No stamping today to speak of but I have 3 “baby” stories to share:

First up, I made a batch (12) of Thank You cards for my SIL to use for baby shower gifts and initially thought it would be easier to make 12 baby-themed embellishments with my Cricut than to stamp and colour 12 images from my limited selection of baby stamps.

I was wrong.

I can’t even tell you how many hours I spent assembling the baby carriage image I chose from Simply Charmed.  There were 4 rounds of cutting (wheels and base of head, cheeks, frilly bits plus bow on baby, baby’s face and the actual main image) and the wheels alone were enough to make me scream.  I had to pluck all the little bits out from between the spokes and found the whole exercise a bit frustrating.  The things we do for love!

After a full day, I did manage to finish the set of cards but they certainly don’t reflect the amount of time that went into them:

I tried using patterned paper for the circle behind the carriage and, while it looked cute prior to attaching to the card base, the original paper I chose to place on the base was just too busy so I rummaged around and found something a little more solid as a substitute.

As all the cards are the same layout, I mixed things up a little by using 3 different colours for card bases – Pink Pirouette, Barely Banana, and Kraft.  I like the Kraft version the best.

Secondly, I forgot to share the completed box to package the baby ornament (for the same baby as the thank you cards) I made in THIS post:

I love the contrast of the kraft cardstock with the soft pink paper and ribbon!

…and my final “baby” story…

Our beagle loves to roll around on the grass (unfortunately) but I won’t let him do it while we are on our walks so I make sure to give him some quality lawn time when we get home.   Who knows what my neighbours think when they see Jack in action.  It was difficult to take a picture as he was moving around the entire time.  Note the tongue sticking out in complete ecstasy: