“Masculine” cards.  Oh, how I struggle.

In an industry that has every imaginable theme, it is always surprising how difficult it can be to find paper and embellishments suitable for “man” cards.

Of course, you could just buy a stamp with a golf, motorcylce, car, fisherman, baseball or other sports theme, slap some “boy” coloured paper and cardstock behind it and call it a day but most cardmakers have a formula.  I’m lucky in that my formula is simple – Matted image, sentiment, background paper and usually one embellishment – but my choices in each category are very limited, especially the embellishments.

Where are the golf ball, golf tee, beer bottle, car tire, wrench-shaped brads and charms?  Where’s the ribbon with masculine images printed on it? (green ribon with “fore”, black ribbon with tires and wrenches alternating down its length, hockey team images, etc).  When you do manage to find something, it’s either very ugly or very expensive.

While I’ve come to grips with the fact that it’s just easier to make a card for a woman, I still make an attempt every once in a while (maybe 1 card in 20) to make a card that is suitable for your average Joe (or Bob, or Fred…)

This is my latest attempt:

I actually bought this K&Co paper pad last year thinking that some of the paper would make good “man” cards.  Most of the patterns are a little too large in scale to make good card backgrounds but many of the flip-sides have smaller prints (case in point, the above card uses the back and front of the same sheet of paper).

I tried to “man up” the button embellishment but I think once you choose yellow as the accent colour you’re fighting a losing battle.  Perhaps this card is a little more metrosexual than heterosexual but I’ll keep trying!