I actually didn’t spend much time in my craft room this weekend.  The laminate flooring around my desk area is damaged (just because the floor is a bit uneven so the flooring has a bit too much give and my chair wheels catch on the seams) so DH is in the process of putting another layer of laminate just around the traffic area using the flooring we salvaged from our kitchen reno last year.  Some day we’ll have to redo the whole floor but this will work for now.  Point is, the room is semi out of commission.

However, I’m sharing some personalized boxer shorts I made last week as well as a couple of wine glasses:

valentine boxers

camo glass camo packaged stemless tag stemless packaged

The dog-themed glasses were a donation to a pet-rescue auction that took place last Thursday.  The “camo” glass is a custom order.

Oh, I also finished my first crocheted hat this weekend too – it’s for DH.  It’s bulky and weighs a ton but he says he likes it.  I don’t have a picture to share but might make another one some day.