Today’s projects (that’s right, projects…) were created for my final posting at PaperWorks Co where I’ve been on the design team for the last six months.  In some ways I can’t believe half a year has gone so quickly and in other ways I feel like I just got started at PWCO.

Before I show you the projects I’d like to share a little of the insight I’ve gained from being on a design team (if you’re thinking about taking a crack at it yourself)…

1.  The free stuff IS cool.  My first DT package was like Christmas! (I can’t get into all the perks due to my contract but I did get lots of freebies)

2.  It’s a lot more work than I thought it would be.  I don’t mean that in a bad way but you have to work within a certain time frame using specific materials or parameters.  It can be a little daunting at times.  I am also at a bit of a geographic disadvantage living so far off the beaten path (so to speak) so I get my packages a little later than would be ideal.  Time frames have been tight but I’ve muddled through!  The point is that while it’s exciting, fun, and an honour to be chosen for a DT (Design Team), it IS work.

3.  You get to make new friends.  I never thought about this perk when I applied for the DT but I’ve got a few new friends in the crafting world – a bonus for sure!  Not just fellow DT members but some of the customers too.

Was it worth it?  You bet!  Let’s move on to those projects…

Okay, as I posted at PWCO, many of you have seen cute little Christmas tags on crafting community sites and personal blogs (including the ones I posted HERE – btw, most favourited of all my projects on SCS!  It even beat out my cute little golf bag!) but you might not know what to do with them.  After all, you can crank out lots in an evening and you only need so many for gift wrapping purposes plus some of your family/friends are not worthy of a hand crafted tag (you know it’s true) so you don’t even need as many tags as you have gifts to give!

I’m going to share three tags and three ideas on how to use them.

Here are the tags (yes, they are the same layout – nothing wrong with it – you have enough to do this season without trying to make every tag unique – changing out the papers/colours is enough work, trust me!):

Yes, they are adorable – you can do this!  You’re working with such a small area that it’s easy to crank out tags every bit as adorable as these little cuties. (I used PWCO’s papercard kit of the month to make my tags – all papers/cardstock/ribbon/buttons in today’s post come from that one kit.  The sentiment is from Whipper Snapper.)

Idea #1 – add a tag to a card front:

Idea #2 – make a gift card holder and use a tag to decorate the front:

Here’s a shot of the inside to illustrate the gift card pocket (I got the idea HERE):

Idea #3 (last one peeps!) – use the tag as…a tag!

…and make an adorable, perfectly coordinated gift bag to go with it!

Have fun!  I’m having a little crafting get together this weekend so I should have some good Christmas goodies to show you soon.  Go make yourself some tags!