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Still not spending much time in my craft room but I had to make a card (I’ll share later this week) and I felt a bit guilty about not doing anything else crafty – especially during the rainy weekend we had.

I decided to (rather randomly!) make a canvas for a co-worker who just purchased her first home with her husband.  The house hasn’t really been decorated yet so I don’t know what colours she has…I decided to go with something kind of trendy (though I could NOT get my camera to reflect the true colours of the project because I’d already varnished the canvas prior to photographing it – lesson learned)

Here’s the canvas I made using contact paper and my Silhouette as a stencil:

home heart canvas

It’s a darker brown IRL – not so, um, Sienna?

I custom mixed the blue-green and used a warm yellow (more golden IRL) as well.  I hope she likes it.

I also made a tag and a card to go with it.  The colours are similar tones to the canvas:

home heart

So there you have it…a card, a tag and a canvas – should have stretched this out into 3 separate posts!  😉