Cowabunga, Dude! (I reserve the right to use surfer-dude speak throughout this post)

I needed another “man card” and it had to be a larger 6.5X5″ card so my stamp options became trés limited. (my cards are very plain – it’s all about the stamped image)  I knew the stamp had to be BIG to cover all that scary white space!

Sooooo, the obvious choice was to pick a Whipper Snapper stamp.  Most of them – aside from Anna’s cling mount sets – are quite big.  I am waiting for a sale to buy a new crop of WS stamps and I’ve picked out 3 or 4 great images for man cards but that is the future and we all have to live in the now.

You didn’t come here for a philosophy lesson so, long story short, I am using the surfing mouse image that I used just a short while ago (sue me!  I gotta get me some MILEAGE out of my stamps!)

I have some neglected “The Boyfriend” paper taking up precious stamp room real estate (it’s 12X12″…why do I buy that stuff?) so I ripped a couple of sheets out of the pad and came up with this combination:

I used the same sentiment as last time too ’cause it just plain old works with this stamp.  (or I’m lazy…or both)

Dude is coloured with reinkers and markers (I found the stripes on the surfboard a little tricky last time so I just coloured it with an SU marker – keeping it real, peeps!)  That worked out fine so I coloured his swim trunks with markers too.

I needed a man-bellishment so I trolled through my sad button collection (yo, Papertrey – us sad little Canadians need cheaper shipping so we can spend our money on your awesome buttons) and stacked an olive button and a red button – I’ve done that before  – on top of each other.  I thought it looked good at first but now I’m worried it looks like an olive stuffed with pimento.

The card needed to be kicked up the tiniest notch so I simply punched out 4 circles of ruby red cardstock (with my hole punch!) and glued a circle to each corner.  It’s simple, it’s free (used the scraps from the mat) and it works.  That didn’t quite do it for me so I used my colour spritzer and threw a few splotches of ruby red ink all over the card. (actually, I think I just wanted to play with the spritzer – it’s fun!)

So, there you have it – another man card!  Later, peeps!