Before I share today’s card I’ll just mention what my two big “events” were this week:

1.  We purchased a car for me! (before we were a one-car family).  It’s used but it’s a 2009 and it’s awesome!  It’s a base model Honda Fit and it’s FUN to drive!

2. We are doing a trial adoption of a beagle – he’s 5 years old and his name is Jack.  We did a trial adoption a couple of years ago but took two stray 6 month old dogs and they were just too disruptive.  We’ve fostered in the past too but decided it was time to think about giving a dog a forever home.  Jack is doing well so far but I am not a very good sleeper at the best of times and was awake most of the night.  Thankfully it’s a long weekend (we planned ahead) so I should be able to stick it out until Jack settles down a bit.

I’ll share pics of Jack later.  He doesn’t like noises or foreign items so I’m going to let him settle in before sticking a camera in his face.

ETA: My husband couldn’t wait to take pictures any longer…here’s a shot of Jack:

Back to the card…

I had a request for a pirate-themed baby shower card (a first for me – that doesn’t happen too often).  Luckily, I remembered that I had a tiny little Rubber Soul stamp of a pirate ship…here’s what I came up with:

I was a bit worried that the customer wouldn’t like the skull and cross-bones but I felt it really brought home the pirate theme so I stuck it on there anyway.  The card was a hit! (whew!)…so much so that she needs another card for her mom with a “nautical” theme (I didn’t ask why the pirate/nautical theme…I’m just going to assume that the parents own a boat and leave it at that!)

You can’t tell in the picture but the image is framed with a circle that is pop-dotted so there’s more dimension on the card than the picture conveys.

The sentiment was done using a stamp from Hero Arts AND a computer generated word.  I printed Ahoy on red cardstock and then stamped Baby Boy underneath it.

I crumpled up some ancient map themed patterned paper that I had in my stash and ran the sewing machine along the edges.  I also distressed the edges before matting the paper to the black panel.  A couple of brads (I love using old supplies) and I called it a day.

Now, to work on the “nautical” card…see you soon!