Gift Card Holders

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Gift cards are very popular these days but the holders that come with the cards are not especially attractive.

I made a few gift card holders that are more aesthetically pleasing AND indicate that some thought and care were put into the gift.

2015 gift card holders

There are lots of different gift card holders on Pinterest etc. but I liked these because the gift card “pops up” on the inside.

2015 gift card inside

I didn’t have a gift card handy so I used a Silhouette download card – they’re the same size as a gift card.

These are a little bit time-consuming but come together pretty quickly once you cut all the pieces and get to the assembly stage.  I think they’re cute!

Cookie Plate

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I can’t claim credit for the idea – or even the Santa image – I found one online that I liked and traced it (and tweaked it a bit because there was something not quite right with Santa’s coat) and created this:

cookies f santa white

I’m having way more fun with my Silhouette than I ever did with my Cricut (though I think the Cricut does a lot of the Silhouette stuff these days – my old one certainly didn’t).  In fact, I’ve used it to create masks for some Christmas canvases that I still have to photograph and share some day soon.

Technically, the plate can be cleaned in the dishwasher but I’d recommend hand-washing to ensure the vinyl lasts a long time.

I haven’t made much inroads into my Christmas crafting – I’ve had too many ideas this year!  I guess that’s not a bad thing but it does slow down production.

Nautical Bridal Shower

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I don’t think I’ve posted these yet but this past summer was definitely the summer of all things nautical.

I whipped up a few favour tags and a piece of “art” for a bridal shower a little while ago.

Here are the tags:

nautical tags batch

…and another view for detail – these were to put on bottles of nail polish:

nautical tags

…and here’s the “art”:

nautical love sign

It got placed in a frame after I made it – never got to see it framed but I was quite pleased with it and it didn’t take long to make once I found an appropriate font and created my anchor.

If you haven’t voted yet, please make sure you do!  Your vote ALWAYS counts.

Back soon with more lost projects.

This and That

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nautical first banner

Sharing a couple more lost projects…the first one is a gift tag I made for a pet ornament but I didn’t take a photo of the ornament itself…duh!  However, I was quite happy with the water colouring on my tag.  Unfortunately, the gift was for a friend.  Her cat passed away (at a very old age but it’s always sad to lose your pet) and I wanted her to know I was thinking of her loss.

cat box

…and a couple of first birthday cards:

Card 1:

nautical first

Card 2:

just ducky

That’s it for today but I do have a few projects I whipped up for a nautical themed bridal shower that I’m sharing tomorrow.

Wedding Cards

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Thought I’d share a few cards I made last month but didn’t have a chance to post until now.

These were based on the wedding colours of each event and they were difficult to photograph due to the gold elements of the papers:

Card 1 was CASEd…I used stickers for the Mr & Mrs.

cream and blush

Card 2 was spectacular in real life.  I CASEd the vellum banners – I used white embossing powder for the stitching.  The top of the card is deeper red but the camera did not like this card.


gold congrats

Card 3 had the patterned paper do all the work.  I embossed the sentiment on some black cardstock and added some red gems to the hearts for a little extra bling.
happily gold

I have a few more “lost” projects to share so check back soon!

Holiday Gifts – 2015 Edition

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I’ve been diligently working on my Beagle Paws ornaments for a fundraiser in November – I’m about half-way there.  It’s a lot of work between making the insert, adding the snow, folding boxes, cutting tags and stamping them, etc.  Luckily, I can prep a lot of the elements and do some of the assembly while “watching” tv with DH and the dogs so I don’t feel too isolated during mass production.

In between the fundraiser project assembly, I’ve been making a few Christmas canvases (will share soon – some are currently drying in the workshop and they are all too large for my little photo area so I’ll have to set up something temporary in a lighter room of the house).  I’ve also started making some personalized snowman mugs – which I’m sharing today:

snowman mu

I got the idea from some “sharpie” mugs on Pinterest but I hear people saying that sharpie doesn’t really work so I’m making mine with Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl.

These don’t take that long to make.  The challenge is finding reasonably priced mugs that are white rather than that kind of grey-toned white you find on cheaper ceramics.  I should have bought more of the mug I used today but I wasn’t sure how they’d work out.  Oh well, I’ll just be on the look-out for suitable mugs in my daily travels.

Off to work on some cookie plates…that’s going to be a bit trickier!

Elegant Birthday

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I’m going to drop my banners for the time being to make it faster to edit photos and blog about them.

My Aunt (the one I discuss at least twice a year on the old blog-a-roo) had a birthday last month but my kitchen was torn out so I couldn’t baker her traditional date and walnut loaves.  As I now have a fully functional (but still incomplete) kitchen, that was the first order of business this morning.

I don’t have pictures of the loaves (which are cooling on my sexy new granite counter as I type this) but I do have a picture of the birthday card I made this morning:

elegant birthday wishes

The white card is adhered to a transparency so there is a little bit of glare in the picture.  I used my Simon Says Stamp card kit from last month for this card.  Wish I had more time to play with my card-making supplies but I am still making lots of things – they’re just not papercrafts right now.

Time to go pull a zillion staples out of some kitchen chair cushions…at least it’s a rainy day so it’s a good time to be productive while indoors!

Some Sweet!

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Quickly dropping in with a small update on the kitchen.

Countertops are in, sink is installed, etc.  We are waiting on some replacements for damaged doors etc. which is holding up the installation of the trims but we’re hoping that will be done in the next week or so.

In the meantime, I’ve recovered half of our kitchen chairs and am in the process of repainting my KitchenAid stand mixer (scary!).

I’ve also altered a couple of new items for the kitchen including a sugar bowl (to hold Splenda) as my new counter tops are very snobby and won’t allow the old plastic container to remain on the counter between uses.

DH suggested the expression on the bowl – it’s a local expression so it might not mean much to you but I think it’s cute:


I will be working on some Christmas crafts over the Thanksgiving weekend and I hope to have time to blog about them.  Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

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