piper 2014 banner

Whew!  Still trying to clue up a few Christmas projects so I can start putting away my Christmas-themed craft supplies and get my craft room organized again.  It’s been absolutely chaos!

WARNING – lots of pictures in this post…I haven’t had time to blog lately but I’ve taken a few pictures and I’m just going to share it all in one long post.

Here’s what my work top looked like when I clued up a couple of projects earlier this week:

bless this mess

I’ll be honest…I walked away from this and cleaned it up the next evening.  I just couldn’t spend another moment in there at the time.

The box on the corner of the desk was there from December 13th to the 20th…it was actually overhanging the work top and I’m surprised it didn’t go crashing to the floor.  There are Silhouette supplies inside (vinyl, etc.) that don’t really have a home yet.   After Christmas I’ll do a little craft room restructuring to accommodate my die cutter supplies.

On Sunday, I managed to finish making cards for my “local” family and friends (and again with the honesty – a couple of people who live out of province who will NOT receive their cards by Christmas) as well as a few small gifts.

One of the gifts I made was for my cousin’s stepdaughter. (we’re a small family – I think of her more as my niece)  She is a dancer and is actually going to Russia next summer to take part in a program.  It’s pretty exciting for her and I’m really happy that she’ll get to have such an amazing experience.

I thought she’d like a personalized ornament that depicts her love of dance:

piper ornament 2014

I hope she likes it!

I also made a little box to package it up because I wanted to play with the punch board I got for my birthday a little while ago.  While I was at it, I made another box in a different size to package something else…they’re not completed (still have to add some twine and a tag) but here’s what they look like so far:

piper packaging

Before I go, here’s a little visitor who dropped by to see what I was up to – it was hard to get a good shot because she was wagging her tail like crazy – this is Jill – isn’t she gorgeous?

christmas visitor