I was asked to make a card for a special wedding (yes, yes, all weddings are special) for a couple that has been together for 25 years but never married.  They decided to get married this year on 10/10/10.  Their respective families are very pleased to see the legal union of this couple and they are all quite excited about the big day.

The card that my client wanted had to be “not too masculine” but still wedding like and she wanted golden tones.  As it is Autumn, I thought a warm, orange-yellow tone would be just the ticket:

The addition of 10-10-10 on the front of the card was also requested.  The happy couple are quite proud of that date.

Sadly, no stamps were used to create the card but it’s personalized and I hope the newlyweds enjoy this card and their big day. 

If you are interested in some of the tips and tricks, read on.

This is a larger 5X6.5″ card.  These can be tricky to make as many of us are using the 6X6 paper pads these days.  The paper I used on the card is actually one 4.5X6.5″ piece of patterned paper – here’s what I did…

I printed the 10.10.10 in the center of the 4.5X6.5″ paper and die cut it with a nestie heart.  I then die cut a second larger heart leaving as much of an outside margin as possible.   Yes, the larger heart had a smaller heart shaped bite out of the middle.  Not a problem as the champagne coloured cardstock heart covers this.

That left me with a 4.5X6.5″ rectangle with a large heart cut out of the middle.  I knew the embossed champagne coloured panel would cover the missing piece but I needed the patterned paper to be a quarter inch taller to use it as a mat for the embossed panel.  To do this, I cut the patterned paper in half, adhered the top half to the back of the embossed panel, then adhered the bottom piece to the bottom of the panel.  This left a small gap in the middle of each side of the panel.  The gap is covered by the wrinkle ribbon.

Must dash!