bag of tags banner

I was feeling a little “blocked” in the mojo department today even though I had some time to spend in my craft room.  I really don’t like it when that happens.  It’s such as waste of my craft time!

Anyway, other than a reboot of the card I made yesterday, I just could not come up with inspiration to make another card.  I’m trying to use my Whipper Snapper stamps and most of them are quite large so maybe I’m just not in the mood to colour.

While flipping through my stamps in hopes of finding something I wanted to work with, I came across a PTI set that is great for baby cards.  I didn’t want to make a card so I made some tags instead (I do find it helpful to make notecards or tags when I have no mojo as the smaller design area is easier to fill).

Here are my tags:

bag of tags

They are VERY colourful for me but we’ve had such a blah winter (and it’s not over yet!) that a little colour is not a bad thing.

I made three sets of these (three each of the four designs) and packaged them up in glassine bags with a cute mini clothespin that I covered with some patterned paper:

bag of tags packaged

I think they turned out pretty well considering I was mojo-less when I sat down to craft!

Oh, and here’s my card – I wanted to use up the paper I cut yesterday as the scrap pile is getting out of control:


I’m giving myself (meaningless) bonus points for:

1. using up the paper I cut yesterday

2. using 3 brads

3. using washi tape – I either have to start using it for something other than sealing glassine bags or stop buying the stuff!