After today’s card, I only have 1 more birthday card to do (I think – it’s possible I’m forgetting someone!).  That would be my mother’s birthday card – her birthday is on Christmas Day.

Today’s card is for my best friend who lives literally on the other side of Canada…it would be difficult for us to live further apart and still be in the same country.  She lives over 7000 km away (or, just over 5000 as the crow flies) and I miss her the most in December because of Christmas and both of us having December birthdays.   She doesn’t really surf the net so it’s pretty safe to post her card before her birthday.

This has to be mailed so I couldn’t use buttons or anything a little more “fabulous” for the bow embellishment.

It does look quite nice in real life except that the yellow flower is begging to have a pearl or a button or something attached to the middle.

I used patterned papers from 2 different paper lines.  They were in my “quality” scrap pile (i.e. newer lines of paper with large pieces left from a previous project).  I don’t like saying I used scraps because it makes it seem like I didn’t care enough to cut into a new piece of paper but that’s not the case.  I just happened to have lots of coordinating papers in the sizes I needed to make the card.

I used a soft pink cardstock for the base and the scallop as I didn’t want the colours competing for top billing.

The twine is Doodlebug from a Christmas assortment but the green was pretty close to my turtle’s colour so that was the winner.

Switching back to Christmas cards now but they’ll have to wait a day or so as tomorrow is my birthday.  I won’t divulge my age in this post but it’s fair to say that it’s 39 plus tax!  (not quite the HST but close enough!)  I’m taking the day off to go shopping (for me, not for Christmas) and then DH and I are going to our favourite restaurant for supper.  I’ll be too tired/full to think about setting foot in my craft room tomorrow.