Sunday, Bloody Sunday

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Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye.

DH kindly finished fixing my flooring issue this past week and I also got a lighting upgrade so picture taking should improve too!

Just to demonstrate the difference in the light, here is a typical picture that I took just to show what I was doing in my craft room (rather than a picture of an actual project):

valentine wine

…and here’s a picture I took today:

packing up

HUGE difference.  Bigly, even.

I’m very excited to be able to see properly while crafting (as I get older, it’s been harder to see the finer details on my projects.  The light upgrade will certainly help)!  Not only is my craft room in the basement of our bungalow but the snow has completely covered the window I do have and not a drop of natural light can get in.  The new lights are daylight fluorescent – which I was a bit worried about getting as I hate working under them all day in the office – and they are a great working light.  Much better than the fixture I had previously as it had 4 halogen “spotlights” and the room was filled with shadows.

In addition to some wine glasses and a pair of socks, I made a few dog bandannas this weekend.  One is my typical “name” bandanna and two are double-sided Harry Potter themed. (NOTE: Generally speaking, I won’t be making these again – it takes WAY longer to make a two-coloured bandanna and I also had some bleeding issues when heating both sides of the HTV).

I didn’t get a picture of the name bandanna but here’s the HP ones (the red didn’t come out right thanks to my new lighting.  Gonna have to play with the settings on my camera a bit):

The last picture shows what’s on the opposite side of both the red and the green bandannas.  Pretty cute!

gryffindor slytherin solemnly

That’s it for me.  I don’t have any orders to work on this week so I’m probably going to play with the February Card Kit from Simon Says Stamp (coffee themed!) and work on some tags/packaging for my little shop.

Another Weekend Blitz

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I actually didn’t spend much time in my craft room this weekend.  The laminate flooring around my desk area is damaged (just because the floor is a bit uneven so the flooring has a bit too much give and my chair wheels catch on the seams) so DH is in the process of putting another layer of laminate just around the traffic area using the flooring we salvaged from our kitchen reno last year.  Some day we’ll have to redo the whole floor but this will work for now.  Point is, the room is semi out of commission.

However, I’m sharing some personalized boxer shorts I made last week as well as a couple of wine glasses:

valentine boxers

camo glass camo packaged stemless tag stemless packaged

The dog-themed glasses were a donation to a pet-rescue auction that took place last Thursday.  The “camo” glass is a custom order.

Oh, I also finished my first crocheted hat this weekend too – it’s for DH.  It’s bulky and weighs a ton but he says he likes it.  I don’t have a picture to share but might make another one some day.

Stemless Wine Glasses

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Another quick weekend round up (though I still have a card to make and a Valentine’s order to complete this weekend so I hope to be back tomorrow)…

I managed to get a couple of hours in my craft room today and decorated a few stemless wine glasses.  This is a much easier and faster process than the glitter stem glasses.  It’s also a lot cleaner!

Here are some of the glasses I made (I did package them but haven’t taken pictures so that will have to wait for another time…

valentine stemless wine dog

There are LOADS of ideas for wine glasses on Pinterest.  There’s even a free cut file for the “Wine is my Valentine” glass (but I did offset the graphic to make it thicker as I wanted to make sure it remains stuck to the glass when it’s washed).  The others were inspired by Pinterest images – I just used my own font and changed the paw in dog on the last glass to a dog’s head – because dogs!  😉

They’re packaged in clear bags with a wine-themed tag and some coordinating ribbon – quite simple but better than no packaging.  I might pick up some gift boxes but they really add to the cost of a project plus you have to find a space to store them. (My craft room is bursting at the seams.)

We’re going out to supper with some friends this evening so I need to finish a few chores and get ready.  I hope you have a crafty weekend!

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