tree tag banner

Getting a bit behind in my blogging.  How do all those prolific “full time job, makes a fabulous card every day, posts it on their blog, tells us all about the gourmet supper and 9 loads of laundry they are in the midst of ironing” bloggers do it?  I can either make something or blog about it…I never have enough time to do both.

I do try to write a few posts at a time when I sit down at my computer and then just edit the publishing date on the extra posts but there are still big gaps between what I’m doing and what I’ve blogged.  Having said that, the purpose of my blog is to push me to make things – not to share them with the world. (I like sharing but I have no desire to be a paper crafting rock star…well, if it didn’t take a lot of work, I’d consider it!)

So,  today is really Sunday, the 11th of November.  This is not a pre-written post (but the next couple will be!)  I’m on my second load of laundry, there is no supper (or lunch for that fact!), the house is clean only because we did it a couple of days ago so I just had to do a tidy up this morning), I don’t iron, it’s 10:48 am (though WordPress thinks it’s 11:48 because I have to manually adjust for the time change) and I’m on my second cup of coffee and getting ready to make a few tags before working on other Christmas projects. (really behind on the cards!)

I made this tag last week and I really like it because I got to play with my embossing paste and it’s a “scrappy” card.  The papers were left from previous projects.

tree tags

I actually made 4 of these but three look better in the picture than 4!  These will be part of a set of tags with a similar theme.

The tree is Paper Smooches.  The “North Pole” postmark is from an old Stampin’ Up! set.  The white stripes are embossing paste using a SimonSaysStamp stencil that I got last year.  These were actually pretty fast to make once the embossing was done.

Back “tomorrow” with another tag using Paper Smooches stamps.