The sun has managed to shine just a little bit today so I thought I’d take another go at blogging my craft room.  At this point it’s just a couple of shots of the room.  There are still a few things to do (which I will point out on this tour) but I’ve been using the room since late January. 

Picture 1 – This is the view of my room from the door.  The colour is still off – if you want to know what it really looks like you’ll have to find the paint chip – it’s Asparagus by Behr.  We’ve used the same colour in our living room and bedroom as the windows on our house (except for the basement, ironically) face East/West and we don’t get much direct sun so the rooms are a little dark.

In the above picture, the bank of Jetmax cubes where my Cuttlebug and Tonic trimmer live will eventually be covered with another countertop.  There will be a bookshelf running along the back for extra storage.  I’m hoping to have that done by mid-April but I’m not holding my breath!

Picture 2

This is the view from the other side of the room.  You can see that we have a wall of closets.  The smaller closet is for my craft stuff (and still needs to have shelving installed – for now there’s a plastic shelf in there but it isn’t an efficient use of the space so “real” shelves are next on the list of things that need doing.)  The larger closet is for household storage and doesn’t have any shelving in it at the moment.  We’ll store board games, seasonal items, etc. in that closet.  There are also no handles on the doors at this point.  We are sourcing some longer screws so we can use some small metal knobs that we already own. (this project was a huge budget suck – it took longer and cost much more than we had anticipated – the room was previously part of the unfinished basement)

Note that my trimmer doesn’t quite fit on top of the Jetmax cubes.  The countertop will add an additional 10 inches to the depth and will also make for a more durable work area.

Eventually, our elliptical machine will have to live in here as well (boo hoo) but maybe it will inspire me to use it. (ha!)

Picture 3 – This is the main event.  My desktop is a 10 foot countertop with Jetmax cubes as pedestals.  My computer is on one side of the work top and my crafting area is on the other.  I still have to get my Cricut set up in here but there’s no room at the moment (DH is going to put in a shelf for my printer and I’ll put the cricut where the printer was)  The cost of finishing this room in the basement was pretty steep  so we spent as little as possible to outfit the room.  I already had all these cubes (I have 12 in total.  My old room had 9 and I got 3 for my birthday last year but didn’t assemble them because I knew I’d be moving downstairs within a month or so) and the filing cabinet.

The only things that are new (i.e. weren’t used in my old room) are the wall mounted magazine holder (where I keep my cricut cartridges and my SU ink cubes) and the white desk organizer that is on top of the filing cabinet (both were birthday gifts back in December) – oh, and the trash can is new too!  

The black filing cabinet holds my SU cardstock.  It’s filed alphabetically, rather than by colour family.  The In Colour cardstock is filed by year except for the first year or two and is kept in the bottom drawer along with CS from other companies and SU neutrals

In the cubbyhole under the desk, you’ll see some Rubbermaid organizers.  The majority of my 12X12 patterned paper is kept there and is filed by brand.  It needs some culling – which I do several times a year.  I give away a fair bit of paper and keep some of the outdated stuff for making envelopes or practicing a 3-D project.  My SU markers are also kept in this cubbyhole – they’re in the tin my Prismacolour pencils came with.  I just grab the tin and put it on my desk when I want to use my markers.  It keeps them stored horizontally and makes it easy to tuck them out of the way when I’m not using them.

I would have to take a lot more pictures to show you how I organize things.  I like to have my everyday stuff close at hand (thus the messy looking shelf on that wall unit) and to tuck away things that I use less often or that take up too much space.  My clear stamps, acrylic blocks, reinkers, and adhesives are all in the Jetmax cubes under the countertop.  Less used items are either in the bottom drawer, over in the bank of Jetmax cubes or boxed up in photo boxes and placed in the closet (I put all my seasonal things in photoboxes and store them away until I am going to use them).

Picture 4 – this is where “everything else” lives.

I use my paper cutter, scor-it and Cuttlebug over on top of the bank of Jetmax Cubes rather than dragging them over to the work top.  It’s a bit awkward at the moment but when I get my second countertop I’ll have it overhang the cubes slightly to give my knees a little space.

All my smaller than 12X12″ paper lives over here too.  There’s a magazine holder in one of the cubes that I use to store my Basic Grey (and other brands) 6X6″ paper – I have a label on the spine of each package and store them alphabetically.  Any scraps are placed back inside the package so I know where they are next time I use that pad. (I do the same thing with the 12X12″ paper – just throw the scraps back in the drawer on top of everything else.)

I keep my Nestabilities dies in a small photo box on one of the shelves in the cube.  I just throw them all in the box.  It’s not a perfect solution but it will do for now.  I don’t have a lot of Nesties – I carefully select the shapes I want (except for the first 2 sets I bought…they were new back then so I got EVERY plain and scalloped circle and did the same for the rectangles – now I just get the largest set)

All my glitter is stored here too…it’s all in a wooden tray I got at the dollar store – very easy to grab the tray, select the glitter I want and then put the tray back on the shelf.

There is a lot of cardstock and paper stored in these cubes as well.  I have some Bazzil CS, some cheap CS from Costco (I use it to experiment with templates, etc so I don’t waste the expensive paper), watercolour paper, vellum, photo paper, and a few 12X12 pads (as well as a small stack of 8×8″ pads (I have a LOT of paper) all tucked away in there somewhere.

Once the room is finished (new countertop, shelving in closets, elliptical in place, etc.)  I’ll probably put a few ornamental items in here.  It doesn’t really bother me if there are any pictures on the walls – the room is more for function – but I’m sure it will become a little more cluttered as time goes by.

Hope you liked the tour! (oh, and it’s not always this tidy…but that’s another post!)