If you know me at all, you know that I made a slight retching sound when typing the title of this post.  I am NOT a hugger (or a kisser!).  I don’t do hugs.  If I hug you voluntarily, it is not only a rarity but a huge gesture on my part.  I am not counting incidents where other people hug me and I have to hug back out of politeness.  If it’s someone I know and I know I won’t offend them, I dispense with polite and just let my arms dangle at my sides while I tolerate the contact. 

However, I DO love letting people know that I appreciate them and I do that by either coming right out and telling them or I make them something.  When it comes to my place of employment, I like to let everyone know that I appreciate them (or that the company I work for appreciates them) by giving everyone in my department a little gift for every “holiday”.

There are 19 people on my floor – which means 18 treats (as I don’t make one for myself!).  I always make 20 though so I can give one to the company receptionist and one to our runner as they both assist us with our workload even though they are not in the same department. 

My husband and I went to Wal-mart last night and I found a 20 pack of Hershey “Hugs and Kisses” while scoping out the Valentine’s Day section.  The chocolate comes in a fairly ugly package with a silver heart in the centre of the bag with a “To/From” space.  The intention, obviously, is for children to personalize the silver heart and hand the treats out to their classmates.  While the treat count was perfect, the packaging left a lot to be desired.  Of course, if I had the time and inclination, I could make new packaging for each treat but that would turn a pleasure into a chore.

After mulling it over for a while I decided to just make a “belly band” to cover the offensive “To/From” area on the package.  I also used some foam bears and hearts that I purchased in a kit at M’s.  The kit is intended to make lollipop holders – which is what I was going to do at first but all the valentine’s themed lollipops I saw in stores (and I apologize in advance for the pun) sucked.  Here’s what I came up with instead…

…and here’s a shot of (most of) the whole batch:

Once I decided on the end product, assembly went quite quickly.  I simply handwrote the names of my coworkers on foam hearts and tucked the bears inside the belly bands.  I adhered the personalized hearts over the bears so that they partially stuck to the belly band which was an easy way to secure the bears to the package.  I used a variety of papers from my K&Co seasonal paper pad – it’s heavyweight, doublesided paper so it’s nice and sturdy for a project like this. 

Check back tomorrow as I still have some Valentine’s Day projects to share!

Supplies used: Darice Activity Bucket – Bear Lollipop Wrap, Hershey Hugs & Kisses, K&Co patterned paper, glue runner, pen.