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Popping in to share a few projects I’ve been working on for February…

Feb. 17th weekend:

Wine glasses, crocheted Spring facecloth, bunny bag for packaging the cloth.

February 10th weekend:

Glitter stemmed wine glass, pet memory candle jar, coffee cup cozies, a couple of Valentine’s Day cards.

February 3rd weekend:

Pet pillows, T-shirts, a batch of crocheted dishcloths, and some tea towels…

I wonder if I’ll make it 4 for 4 re: weekend crafty time for the month of February?  I do have a few projects I want to finish but most of them involve sewing which isn’t my favourite thing to do (plus I don’t have a permanent home for my sewing machine so it’s a PITA to set it up).

I also really want to get my website revamped but am not making as much progress as I’d like.  Some day…

Custom Pillows!

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