Probably my next to last Halloween themed post.  A co-worker asked me to alter some items for her young niece and nephew.  As they are fairly young, I kept the alterations simple.  The frankie notebook was a no-brainer.  They are just so cute and I have a few punches I didn’t have for the ones I made last year so these turned out a little more professional looking. (I’m only picturing Franketta here…Frankie has purple hair and I didn’t make eyelashes on his lids – other than that, they’re the same)

Weird picture.  I made a super-cheap macro studio out of some foamboard but I’m still getting inconsistent results.  I thought I’d figured out what I was doing wrong (holding my camera on a bit of an angle) but apparently not.  I’ll keep trying though!

The bag that all the items are going in is a cute bag I saw on SCS.  They are super easy to make and a great way to use some of the PP I have.  I made this bag quite a bit taller than the one I saw on SCS as I wanted all my items to fit inside.  The bag will be tied closed with some orange ribbon after I place the contents inside.

The orange rectanglular item is simply some rolls of rockets in a “kit kat” wrapper.  It’s so cool that you can seal up just about anything in some paper, crimp the ends and make it look like it came straight from the factory that way. 

Too bad the picture is so bad.  I did manage to get a slightly better close up of Franketta so you can check out her eyelashes:

I just altered a Mead notebook.  TIP: I’ve seen tutorials where you are told to make a template so you’ll know where to punch the holes to slip your altered cover over the existing one on a coil-bound book and wanted to share a MUCH faster way to do this – just tear out a page and use the page as your template.  It’s definitely faster and usually more accurate too!  I just center the torn page over my new cover and punch out the holes (I use my cropadile on these notepads as the hole is 3/16″ and is a perfect fit).

I won’t bother listing all the supplies used here but if anyone has questions, leave me a comment!