My day started out “not so great”…I had a little accident and sliced a little piece off of the side of my thumb – unpleasant.  It also took me over three hours to make one card today.  I started at 11:30 an finished around 2:45.  I don’t know why it took so long except that I was going for a very specific card rather than just letting my muse run free. 

Once that was done it was well past time for lunch so I stopped and made some wraps for DH and myself.  I think I dropped every utensil (and a couple of pieces of food) while I was making lunch.  I was beyond frustrated by the time I was done.  I decided to take a break from making cards (my Saturday is usually card making time – the rest of the week is for work, laundry, minimal housecleaning, etc.) and tidy up the mess in my craft room instead.

Going back to the card, it’s for a house-warming party and the request was for black, silver, grey, – and, originally, elegant.  I had to bail on elegant.  I just don’t gravitate towards that type of stamp.  In fact, thanks to a new blog viewer (Shelley, thank you soooo much for visiting!) I now have a label for my style – whimsical.  I like it!

Here’s my whimsically elegant card:

I’m fairly certain my “client” will like it.  Just need to get the verse done and I’m all set.

This is a larger 6.5″x5″ card.  I used Basic Grey’s Scarlett Letter paper – as soon as S gave me the list of colours to use I knew what paper I was going to pick.  I originally had the image matted on grey cardstock but I removed it and changed it to black.  Much better!  The image is Whipper Snapper and is coloured with reinkers and an aquapainter.  I added a black rhinestone for the door handle and joined some coordinating Primas together with a red jewelled brad.

You may have noticed that this card has real stitching on it.  I bought a Singer Pixie sewing machine at Wal-Mart on Thursday.  I do have a “real” sewing machine but I haven’t had much luck using it on paper and I don’t want to break it (I can’t really sew – I use the machine to hem pants and curtains etc…I’ve had it for over 20 years (I got it with my first ever tax refund!)  I’m not overly fond of the colour but, at least it’s not pink (sorry, I know lots of you love pink but I’m more into green).  Here’s a picture:

I have only used it a couple of times so far – it’s a bit early to give my opinion on it.  I will say that I’m moderately impressed.  It has received some bad reviews on the web but I think the people using it either wanted to make quilts etc. or never used a sewing machine before.  Either way, you have to make allowances for something that is specifically intended for crafting and costs less than $50.

Once I’ve taken it for a few more test runs I will write a little review and share a few tips I’ve come up with so far. (for example, I’ve found a work-around for the fact that you can only use skinny spools of thread with this machine)

I’ll be back tomorrow with a baby card and *maybe* a little peek at my craft room (though it’s still not finished!)