So…I was making a loaf of yummy date bread yesterday as part of my Aunt’s birthday gift and I bought the really good, fresh dates from the supermarket instead of buying that sticky brick of dates that I usually buy.  As a result, I only had enough dates to make one loaf of bread. 

As the bread was baking (and making the house smell delicious!) I decided I’d have to make something else so Rich and I would have a treat in the house.  A quick scan of the limited supplies in my pantry made the decision – pumpkin loaf. 

While the house was filled with the smell of pumpkin pie spice etc. I decided that my Aunt’s original birthday card (made a few weeks ago) was no longer worthy of the Fall smells in the house so I whipped up another card with lots of colour and a Fall theme:

It’s a little funky and colourful but I actually like the colour combo.  The lime green and soft blue create a new spin on a traditional Autumn palette.  Of course, I enjoy the Carolyn Gavin line of papers by K&Co immensely so that didn’t hurt!  A cheerful card for my cheerful Aunt. (it’s the same aunt I’ve mentioned on my blog before – she just makes me feel awesome whenever I visit her and she is worthy of handmade gifts.)

I have a lot of projects to finish up before work tomorrow so this is a short post.  PLEASE stop by tomorrow for an awesome post and don’t forget, there is blog candy in the future very soon.  (I just need to get some goodies together)