I haven’t had a chance to do any Christmas projects in the last few days as I had some card orders and personal card requirements to fulfil.

One of my orders was for a baby shower card (baby girl) so I used my cutest Whipper Snapper baby-themed stamp.  I’ve actually been wanting to make a card with this stamp for a while as I knew I was going to double stamp the heads on each of the animals so I could pop them up on dimensionals.

The pink circle actually matches the card a little better than the picture might indicate.  I used copics to colour the image but the purple section on the umbrella bled a little so I paper pieced some of the yellow background paper to hide the bleed.

The pearls to the left of the sentiment were white but I coloured them with Copics.  I have a LOT of flat backed pearls in assorted colours but they are rarely the shade I am looking for.  I’ve taken to only buying black, white and cream pearls now and I’ll just colour the white ones as required.  I should probably start experimenting with clear rhinestones too because I’ve got quite the collection of those in different useless shades as well!

On a totally different topic, I have to brag about our dog, Jack.  His picture was recently chosen as the cover picture on the 2012 Beagle Paws calendar.  (it’s a non-profit that finds homes for beagles and it’s where we adopted Jack from just over a year ago)  I know that Jack doesn’t really know he is now a famous dog but we’re proud of him all the same!

I’d share a link to where you can order the calendar (all proceeds go to this wonderful organization) but they’re having some issues on their site at the moment (a virus, so I really don’t want to be blamed for you going there if your virus software is not up to date) so I’ll share a picture of the calendar that I “borrowed” from the internet:

Yup!  That’s the sweet face that greets me when I come home!  When we adopted this older (5-6 years), timid, trembling, relatively untrained dog last year, I thought he was lucky to have us take him into our home but I now realize it is my husband and I are that are lucky he came to live with us.  He’s brought a lot of love and joy to us in the last 13 months and I look forward to every year that we have him in our lives.