More Ornaments

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I got a few more ornaments finished today and I’m slowly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The first one is supposed to be an “elf on the shelf”.  It’s a gift for an elf to leave her “person” when she shows up for the year:


The second ornament is actually the back of a monogram bulb but I thought it turned out nice so I’m sharing it on m blog:


I have a few pairs of socks to do and some pet stockings and then I’m REALLY hoping to get some cards started – at the very least I need my cards for family as it will soon be time to mail my parcels etc.

Pet Memory Bulbs

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I designed some new pet-themed bulbs today using frosted vinyl for an etched effect:



The name is done in gold and I’ve designed a simple tag using gold ink to go along with the packaging:


When I was ordering the paw print seals I use on my tissue paper the company was out of the clear so I had to get gold instead.  The gold label was the inspiration for these bulbs.

Not sure why the tissue paper looks so orange in the picture but it’s actually red.

The bulb is shatterproof (cannot source any disc bulbs at the moment) and the paw print and name are floating on a bed of snow inside the ornament.

Off to work on some stockings!


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I’ve been super busy with socks, ornaments, and other little Christmas goodies.  In fact, I soon won’t be able to do any more glass ornaments as I’m almost completely sold out.  I have a lot of shatterproof ornaments but hardly any of my favourite disc ornaments.

Oh well, at least that means I might find time to make some cards!

Here’s the latest batch of everything – a bit of a random mix.


I’ve gone through 2 blades and 2 mats for my Silhouette this season.  That’s a lot of cutting!

Gotta get those bulbs packaged tomorrow and out the door – trying to clear the decks to make way for some card-making!

Row House Ornaments!

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I’m so excited to have finally turned this idea into an actual ornament that I couldn’t even wait to create the packaging before sharing it on my blog:


It’s been really hard to find clear bulbs to make my crafts this year so I’ve been putting off some of my ideas.

Yesterday, I was fruitlessly searching for disc ornaments at Michael’s and came across a container of round plastic ornaments (I won’t work with round glass – I’m too clumsy!).

I wasn’t sure if they’d fit the bill but they’re really nice and they’re perfect for anyone “from home” sending one in a Christmas package as they are plastic so you don’t have to worry about breakage.

Hopefully, I’ll get the packaging finished tonight (depends on inspiration – took me a whole day to come up with a snowman soup tag yesterday!) and may even remember to update this post when I do.

I remembered!


Enjoy the few meager hours remaining of this lovely 3-day weekend!

Santa K-Cup Ornament

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I’m working on a snowman version of these but don’t have it perfected just yet (the mouth is too fiddly) but here’s my Santa K-Cup ornament:


It’s a pyramid box with Santa embellishments.  A K-Cup fits perfectly inside if you turn it upside down.

I added some holes to my pyramid box cut file so I could run some baker’s twine through it to hang on the tree.  I also doubled up the lid (bottom) of the box so the tab that closes it is a little sturdier (due to the fact that I used 65 lb cardstock which is a bit flimsy).

I also took advantage of today’s holiday to spend a few hours in my craft room working on some glitter bulb orders:


Just have to make the tags and package them up.

I feel like I’ll never get to making any Christmas cards or tags and I have some really cute new stamps and paper I’d like to play with!

Poop Happens

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Rolling along with the Christmas crafts (but not as far along as I should be at this point – only about 6 more weeks – eek!).

Last night I made some emoji ornaments.  I don’t have a good picture of all of them due to the glare on the glass but here’s what I made:



A co-worker requested the first style and had the brilliant idea to put a “scratch and sniff” sticker on the front of the box they’re packaged in.  Funny stuff!

I just need to make some gift tags for the other ornaments and off to my little “desk shop” they go!

Come back tomorrow for a K-Cup ornament.

Reindeer Games

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I finally finished the last of the ornaments for the Beagle Paws fundraiser so now it’s on to some Christmas crafting for myself.

When picking up some items on a lunch break about a month ago, I found a single roll of burlap on the shelf at Wal-Mart.  It was pretty expensive but I’ve really wanted to try some burlap crafts I’ve seen on Pinterest and I knew if I didn’t buy it I’d probably regret it so into my cart it went.

I washed the whole roll last weekend and ironed most of it today.  I am planning to make some Christmas cushion covers but wanted to try something a bit easier today so I made some Reindeer Food using squares of the burlap.

Here are my supplies:


…and here’s the finished project (I ran out of the right size googly eyes so I could only make 6):


Cute, hey?

I’m hoping to get more “me” time so I can do some Christmas crafts but I have a few orders to fill first.

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