidying up in the craft room to prepare for messing it up again to make cards!

Cards for a Cause

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Just dropping by quickly with an update…

I’ve been away from my craft room due to a bad back but prior to that, I made lots of Valentine’s Day cards to raise money for a local charity.

Most of the cards are CASEd so I can’t claim credit for layout…I did end up making $73.00 to donate to Beagle Paws!

image image image image

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