More Cushion Covers

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I’ve been busy working on some handmade items (not cards) and thought I’d share in case you think I’m not around anymore!

The following pictures are terrible but here are some cushion covers that I completed tonight:

theodore rupert rachel

I also made some custom dog scarves last weekend after somebody spotted my “Finn the Blind Beagle” scarf:

tucker 2

tucker 1

Finn’s blind doggy gift box was made especially for him so I created new packaging for these scarves/bandannas.  Just need a little more practice with the pattern (some adjustments to make them more universal) and I’ll be cranking them out like crazy!  The gift box measurements need a tweak too (well, the patterned paper – cut it too small on the first box!)

Here’s a shot of my two dogs wearing their scarves – Jack’s scarf bunches a bit because his collar is doubled up – that’s the adjustment I want to make – I’m sure he’s not the only dog that has a neck slightly too big for one size collar meaning the next size up needs to be adjusted to its smallest size.  I’m not completely convinced this will resolve the issue but it’s worth a try!:

jack and jill scarveds

Finn the Blind Beagle

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Earlier this year, Beagle Paws ( rescued a sweet beagle they named Finn.

Unfortunately, due to neglect and glaucoma, Finn had to have both eyes surgically removed.

Happily, Finn is loving life with his foster mom and he’s quickly becoming somewhat of a spokesbeagle for the organization and everyone loves reading about his adventures through his own Facebook page.

I’m off work this week and decided to use some of this morning’s “me” time to make Finn a special scarf.


Of course, I had to make cute packaging to go with it!

I’m no seamstress so my sewing is not the best but this scarf will slip right over Finn’s collar so his tags don’t need to be removed and his neck won’t feel too bulky.  It’s nice and tailored too so he won’t trip or get easily caught on something as he sniffs his way around his environment.

I hope he enjoys his gift.  I was certainly pleased to make it for him.



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