magic santa banner

Me again.

Today I’m sharing the second Santa-themed card I made to sell at Christmas.  I’m packaging them in sets of 2 and have a fun and simple packaging presentation to show you later in the week.

The stamp set I used is another I purchased at TSG Stamps – again, illustrated by Torico.  I wanted the matching snow globe die but it was out of stock every single time I went to place an order (which is why it took me so long to get the Santa stamp from yesterday’s post).  Funnily enough, now that I placed my order (last month), the darn die is back in stock!

Magic Santa

(do my pictures seem fuzzier than usual?  Must do some experimenting with my camera settings to get them back on track)

Again, I made 3 cards of the same design – I just changed up the background papers on each one.  I was quite enamoured with the idea of using black as an accent for this card so I broke out the white embossing powder to add the sentiment to the banner.  I got to use my powder tool for the first time and learned that A – it is actually filled with baby powder – the smell is a bit strong for me, and B – the powder tool is not the smartest thing to use on dark-coloured cardstock.  Luckily, most of the powder did brush off and I can always pretend I’m using the chalkboard technique that is so “on trend” right now!

I’ll just leave you with this blurry shot of Jack who decided to pay me a little visit earlier – today is the 3rd anniversary of the day we adopted him.  Poor little thing was so scared and shaky when he got here.  It took almost a year and a half for him to stop shaking every time there was a new sound or item in the house.  We figure he’s roughly 9 years old (somewhere between 8 and 9).  He is still a bit skittish and does NOT like the camera pointed at him so I apologize for the quality of the shot:


Happy “Gotcha Day” Jack Frost!