Weekend Round-Up

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I managed to get some afternoon craft time yesterday AND today (largely because I had a few orders to fill) and I’m just going to quickly share what I made as I won’t get time to blog these items individually.

First, I dropped in to Michael’s yesterday morning since we had to stop at the DIY store next door and I picked up some wool to make coffee cup cozies (still a work in progress so I’ll share at a later date), wool for a small throw blanket for our living room and I also scored a Cinch binding machine for $25!!!  I also picked up some Valentine themed patterned paper, a stamp set, and a few mini pens.  I did use the Valentine themed supplies to make these:

bug notepads

I had a complex order this weekend of a glittered wine glass and thank you card (complex because it’s a three-stage job and you have to wait for each coat to dry before you can move on to the next) so I made the card yesterday after glitter stage two and added the vinyl to the glass this afternoon.  Pictures are not good but here you go:

rn wine glass

Back of the glass (colour correction changed the tissue paper to this ugly beige):

rn back

Coordinating Thank you card (inspired by another card on Pinterest):

floral thanks

One more order I needed to knock out this weekend was a much easier project – a monogrammed mug.  The only difficulty filling this order was waiting for Bowring to get the mugs back in stock:

j mug

On a sadder note, a Beagle Paws friend’s dog passed away last weekend and I really wanted to send her a personalized sympathy card so I made this early last week:

puppy sympathy

In between all this, I’m still making dishcloths as I find it relaxing and it also lets me watch a bit of tv on the week nights when I’m not feeling particularly creative.  I don’t have a pictures to share but I’ve added a few colours.  I probably have to stop making them for a bit as I’m just displaying them at work and have probably run out of customers!

Enjoy your week.  May it be productive and creative.

Mama Needs a Glass of Wine

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These are the last of the glitter wine glasses I made just before Christmas.

I’m planning to do more of these once I have a little more time – it’s a messy process so the craft room needs to be super tidy before I can haul out the glitter and mod podge (it’s special washable mod podge – if you plan to do this, make sure you get something that can withstand hand-washing).


Right now we’re just finishing up a few house projects (some painting and a few baseboards) which seem to be taking longer than necessary because we simply don’t want to get on with it.  It’s always tricky to balance work, life, hobbies, and responsibilities.  Here’s hoping I get better at that in 2017!

Watercoloured Cards

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Just trying to get back in the swing of card-making and decided to have a little fun smooshing ink on some watercolour paper for the background of my first cards for 2017.

I was inspired by the layout of an MFT card I found on Pinterest.

Here’s the paper with the smooshed inks:


…and here are the three cards I made with the backgrounds:




Coincidentally, the imagesI used today happen to be from two MFT stamp sets that I bought a couple of months ago.  I’d already cut them out using my Pixscan mat as I didn’t buy the matching dies (very expensive in CAD$$$) so I just had to colour them while waiting for the background to dry.  I used black pigment ink for the sentiments to ensure they would stand out on the distress ink.

Smooshing is a great way to control how your ink is laid down on the paper.  If I had to do this with a brush I don’t think it would be so “organic” looking.  Must remember to use this technique more often.

A New Year

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It’s time to do a little reorganizing/revamping of my website (with the help of DH) so I’m hoping to have a new look in the next week or so – time permitting.

This site (blog) has always been for the sole purpose of keeping me motivated to be creative in my spare time.  Lately, I feel that my page could be put to better use to display some of the items that I make – especially for fundraisers as “new” customers are not familiar with my previous work etc. so it would be nice to have a place where they can easily browse around for something specific and contact me more directly.

I’m not sure if that’s what the revamp will deliver but it’s something I’ll keep in mind while planning my new layout.

In the meantime, I am trying to get back into cards – hoping to do some Valentine’s Cards for a Beagle Paws fundraiser but haven’t worked out the details yet.  I’ve also been doing a bit of crochet as it’s a nice way to be productive while catching up on all the TV I didn’t have time to watch in the month of December (I’m 3 TWD’s behind!).

Here are some dishcloths that I recently made – of course, I had to make some packaging to go with them as that’s my favourite part:


They have a stripe at the top and bottom…


Hoping to be back with a card or two in the next couple of days.

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