What a busy weekend!  We never stopped.  Today was my first time even turning on the computer in my craft room.  On the bright side, the front steps/landing hav a fresh application of stain on them and the front of the house no longer looks like a war zone.  Now I just need to pick up some annuals to put in the planters (the weather in NL has been GROSS!  This weekend was the first real taste of summer so far.)

Of course, you’re here to check out a card or paper craft of some sort so lets move on to that (and I’m seriously thinking about a nap after that).

I made a baby card today – not for any particular reason…it’s just been a while and I had an image I haven’t shared yet so here you go:

Not a very “me” card (with the purple and pink) but it’s definitely baby shower worthy…

I didn’t use a sentiment of any sort on the front…I thought it would clutter up the card too much.  I also didn’t put my image on dimensionals (I almost always do) because the bow and button are a bit bulky and I wanted them to be able to fit inside an envelope.  I just need to print out a verse for the inside and this one’s done!

Enjoy the rest of your day.