I picked up a set of stamps at M’s a little while ago – using up the last of a gift card I had – and the stamps are animals – a zebra, a monkey, a um, gecko or chameleon type creature, some leaves and this thing – I was initially thinking lizard due to the way the body is positioned but hubby said it was a crocodile (it could be an alligator – I know there’s a difference and I could google it if I cared)…

After he said that I could see (without him pointing it out, thank you very much) the alligator/crocodile eyes and snout which are quite different than a lizard but I’d already coloured it kind of lizard-esque.

Not that it matters –  I found some tropical-hued paper in my stash and made a card and a matching notepad (the notepad is what’s pictured – they look the same but the notepad is not quite as wide as the card).  I used a sentiment from Paper Smooches (I need to place an order – Kim’s handwriting font is soooo adorable and it looks great on my card and notepad so I’ll have to invest another $40-50 building up my stash of PS stamps.

If the last sentence or two enabled you, you can find a link to Paper Smooches on my sidebar and shipping to Canada is fast and cheap!