I am here people!  I’ve actually had more card orders than normal this past week plus I’ve got birthday invitations to mass-produce over the weekend so I’ve been very productive but haven’t had much time to blog about it – also, some of the projects are a bit “same old, same old” – in fact, today is just such a post.

Remember my “50” card in my last post?  It definitely needed some brightening up so I used the same layout for a “75” card but prettied up the papers and used a white background instead of the muted one from last time.  MUCH better.

Case in point:

As this card has brighter colours the glitter even came out in the picture!  I’m debating adding the pearls…my pearls are not that white and I am not sure if they’ll detract from the card or not…I think I’ll go do a dry run right now and see how it goes.


I found some shinier flat back pearls (duh, I just used them on my Zach the golfer cards!) that go with the card nicely so I quickly glued them on (the glue is very fresh in this picture…)  The extra dash of bling works for me!

I hope to get to make something later tomorrow but if not I DEFINITELY have something cute to share on Saturday so don’t be a stranger!