After tidying my room yesterday (and boring you with my blog post) it was time to get to work on a few birthday cards.  These cards need to be mailed to the UK so I had to keep it simple with my design. (i.e. no buttons, no ribbon, no bulky embellishments of any description)

Today’s card is for my MIL.  I used my cute new Whipper Snapper set – Bee-Lieve in a Cure.  I actually used the same image that was on my baby card from a couple of days ago but the end result is a totally different look because of the strong colours I used on the card:

When I think of my MIL, I think earthy, natural tones.  She loves gardens and colours like cream and brown.  My card doesn’t have those colours really but I think the strong tones in the card give it an earthy but funky feel.  The flower on the stamped image matches the plum cardstock in real life.   I don’t know why cameras do that sometimes but I’ve seen it on blogs with better photographers than me so I don’t feel too bad.

No sewing on this card but I did wrap some twine around the bottom strip of cardstock to give it a little something-something.  It’s going in the mail tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, check back for another simple card that’s going to the UK…my FIL has a birthday the same month as my MIL.