Behind the Scenes

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So, haven’t been around much lately but I am working on projects in between a kitchen reno that is taking way too long and sucking most of our free time.

I’ll be sure to share some pictures of the kitchen (before, during, after) when it’s done but I am not sure when that will be!  Our old kitchen is completely ripped out and we are waiting on a date for the cabinet install as they didn’t arrive in time for the original install date.

I’ll be launching a pretty big ornament campaign in the Fall for a local charity so I’ve been sourcing the raw materials and designing the packaging etc. for that.  I’m really excited to share when the time comes but if I don’t prep now, I’ll be more stressed than excited because planning is the key!

Speaking of ornaments, I know it’s only August but I’ve been playing with some ideas for my own personal sales this Christmas and made a few “Grinch” themed items…here’s a quick look:

grinch ornaments grinch mugs

Fun! (but messy – between the glitter and the maribou for the “hair”, my craft room is a hot mess!)

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon as I do have some cards to make this week.

New Notepads

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I used the last page in the notepad I jot down my grocery list in and shamed myself into making a new one. (the old one was a leftover that I didn’t sell 2 Christmases ago!)

I’ve been on a huge beagle kick lately as I’m sick of making cards so I’ve been doing my own stuff using my dogs as inspiration.

I made a couple of notepads using an existing stamp set that I own but couldn’t really get them to look like beagles so I downloaded a free digi stamp from Jane’s Doodles and modified it slightly to get a little more “tri-colour”:

pawprint notepads

The two notepads on the left were stamped with ink and the one on the right was printed out – which meant I could create my own sentiment.  I will be colouring the heart on the tag…just wanted to quickly blog about it for the sake up updating poor old

It’s finally a nice day here in St. John’s (I don’t want to talk about Jucembuary) so I’m going to go enjoy some heat while we actually have it!

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