Hmmm, the banner is going to look cuter than the full picture of this project!

I made my traditional co-worker valentine’s treats – well, you can’t eat ’em but it’s still a gift and who doesn’t like to get a little surprise on their desk to start the day?!

I bought a couple of packages of glittered pencils in the Valentine section at Wal-Mart and decided to dress them up a little.  I was hoping to find some pixie stix and make little pouches for the stix and the pencils but couldnt’ find anything that was the right size to tuck in with the pencils.  Then I thought I’d make bookmarks and pencils but couldn’t come up with a design that was simple enough to crank out 2 dozen of in 2 nights. (well, if I wanted to be annoyed and tired I probably could have but that would kind of take away from the gift-giving…)

I compromised by making a little holder for the pencils that looks a bit like a bookmark.  Here’s a shot (group photo – they’re just piled up):

You get the idea.

I used a cute Hero Arts cupcake stamp which is paper pieced and lightly dusted with glitter. (you can’t see it in the photo but the glitter is dotted all over the frosting on the cupcakes.)  I matted some valentine’s patterned paper with cardstock and cut a strip of cardstock to hold the pencil in place.  The cupcakes were punched out with a circle punch and matted with another circle of patterned paper which was then glued to a scalloped circle. 

These were fairly easy to mass produce.  I deliberately sized the holders so they wouldn’t create a lot of scraps of cardstock or patterned paper.  There was very little waste with this project – it’s always a good idea to do a little extra planning when mass producing.  Changing a dimension by as much as 1/8″ can be enough to save cutting into an extra sheet of paper or cardstock.  While most of us have spare cardstock, we often only have one or two of the same sheet of patterned paper so it’s important to get the most out of what you have.

Happy (Almost) Valentine’s Day!